bERT's World

Level by Scott Ginn (EssGee)

Walkthrough by Anurag, edited by EssGee and posted first at Lara's Home

A cut-scene shows a gate opening into a large town plaza with Lara standing in it. Go forward & climb up the central structure, dive down into the pool below & pick up a BEER. Climb out & go through the opened gate. Continue forward, until you are at the start of a maze.

Follow the map [see link below] & kill all the Spiders you encounter on your way. Reach the Switch & activate it, this will open the Gate, reach the gate & go through it. Climb up the stairs at the right & kill the Goon that charges at you. Continue through a deserted city street & then through a passage to end up into another street. At the end climb up the stairs of the alley way, you will end up in a backstreet with 2 openings & a crawl space, kill another Goon here. Now go through the crawlspace & pick up a bottle of BEER at the end, avoid the fire here. Crawl back out & kill another Goon. Now pick up some FLARES from the 1st opening, & go through the 2nd passage, climb down the stairs to end up in a 4 way intersection.

The passage to the right leads you to a beer barrel trap (i.e., a rolling barrel falls down at Lara if she goes there), this also activates a Policeman.

The straight passage leads us to a door. Kick open the door, descend some blocks to enter the basement area & kill the Goon that charges at Lara. Retrieve NORMAL SHOTGUN AMMO from him. The shelves to the left are empty. Go right & push the Switch behind the barrel. This opens a trapdoor back up in the street. Now go to the end of the basement & pick up a bottle of BEER beside some boxes. Now return to the 4 way intersection & go North. Climb the ladder & backflip onto a balcony. Go to the southern end of the balcony & from here take a jump & grab the grated crawlspace. Avoid the smoke which is coming out from below. Get down on the other side & from here take a jump & climb up through the now opened trapdoor. From here take a diagonal jump to the balcony of the second floor. Go to the other end of the balcony & from here jump to the other side on the grate. From here take a running jump to some scaffolding, avoid the trapdoor which opens; otherwise, you will have to take the jump again. Climb up the inside of the scaffolding on west halfway & then backflip onto the rooftop terrace.

On your left & right are 2 exhausts which throw out smoke so don't approach them. Go straight, there is another exhaust here. Take a jump between the opening & the sloped ledge. Well, actually the sloped ledge is another exhaust, so it is better to stay away from it. Grab the monkeyswing above & go to the other side, avoiding an exhaust on the way. Just opposite the second exhaust is a crawlspace, go near the crawlspace. Now quickly release & repress action so as to leave the monkeyswing & grab the crawlspace. Go inside & press the Switch at the end. This opens a door just after the monkey swing. Again return back & drop onto a box from the crawlspace. There is a ladder in South, now either take a direct jump towards the ladder avoiding another exhaust OR climb down the box & then climb up the ladder. Once on the other side, kill a Policeman & then continue through the newly opened door to arrive at the construction site.

Drop down onto a ledge & continue forward & jump on the block in the center, from here jump to the ledge in the Southwest corner & pick up another bottle of BEER. Again jump back to the central block & drop down onto a box, then drop down to the ground. Go through the opening in the East wall to enter the apartment that is being renovated, continue inwards halfway, i.e., until you reach the table. A Goon appears above you, keep jumping & shooting until you kill him. Now climb to where he was. Now from here take a running jump towards west & catch hold of a wooden ledge. Climb up & push the Switch there, this opens the front door of the apartment below. Drop down & go through the open door in East, kill another Goon. Once in the street kill another Goon that approaches you. Continue West into a passage. Go left & open a door to enter a Book shop, shoot the monitor if you wish to. Go to the far end of the bookshop & shoot a jar & pick up a BELGIAN CHOCOLATE from there. Go behind the cashierís desk and pull Lara into the high crawlspace pick up SECRET 1 - the Tour Guide. Exit the bookshop & return back to the alley.

Climb the block on west end of the alley way & then another block, from here jump to the other side & activate the switch, this opens a trapdoor that you can see nearby through the scaffolding. Now return back to the block. Drop down from here (this is a fatal drop so make sure Lara is on full health) & climb up the ladder on the other side. Backtrack all the way through the renovated apartment. GO all the way back to the main room & climb the door-textured block. From here jump to another block in Northwest, observe an opening in the south wall. Jump to the opening; climb down the ladder through the trapdoor that you just opened. Continue through the passage until you are back in the streets. Kill the policeman here.

Go to the Liquor Store in South, open the shop door (again you can shoot the monitor if you wish), go upstairs & pick up 2 BEER bottles from here & also activate a Switch. This opens a beer refrigerator downstairs go down stairs & pick up the HOUSE KEY from here (bERT must have dropped these here when he was buying some beer).

Leave the bar & go across the other side of the street and visit the Chocolate shop. Help yourself to some more BELGIAN CHOCOLATE on the display counter. Now go to bERT's house in the west (Read the message on his footmat), use the House Key in the receptacle there, this opens the door to his house. Enter inside & go in the drawing room, Open the bookcase in the middle of the room & pick up a bottle of BEER & the ATTIC KEY from it. Continue forwards & break a jar to reveal another BEER (okay, so now we know exactly where bERT hides his drinks). Continue straight & use the attic key in the receptacle in the laundry. This opens a trapdoor in bERTís secret room.

Now go back to where you broke the last jar & take a left to enter the kitchen, pick up a BELGIAN CHOCOLATE from there (read the day planner). Open the door to enter the back garden of the house. There are 2 jars ahead, one of them is empty while other contains a Spider. Kill the Policeman that has come to investigate what all the noise is about. Now if you want, then you can even climb up to see bERT's balcony. Else return to the drawing room & climb up the stairs. Once upstairs, there are 3 doors here one leads to the bathroom, the other to the front bedroom & a third one to bERTís study. Open the door in East & enter the bedroom pick up a BELGIAN CHOCOLATE on the other side of the bed & activate the switch here. This opens the door to the study. Go through the door into a room with a computer and posters of Lara Croft. (This must be where bERT plays all his Tombraider games). Pull the jar kept in the Northeast corner of the room, this makes the bookcase slide & reveals a hidden storeroom. Shoot the jar here & climb up into the attic through the open trapdoor. Kill 3 Spiders there (observe that as a spider approaches you a chair gets displaced), crawl on the right side & shoot the monitor. Pull the jar here. this opens the cupboard door close by. Go through the door & shoot the monitor, this reveals a key.

Lara: "Right, let's go & play outside."

Pick up the WORKSHOP KEY & exit bERT's house the way you came in. Locate the workshop in Southwest corner of the streets, go there & kill another Goon here. Use the Workshop Key in the receptacle. Enter the Workshop.

Lara: "Hey, I like the look of this."

(A voice gives a tutorial: "to jump on walk up to the vehicle & press the action button.")

Before you jump on the bicycle, stand on the ramp and jump/grab the ledge above where the other hanging bikes are stored on racks. Pull Lara onto it. Go through the crawlspace and kick in the door, enter the storeroom and pick up SECRET 2 - four BELGIAN CHOCOLATES.

Climb back down to the workshop floor. Get on bERT's Bike (this also changes the background music-cool!). Ride the bike out the workshop & onto the streets, run over 4 Policemen with your bike. The gates open as you approach them unleashing 2 more Policemen who have come to foil your robbery attempt. Ride your bike over them & go through the open gates. A WANTED: BICYCLE THIEF message flashes on the screen. As you enter the main street watch a car zoom past you. Race towards the far horizon to end the spectacular level based on a true incident from the life of bERT.

Note: I have tried my best to make the map exactly as the maze, but if there is any mismatch then kindly inform me.

Click here for Anurag's map.