Level by Wall TR

Walkthrough by DJ Full


There is a locked door behind you, so don't mind it yet - I just tell you the portal is there. Platform ahead to reach the green alcove. BEFORE you pull the lever, pick up 90 (!) wideshot shells and the shotgun itself, and now you can pull the lever to open the door far behind you and spawn a legion of skeletons to shoot off ledges. Platform back and through the door to land on the bridge resembling a runway. Go ahead and towards the locked door. When you drop off the ledge in front of them, this is the right way. Fall into the pool and swim through the passage to resurface and get out of the water in the room full of revolver ammo - pick up all 30 bullets. Pull up on the surrounding floor and find 12 more, the revolver itself and a laser sight you can combine with this gun. Follow the path into the darkness to find one more revolver ammo pack at the end. Now you are probably supposed to enter sniper mode and shatter the activated skeletons' heads, but you can forget this idea, as there is so many of the undead, that they emerge and disappear, so you can hardly target and hit them. Be careful when dropping to the floor - the pit surrounding the cage you're standing on is full of fire traps, so you need to pass over it. Fortunately, instead of sniping the skellys' heads, you can shoot them into the mentioned pit. Do it and climb the block next to the middle of the W wall. Pull up and climb two ladders. Another skelly to kill in front of the bridge across the lava part. And some of its fellas behind it. Walk to the very end and do a standing jump to land in the pool among the fire. Grab some poison arrows from the E and the crossbow from the W. Resurface in the air pocket above you and get out to the W to bypass the flames. Pick up a small medi and some flares. They will be useful - there is no flare usage bug in this game, like in most dark games. Choose the right passage to enter the maze and keep to the right wall to find some uzi ammo. Now, get back to the first junction and go ahead twice, passing by the start of the maze. Keep to the left wall, jump over a skelly and sprint to the end of the corridor to find some uzi bullets at its end, in the right alcove. Now lure the undead guy towards the pool you came from and throw it there. Go around the central pillar, enter the passage behind it and follow the right wall, picking up goodies and activating more enemies on your way to the exit. When you see the ladder, don't climb it yet if you wanna collect the remaining pickups from the labyrinth. If you do, reverse roll and keep following the right wall till you get back to the place you started from. According to this method, you should find in total:
- 2 large medis
- 2 sets of uzis
- 180 additional uzi ammo (240 in total, as you get 60 bullets when collecting the mentioned uzis)
- 1 pack of flares.
Get back to the exit ladder and climb it, watching out for the darts on the right side. On the top, pick up another 2 pairs of uzi clips, the grenade gun and some additional super ammo for it. Oh, and there is also something resembling a golden skull, what you may try to collect, but after taking a closer look you can realize it's a sleeping wraith waiting for activation. Go ahead, blowing up the emerging mummies. Ignore all the side pits and go around the pillars. You can push them, but there's nothing under. Stand on the right square containing the large medi. This way you can avoid the falling spikeballs (one of them falls with a 4-second delay) and safely pick up the items. Go down the ramp. At the bottom, watch out for the flames and blow up as many skeletons as you can with a single grenade and pick up a small medi from the closest vase (it's probably already destroyed). Also, no need to move any pillar. Now you can shatter the remaining vase on the left of the following pit and discover there's no more things to do here - maybe except falling into the pit to kill yourself. But wait! There is a chance of survival. Get your health refilled and safety drop into the pit. You should fall and live - only to witness your fight for survival being wasted, as there's no way out and your only fate is to be eaten by the wraith, in complete defencelessness. Such for a pathos.