Ruined Castle



Long time ago, about year 1000, area of currently west india was two kingdom. These kingdoms was separate high mountain range and it was possible to pass only by narrow neck. Another king build a massive castle in the middle of neck that's why that it was not possible the attack against kingdom. Neverthless in the course of time castle went needless when kindoms broken up and traders started the use ships. Castle was abandoned and it will wasted and started to break. The present day peoples don't visit castle anymore and castles gates are locked. Lara have hear that it possible to find a kings treasure under the castle. Lara will go to castle to research place...

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When sliding down jump to the left and start the level on the shore. Continue to the left and find the Secret #1: the Grenade Gun Ammo. Going ahead climb up the rock by the water and climb to the right. Climb up on the other side and find the Secret #2: the Grenade Gun. Jumping into the water and swim to the small platform in front of the building. Find a gap behind it, in the water. Swim in. Take care of the spikes. Get all the things you find here, even the Shotgun, although it won't be needed as there are no enemies on the level. Climbing out of the water find the Crowbar on the floor. Get the Laser Sight in the pool. Generally the differently coloured floor tiles open the doors so try to find them. Or you can force them open with the Crowbar. Go straight ahead and force out of the wall the Golden Star. Entering the right-hand room force the door open. Jump over the fires in front of Lara. In the 3rd dark room find the Hathor Effigy.

Turn around, and getting backwards jump over the fires. Swim back out to the building and use the Star. Heading to the left get through the corridor with spikes and collect the Gate Key. Turn around and get through the spiked corridor again. Find the gate in the opposite direction and open it with the Key. Find the Horseman's Gem inside. Going along the corridor again use it in its receptacle. Before entering the open grate turn around because 3 other grates are open. Find the Ornate Handle in one of them. Now you can get outside, to the exteriors of the castle and going around find the receptacle. Combine and use the Portal Guardian. Getting inside find yourself on a new area.

Climb up the ladder and head to the left above. Climb down a ladder in the corner and get the Pharos Knot. Get back. On the roof jumping onto the small, brown hill get the Token. Use it in the courtyard below. Heading to the right get another Horseman's Gem but take care of the rest stones running down. Now head in the opposite direction and notice the burning Hathor Effigy. Head down the right-hand stairway and find a floor tile with different colour in a right-hand alcove. Stepping on it the fire extinguishes around the artefact but it will be a timed run. Get it before it catches on fire again.

Get back outside on the square again and use the Gem. Getting inside take a look at the ceiling and follow the lighter coloured tiles. In the next room jump only on the patterned tiles so the door opens and get the Ornate Handle. Exit and find the Token in its receptacle. Head up the storey. Find the Secret #3 to the left, behind the burning floor tile. For extinguishing the fire get on the roof and running back get into the Secret.

Now head down into the basement. To the right, in the darkness step on the patterned floor tile and the door opens. In the next 2 rooms watch your steps as Lara can catch fire easily. Getting in front of the blue room use the combined Portal Guardian. There are numerous weapons inside: Revolver, UZI, Laser Sight. Stepping on the floor switch the fire extinguishes above, on the small square. Get back there and getting down the level finishes.

Walkthrough by OBig of ™

Translated by Petunia of ™