Forgotten Adventure

Level by DeathMelody313

Walkthrough by DJ Full

After the slide, pick up some flares from your right. Fall into the pit and get inside the chamber. Shatter 2 vases and find a large medi under the left one. Safety drop into the basement and avoid the mummies. Optionally, destroy 4 more vases, to find nothing in them. Move the Anubis statues on the marked squares behind them. Find a revealed passage in the NE corner and go through it. Fall into the pit and watch the flyby. You need to dry the rooms below you. Pull (not push) the Anubis onto its square and DON'T TOUCH THE LEVER. Get down to the first dried room. You are supposed to move another statue onto its marked tile. Do it and return to the room where you pulled the previous Anubis. Use the lever switch. That dries the lowest room. Descend there and pull the last lever to raise the grate. Get through it to end the level.

Walkthru dedicated to Obig, from whose review I learned about the necessity of solving the puzzle in appropriate order. Truly, before I read that comment, I was convinced there is nothing to do with that fallen spikeball.