Lara has to find four candles for the Christmas Wreath, and then light one of them to end the level.

Lara slides down into a beautiful Christmas garden, the snow is falling and the music is playing, a snowman is nearby and the atmosphere is wonderful.

But it's cold out here and Lara has a Christmas task to perform so she needs to get into the house.

Begin by going right and find the button on the right side of the shed, push it and see a block lower near to where Lara slid into the garden, go over and jump into the new hole, use the button there to trigger a snowball, donít worry though Lara is safe! The snowball falls and lights a wall sconce on the wall of the house. Jump out of the hole and head over to the NW corner of the garden, look near the side of the shed for the TORCH.

Take it and light it on the wall sconce then go light the three other wall sconces on the house to open the main doors.

Okay, take the torch with you around the house; itís needed in various rooms. Enter the house and go through the hallway, go to the first door on your left and use action for Lara to open the door. Go through the Dinning Room and head on into the Small Lounge, use the torch to light the fire then go back out to the hallway.

Go left and use action for Lara to open the door. Go through and find yourself at the top of some stairs. Head down the stairs and at the bottom on the left use the torch or light a flare to find a block to move, push it through to reveal the Secret Library. Enter and head round to the right, go right again and into a small hallway, at the end find another block to pull out then go round to the outside and enter the space to find SECRET ONE.

Now go back into the Secret Library and find two bookcase type blocks to move, one to your left and one to your right. Move them both onto the opposite black and white tiles to raise two blocks in the room. Climb the blocks and use both buttons to lower a block in the central bookcase to reveal another button. Use the button and go back to entrance hallway. Take the torch with you and enter the new door on the left.

Light the fire in this room and reveal a button in the bookcase wall, use the button to open a new door in the bookcase to your left. Before you head through jump up to a bookcase alcove to your right and collect some flares, ok now head on through that new door.

Enter the Music Room and go to the mirror on the left wall and look down into it, just to the right you will see a key behind you by the red sofa, go take the KEY then go up to where the piano is, move around on the stage behind the piano and a secret bookcase opens nearby, go take SECRET 2 from here then use the button on the wall there to open the next door.

Head through and round to the left, then go right and enter the kitchen, find the key hole to use the KEY and open the next door.
In the next small hallway move the glass cabinet out of the alcove and move it into the opposite alcove by the closed door, this will open that door but before you go through go to where you took the glass cabinet from and shoot the heart box to find SECRET 3.

Now head through the new door and take the 1st CANDLE.

Go back to the kitchen now and to the hallway again, at the kitchen door go right and keep going forwards across the landing and straight on, you will come to some stairs on your left so go up and at the top go left, now take the next right and go up the stairs, at the top of the stairs go right and use action for Lara to open the door to the Bedroom.

Go through and shoot the heart shaped box to find SECRET 4.

Now light a flare or use the torch to find a push block in the N wall, move it out and enter the Secret Office, use action at the cabinet for Lara to search it, here she will find 2nd CANDLE. Before you leave here look on the dark W wall behind the chair for a button to use, press it and hear a door open to the 2nd Bedroom.

Now go back into the Bedroom and go left, enter the Bathroom and take the flares from the shower. Go back out the hallway and go straight across the landing to see an open door on your right.

Enter the 2nd Bedroom and go left, approach the door and it will open, go through and enter another Bathroom, light a flare or use the torch to see a push block to move out in the W wall. Pull it out and enter the shower, you can go through the glass wall here and use the button in the shower to drain the bath water.

Come out and go down into the bath, shoot the box and enter the crawl space, go through and take the 3rd CANDLE.

Leave the bathroom and go back to the bedroom, make sure you take the torch with you and go out into the hallway again, head right, go straight on ahead and all the way to the end of the hallway, go left and up the stairs and at the top of the first flight see the dark wall block and push it forwards, here you will find the 4th CANDLE, when you take it you will see a shot of a new door opening.

Okay, your Christmas task is nearly complete, so leave this room, taking the torch with you, and head up the long flight of stairs just to your right, at the top find the new open door and enter The Christmas room.

First open your presents with the pistols to get some goodies, and then place the four candles on the Christmas Wreath. Use the torch to light just one of candle then watch the beautiful flyby to end the level.