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II- Underground Tomb Of Ramses
by Driber

In the room with the first door, shoot the vase on the platform with the beetle to open the door. Beware for a baddy when entering the main room: the Puzzle Room. Go through the opening on the left side of the Puzzle Room and do a long jump to the other side. Turn right for a shotgun pickup and then head back the other side to grab a hold of the monkey bars. Let Lara go when she reaches the sloped block and go through the hole in the floor. Flip the switch to open the door in hall 1 of the Puzzle Room. There are now 2 flames on which allows you to see the first puzzle sequence. Remember the signs and head back up to the Puzzle Room. In the upper-left corner of the room you will find those signs and 4 push able statues. Place the statues on the sign, so the sequence will match the signs that are showed in the room under the Puzzle Room. The right placement will open the door of hall. Head up to that door and go through the hall. When walking up the sloped walkway, a timed door will open. Run all the way up to the crawlspace and grab a hold on the ladder. When Lara is almost at the top of the ladder, jump backwards on the ledge and flip the switch for the door in hall 2. On the wall, there's another sign sequence you have to remember to place the statues in the right order for the second door. On the way back to the Puzzle Room, pickup the Red Starkey.

Go through door 2 and head up the sloped walkway. On top of the deep pit, turn around and grab the ledge. Shimmy all the way around and let yourself go when you see a platform. Grab the medi-pack for a recovery when letting go off the ledge to the next one. On the right side of this room you will find another Red Starkey in a crawlspace and on the left side a medi-pack. Head up to the flames to see the third sign sequence. Use the rope to pass the flames and jump off on the right side to flip the switch for the door in hall 3. Grab a hold of the rope again and jump off to the opening on the left side of the room. Do a monkey swing over the spikes pit and get your guns ready for a couple of scorpions.
Back in the Puzzle Room, place the statues in the right order and go through door 3. Jump in the water and swim to the next room. Grab the ledge on the upper side of the room to climb out the water. Climb up the platform and see a crawlspace on the right side. Shimmy to the right until there aren't any spikes below. Flip the switch for the door in hall 4 and jump in the waterhole. Climb up the ledge again and go forward at the crawlspace this time. Walk around the rocks to see the last sign sequence on the wall. Continue to walk around the rocks to see a climbable wall. Head up and jump over the sloped rocks to find another pickup. Jump back over the sloped rocks and jump to the flat rock to make a running jump onto the next platform. Walk to the right side of the platform to climb up the highest level where you will find a pickup and another Red Starkey. Jump down into the water and swim back to the puzzle room to make the last sign sequence.After door 4, jump on the first platform and continue the platform after that until you reached the other side of the room. Turn right in the next room and crawl through the opening in the bottom right side of the room. Go down the ladder to find the Brown Starkey. Head back up and go through the opening in the upper right side of the room. In the back of this large room, you will find a opening in the ceiling that leads to a room with the keyhole for Brown Starkey. Place it in the keyhole to open the door that leads to the bridge. Climb back up on the platform and head for the bridge, where flames will shoot out the beetles. You have to run, jump over the spikes and jump onto the rope. Jump off the rope to reach the next part of the fire chase. Run and follow the beetles and grab a hold of the ledge. Shimmy to the left and let go on the other side. Walk up the slopes to find yet another fire chase. Only at this one, the flames will shoot out faster, so you have to dash over these beetles to make it out alive. Turn right at the end of the fire chase and climb up the pole. Jump in the next room where a couple of scorpions will make their way towards you. Grab a hold on the ledge of the hole in the floor and let yourself go to land on a platform to find the final Red Starkey. Flip the switch on the side of the platform to open the door on the bottom of the room and make your way back to the Puzzle Room. With now all four Red Starkeys in your possession, you can open the final door to enter the end of the level.


There's a platform located just before the opening in the sand dune that leads to the final area. On this platform you need to turn around, jump to the left on a sloped sand dune, shimmy to the left and pull up. Here you will notice a hole on the sand dune. Climb down to find the secret shotgun and big medi-pack.

When entering the room after hall 1, there's a platform on the right that leads to a crawlspace where you will find some flares and a small medi-pack.

In the same room, there a big pillar that leads to secret #2. Head up the slopes until your above the opening where you entered the room. From here, you can jump onto the climbable pillar. Head up and over the pillar to the other side for the shotgun ammo.

In the room after hall 2, jump over the flames with rope to the opening in the wall above the spikes. Climb onto the platform and turn around to find a climbable wall. Climb up and grab the Uzi-ammo.

In the room with the water, jump over the sloped rocks after the climbable wall. Walk to the right, turn around to find another climbable wall that leads to the final secret where you will find the Uzi and a big medi-pack.