Fortress 1

Level by Ricardo d'Oliveira

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start with Lara sliding down into a big room. Look around, you see a closed gate. Go behind the column and climb up to next floor, then hold the pole and pull Lara up and backflip to third floor. Jump over the wooden fence, go around and press the button, it will raise block and you can now press the tile on the wall, the gate at the first room is open now.

Look for Uzis from right side and Ammo at the left side, also the gate will open automatically, push the lever to open the high door and pull Lara into the crawlspace. Pass the next area, shoot the two soldiers, notice one of them will drop the Fortress Key. In front of you you see two key holes but they're not useful, go to the left side gate, use the key and enter the big room.

Pull and place the five movable blocks on each tile, then take from the pedestal Moon Piece. Back to the area you came from; the gate at the right side is open. Pick up Ammo and get down ladder, press the button in the left corner, it will cause the stone mill to start moving right. Pick up the Sun Piece. Note: at the top of the high block you'll find closed gate with lock, since you do not have the revolver now and even not the lasersight there's no way to open this gate, so leave it and go back to the beginning room.

Combine the Moon with the Sun and get the Gem of Goodness, place it and the gate in second floor is open. Go onto the bridge, pick up Ammo, press the button and pass the open gate, find yourself on high ledge in big room. Climb down the ladder wall, make your way over to the faraway large column, pick up the Ammo and press the button. After the flyby finishes, shoot the soldiers then climb onto the blocks and pull out the one in the wall. Follow the corridor, you arrive to a room, pick up the Revolver, then pull the switch and press the tile wall, it will open the door, procced to next room where two skeletons are waiting for you.

Pull the switch, it will cause a little earthquake and you can slide to water around, swim over the opening and strong flow water will push you forward in the canal. When it stops, keep swimming to right way and get out of the water, in the big room nothing to do, so keep going, shoot soldier on the way, pass the gates and come to room with glass floor. From the left a door raises up, follow upstairs and take the Fortress Key 2, back down and pass the door you raised before and stand to face the large room with the water.

Now climb up the wall and stand onto the ledge, take series of jumps onto the pillars and press the button, it opens the gate down left side. Follow in the passageway and use Fortress Key 2, turn right way and follow the long slope, you will come to high hall with structure and Golden Rose on the roof. Note: There's no way to reach this Rose. Back through the passageway and you come to courtyard, flyby shows you the courtyard around, take a few steps and level is ended.