Alien Artifact 1-3: Venice/Jovia/Egypt

Levels by Ekim (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Level 1: Venice

You s
lide down a slope and drop into a very dark room. Go forward and use a floor lever to open the doors in the west wall. You enter a large room with many vases on a high ledge. Kill the two ninjas approaching from the north-west. Behind the stairs there is a closed gate in the north wall.  Go up the stairs and the large doors open as you approach. Enter the courtyard and kill a ninja. Return to the ledge and shoot all the vases in a counter-clockwise direction. You will find Uzi ammo, pistols, Hand of Sirius, and flares. Go to the north wall of the courtyard and place the Hand of Sirius in the receptacle.


Turn and go south and down the stairs into the room. Go behind the stairs and enter the open gate in the north wall. Shoot the vases for two Eye Pieces and use the floor lever. Now go up the stairs and return to the courtyard. Go to the north wall and climb the section to the right of the receptacle. Pull up to the west side and it is a crawl space. Crawl to the end and drop down into a trench. Go south to find the open doors. Enter the room and make the Eye of Horus to open the circular door. Enter the next room and pick up Cartouche Piece 1 from the floor. The door in front of you also opens. Enter the door and the level ends.


Level 2: Jovia


You start in a dark corner of a large room. The side alcoves contain nothing so just go to the north-east corner and climb the ladder on the wall. There are two higher levels. Climb to the top and back flip onto the third floor. Climb the ladder on the first column to the west. Jump on the next two sloped columns. On the third column, do not jump but slide down to a flat tile. Jump west to land on another column. Finally jump west to land on a ledge at the west wall. Use the floor lever and safety drop to the floor. Enter the open large doors in the north wall. Dive into the pool and swim into the tunnel in the lower north-east corner. Follow the tunnel and swim up a vertical shaft. Pull up into a large room and kill five ninjas.


Climb the short column north of the water hole. Stay on the left side and jump north onto the sloped columns. At the last sloped column jump with a left curve onto another slope. Jump another sloped column and then grab the next sloped column. Do not pull up yet or you slide onto a fire trap. Shimmy to the right side. Pull up and slide down. Near the bottom, jump with a right curve and grab another sloped column. Pull up, slide down and jump to grab the ladder. Climb to the top and start to slide. Just keep jump pressed and you should clear the remaining sloped columns to land on a flat column. Pull up to the higher ledge and pick up two Eye Pieces off the pedestals. Safety drop to the ground and swim back to the pool. Then enter the south room and make the Eye of Horus to open the circular door. Enter the room and pick up the Hand of Sirius. Turn around and kill two ninjas.


Go to the north-east corner and climb down the wall ladder. Climb below the dark area of the wall and back flip onto the second floor. Go south and use the floor lever to open the large doors. Enter the room and see two openings in the south wall. Take the left opening and follow the stairs up to a closed door. Go west and at the end of the corridor, pick up the Hand of Orion. Use it in the receptacle beside you to open the door. Enter the room and get secret #1. Shoot the vases at the east wall and pick up a large medipack and a small medipack. The other vases are empty and there is nothing behind the statue.


Exit the room and go east to use the Hand of Sirius to open the next door. Kill three ninjas, one of whom drops Uzi ammo. The vases are empty. Save the game and pull back the statue from the west wall. Jump behind it and pick up the Ba Cartouche from the floor. Quickly side jump out of the way of a falling spike ball. Exit the room and go down the stairs and loop around to the left. Follow the new stairs to a receptacle. Place the Ba Cartouche and the door open beside you. Enter the door and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.



Level 3: Egypt


You start in a very large room. Go west and climb the ladder and pull up into a dark tunnel. Follow the long spiral tunnel to the end and pick up the Hand of Orion. Be careful of the spike trap in front of the item. Follow the tunnel back and climb back down into the large room. Go to the west wall and use the Hand of Orion to open the large doors in the west wall. Enter the next room and get a flyby around the pool. Dive into the pool and swim to the bottom and turn to the north. Follow the north underwater channel to pull up into a room with three mummies. Stay in the water and look at the west wall. You see a tall ladder behind a statue. Pull up and avoid the mummies. Go behind the statue and climb the wall. You do not need to pull the statue away from the wall. Just stand near the side of the ladder to grab it.


Climb up the wall and near the top, back flip and roll to grab a pole. Rotate around the pole until you face the west wall again. Slide down a little and back flip to land on a slope. Jump to a slope and then jump to a flat platform where the fire has stopped. Grab the middle pole and climb up. At the top, back flip into a room. Kill two ninjas and pick up revolver ammo and the revolver that they drop. Go through the crawl space and stand up at the start of a very simple maze. Go north and loop around to the right and enter a south tunnel. There is one side dead-end but follow the tunnel to a hole. Look down and see a closed door and a fire below you. Turn around and follow the tunnel back to the maze entrance. This time take the west tunnel. Whenever possible, always turn to the right. You should find an open door and a floor lever at the end of a short tunnel. Use the floor lever and then follow the tunnels back to the hole.


The fire below you has stopped so safety drop into the room. Run over the four tiles to open the door in the south wall. The four spike balls do not seem to drop. Enter the door and slide down the slope. Jump over two spike traps and land in a large room next to a ramp. You see five floor levers. The second floor lever from the east wall will open the door and release a spike ball. The other floor levers just release spike balls. Enter the room and kill two ninjas. Then pick up Cartouche Piece 2 from the floor. At this point you need the Cartouche Piece 1 from the first level. You do not have it so just quit after picking up the second item.


Alternate end: There was no script file so I made one up to run the levels 1 and 3 sequentially. This way, I had the first item. Make the Ba Cartouche and use it to open the door. Slide down a slope and drop into water. Swim into an underwater tunnel. At the end, pull up into a dark tunnel to end the level.