Inner Sanctum

Level by Ricardo Oliveira

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: "I'm writing this walkthrough just for fun; I really don't think you're going to use it."

You begin outside between two buildings, the one behind you with closed door. Enter the temple, from both sides a closed door, go forward and flyby shows you the double gate and the blocks behind it opening. When you pass the blocks they will raise again and blocking your return, go to the corner and pick up Guardian Key #1, now press the button, screenshot shows one of the doors is open. Take care for three corocdile attacking from back, go over to the gate, it will open automatically, and back to the main room, shoot on the scorpions and go to the open door.

In front of you is a large pool, shoot the crocodile in the water, then get in pool and swim to other side, get out of the pool and look for empty pedestal. Now take a swim over the opening, get out and press the button, flyby shows you the Guardian Key #2 on a pedestal, swim and get out of the pool, the second door in the main room is open.

In the room there is a tile trap fire. Take the right side two tiles, then forward two tiles, turn to left side and steps three tiles, now forward two tiles, you hear the door closed the room. Take the Guardian Key #3, the door next to you opens, press the button and the door for the second building is open. Get in the canal and swim back to the large pool, get out of the pool and go outside to second building.

In the building pick up the Guardian Key #4, proceed to the next room with empty pedestal and place the four Guardian Keys, then take from the pedestal the Amulet of Horus. Flyby shows half of the room and the way out full of water, get out of the room and step to get out from the building and finish the level.