Not Another Star Gate 1

Level by Leo Sheng

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty.

The level starts and Lara is sliding down a sand dune. On top of the stairs is the receptacle for a Hand. Go to the right (W) and shoot a scorpion near those palm trees. Jump into the water and swim into the opening NW. At the end climb out and pick up the Hand of Orion. Turn around and find shotgun ammo on the left and a small medipack on the right of the water hole.

Swim back to the trees and kill the ninja. Place the Hand of Orion in the receptacle on top of the stairs.
Enter and avoid the poison darts. At the end of this hall slide down and Lara is standing at the Star Gate. Go right and pull out that statue in the NW corner to get into that crawlspace.

At the end go up the slope and climb the ladder. Almost at the top, back flip and slide and grab. Shimmy to the right and at the end you can back flip, or use the grated ledge to climb up at the other side. Face SE and take a jump to the roof edge and pick up that small medipack.

Now face the Star Gate and use the monkey climb to get to the other side. There you find the Cartouche Piece # 1 and uzi ammo. Go to the SE corner of this roof and jump into the water. Swim through and get the Cartouche Piece # 2 from the pedestal.

On the opposite side get the Shotgun, shotgun ammo and a medipack. Swim back and climb out and use the Ba Cartouche. The gate behind Lara opens run down the ramp, shoot some scorpions, and crawl into the crawlspace SE. Run to the NE corner and get into the opening before the boulder blocks it off.

Behind it is a slope with more boulders (and a nasty fixed camera) so run for your life and climb into opening at the end. After you made it, look to the E wall and take a running jump to a ledge, face the N wall and shimmy along that crack till you can pull up.

Get the Hand of Orion and avoid the burners and use the crack back to the ladder. There might be a scorpion if you wait a bit between the flames though. Climb the ladder and get into the crawlspace. Secret # 1, uzi ammo, medipack, revolver and shotgun ammo.

Climb back down, jump back to the ledge and over the spikes and boulders, side flip over the other boulder and place the Hand of Orion at the gate. Use the lever and watch the cut scene. Go back up the ramp and climb out. The door is in the W. The flare bug kicks in.

Shoot the scorpion, and on the right is a crawlspace. Climb the ladder all the way to the top and turn around. Take a running jump to the slope E, slide and jump to the ladder. Almost at the top, jump and twist to grab the ladder behind you and from there into the opening in the W wall. Stand in the middle and slide down and grab the pole, climb down.

Grab the one half of the Eye Piece and watch the flyby. Walk to the S wall and through the opening in the floor. Secret # 2, the Uzi near the W wall. Go back and climb out this spiked pit and take a running jump straight (right of the gate, in my game a mummy was walking there). Walk slowly and jump into the gate. Now go to the opposite door.

Shoot two scorpions and crawl in. In this room you see the other half you need and boulders are on top of the ramps. Run down and grab the second half of the Eye Piece and watch the flyby. When the last boulder starts to go down, jump up and grab the ladder inside the opening.

Shoot the ninja and go N and shoot some more ninja’s and the one near the car leave the Ba Cartouche. Use it near the gate. Shoot the scorpion, and get the flares and revolver ammo under a vase. In the other corner a small medipack and shotgun ammo under the other vase. Near the flares is an opening in the floor, get in and slide down. You are back at the Gate. Place the Eye of Horus, step forwards and travel through the gate.

End of the level. 20-09-2005