Arctic Xmas

Author: Agnes


Lara had already lived through an adventure involving an organization which was responsible for creating dangerous dinosaurs from DNA. She has freed the world from these creatures. At Christmastime Lara received a letter from Santa Claus asking her to return to the Arctic, where a surprise awaited her. Lara was relieved to know that something nice was waiting for her, and not some awful enemies.

So she returned to the Arctic and began her journey.....

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Head into the right back corner of the room, and pull the ice block out of the wall. Watch out the falling icicles. Get into the water and pull the lever on the column. One of the grates has opened. Pull the lever on the wall, behind the grate. Jump into the water, and after a short swim the grate opens at the end of the tunnel. Climb out in a chamber. There’s a ladder on a column, but before pull down the lever on the wall, in the left-hand corner. Climb up and pull the switch in the small room above, after you have pushed aside the boxes. Climb up the ladder again, and after a run-up jump into the passage behind the open grate. Watch out because the floor is hot before the passage. After a short swim get the Flares and also some air. Collect the Crowbar and swim out into the first room with water. Climb out of the pool to the open grate and pull the switch. A rope drops down. Swing it onto the column, and get back into the initial room.

The opposite iron gate opens, head toward it. Get up the slope. Climb up onto the right-hand brown rocks, and up the ladder. Follow the passage as it bends to the right and notice the small crawlspace high on the left-hand wall. Don’t go there yet. Towards the end of the passage climb onto a pillar and get the Revolver. Now return to the gap and climb in. On the other side find yourself in a room with water. Jump into the water and find a passage behind the back column. Swimming all the way to the right and into a fresh room. Pull the lever on one of the pillars and climb out. Pull aside the box in front of the open door and find the LaserSight beneath. Combine it with the Revolver and shoot the sphere, swinging high in the air. Get behind the open grate, pull the switch which deflates the water. Climbing down force out the Blue Star #1 out of the wall. Return into the room with water, and climb out on the small platform, between the columns. Climb up the ladder and jump over onto the other column. Climb up onto the storey, collect a Medipack. Shoot the swinging sphere there too, which opens a grate at the first column. Enter and find Secret #1: Revolver ammo and Flares. Jump onto the other column again and hitting the CTRL onto the third one. Monkey-swinging on the ceiling get to the ladder. Climb down, grab the edge of the passage and pull the switch on the wall. Get on the first column and jump out where you came earlier. Get back all the way to the initial room and get into the passage in front of the jeep.

Watch out for the rolling down snowballs. Notice the small gap on the wall, to the left from the middle of the slope. But head up the slope to its end because you will find a Medipack in the water. Climb out of the water, up on the opposite wall and get back to the passage. Climb up but before getting through the open grate turn around and climb up the ladder. At the end of the crawlspace find Secret #2: some Flares and a Medipack. Climb down the ladder, and get behind the open grate. Shoot the wall and push in the moveable box completely. Pull out the right-hand box and find the Torch beneath.

Get into the main room and light it in the flame. Light the other small mound of wood behind the jeep and a block rises in the left-hand corner, on the other side of the room. Climb onto it and up into the crawlspace.

On the other side pull the block out of the right-hand wall and find the Blue Star #2 at the end of a crawlspace. Use the Stars at the end of the passage, by the door, and get outside to the small wooden house. Shoot the box next to the house and find some Medipacks in the water.

Kick in the door and enter the house. Lara is welcomed with champagne and a pistol - maybe other visitor has been awaited? Shooting the presents a Crossbow and some Ammo is gifted to Lara. Shooting the heart-shaped box the level finishes.

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