Level by Dhama (Terry Barrett)

Walkthrough written and provided by the author on his web site.


Lara starts the level sliding down a slope. Leave her to slide and drop onto a platform. Check out the underside of the platform for the first secret (Shotgun, flares).

Light a flare and look around till you find the back of a ramp. Jump and grab the back of the ramp, pull up, and when Lara slides, jump to next ramp, and jump again to land on a platform.

Jump to the next platform and a fire will appear on the platform to the left. Jump ahead to the next platform and the flame will go out on the other platform, you can now jump to that platform and then a run-jump-grab to the double door entrance, pull up and the double doors open.

Walk forward and a cutscene will show a knight running to his horse. Best to use pistols here and save the shotgun shell.

Position Lara to the left of the horse and allow it to circle as she turns with it. This way you are always on the correct side to shoot at the knight; you must shoot at the cross on the knights chest to knock him off the horse. When he falls off the horse, keep a slight distance and jump backward as you shoot at him, turning as you circle around the courtyard. Once he's killed, pick up the sacred slate stone and proceed to the structure in the centre of the courtyard. Walk through the gate, and directly ahead you will spot a jump switch up on the right 'corner support' behind the hanging vine. Pull this switch with a jump-grab and a door will open at the bottom of the stairway. Enter Doomsday's gallery.

Doomsday's Gallery:

Because you have the sacred slate stone, the automatic weapon doesn't fire at you. Walk into the gallery and down the step and take a good look at the paintings. You will notice they are all reflected in the floor. Now take another look and try and find one that isn't reflected the right way. You'll notice that the painting of the jester is not correct in the reflection; keep this in mind.

Walk along the gallery and enter a door to the left and enter the long blue hallway. at this point, a clown will appear in the gallery, so draw your guns and go get him. Doing this now will make it easy later on.

Now go back to the long blue hallway. Walk almost to the end and you'll notice a doorway halfway up the wall on the right. climb up into the tunnel and go to the end. Now climb down to the room below. Walk to the end of this tunnel and turn left and then proceed all the way to the end. Light a flare as it's quite dark here, and crawl through the opening into a mirrored gallery room like the one you were just in but upside down. Immediately after entering, turn round and jump-grab a switch on the wall. This opens a door down the far end which will be used later as an escape route.

Now go toward the painting (now upside down) of the jester, and on the way notice three golden skulls on the rock, and enter through the painting. Here you'll find a switch. Throw the switch and watch the cutscene of your next port of call. When the cutscene finishes Lara will be attacked by all three of the skulls, now flaming. If they touch Lara she will burn, so run out of the painting and turn right and run down the escape route through the door you recently opened.

Follow the tunnels with the skulls hot on your trail till you reach a small room with a pool in the centre. Jump in the pool and the flaming skulls will follow and extinguish themselves. Grab the piece of golden armour and climb out and then get all them lovely pickups. Leave through the tunnel and back into the upside down gallery and walk over to one of the beams. Climb up onto the beam and move toward the wall (any beam will do). Now, with your back to the wall; jump.

You'll find Lara now back in the normal gallery. Now enter the red hallway now that the door is open and walk down the stairs and drop into the water (yes, it is water (lol)), turn in the water and head back the way you came but this time under the stair and pick up a shotgun in the secret area. Now climb out of the water and go back to the gallery and arm yourself. Two clowns will now attack. Shoot them and 'chuckle' when they die.

Now leave the gallery and head back to the courtyard, on the way paying homage to the pet skeleton halfway up the stairs.

Jester's Tower:

Enter the Jester's tower, it's the tower that displays his painting above the door. Make your way up to the top in the tower climbing and jumping where necessary. When you reach the top, draw your 45's and walk to the corner of the tower and shoot the bat when it appears.

Climb up onto the battlements and walk to the edge. Look and notice a platform and you'll also see the Jester's painting once more and that a gate has opened.

This jump can be tricky; but if Staticon can do it, everyone can (lol). Walk to the edge at 45 degree angle to the tile and jump back. Now run and jump and turn to the right mid-air and grab the platform, and pull up; phew!

Now do an angled standing jump to the floating structure and throw the switch.

Now watch a cutscene which will show you your next destination.

Make your way back down the tower being careful not to fall, and then enter through the open double doors and into Doomsday's mine.... Bwahhahahah!

Doomsday's Mine:

As you enter the mine, look to the right and enter a small tunnel. At the end, you'll find a motorcycle and side-car just waiting to be used. Climb on and ride the motorcycle back into the mine being careful not to fall down the hole that leads back into the gallery. If you do fall down here, just ride it back up the stair and into the court yard (driving recklessly around the courtyard if you so wish... it's fun; (Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) and back into the mine when that becomes boring.

Now ride the motorcycle deep into the mine and turn left, noticing a cage door closing off access to the high explosives area. Follow the tunnel till you get to the first pit. Ride the motorcycle over the pit using the bridge and stop and get off. drop backward into the pit and grab the walls and climb down about halfway. Now climb around the pit till you find a secret area, enter and pickup the goodies. Climb back out and proceed through the mine till you come to another pit. Repeat the process to find another secret area. Climb back out and proceed deeper into the mine to find a small cave. Position the motorcycle in the centre of the cave so that it's facing back the way you came in, and get off. Shoot the boxes to find a switch on the wall.

Save here before you throw the switch, because it's a timed run. Throw the switch and get back on the motorcycle quickly, and race round the tunnels (being careful not to fall down the pits as you go) and pass through the cage door that was previously shut. If you get around without hitting the walls too many times it's easily done, but if you fail, just load up the previous level save and try again. (It's not quite as difficult as the timed motorcycle run I had in 'Tower Bridge 2'... shameless plug (lol).)

Once you're through to the explosives area, you'll notice a switch on the wall, but there's no need to throw this one yet.

As you go around the corner, the Motorcycle's engine will make the explosives unstable and they will start to explode. You'll notice a cave entrance to the left that Lara can only crawl through, but not yet. This is what you've been waiting for. Ride the motorcycle over the ramp and explosions and land safely on the other side.... What, you fell down the pit, exploded and didn't save it first; shame on you!!

Ride the motorcycle round a few more tunnels till you find another pit and collect the goodies from there. Walk around the corner and look through a small gap in the cave wall to a place that you'll be visiting very shortly. further around the corner, shoot that box just for the sake of it..... oh, lo and behold, there is a spade, push the spade and the large double doors open in a room behind you. Enter the room.

Look up and notice two floating platforms and to the right (as you enter) you'll see a climbable wall. Climb to the top and jump-turn-grab onto the first floating platform. A flaming skull appears but don't mind him just yet. Jump to the next platform and another flaming skull appears but carry on regardless. Locate the jump switch (this activates the lowering of a floor panel in the tunnel below the narrow opening) and jump-grab it and when you drop to the ground, back flip into the pool and the flaming skulls will follow you. Dive to the bottom and collect another golden relic and any other goodies and return to the surface.

Make your way back to the motorcycle and turn it around. Ride back over the first bridge and around the corner and position the motorcycle so that it's facing the explosive jump that you traversed earlier. Back the bike up the wall behind as you'll need a good run to get back over. Now, keeping to the left, ride like the wind back over the exploding pit and around the left turn and get off. If you leave the motorcycle near the exploding pit the explosives will continue to explode. Walk back to the crawl way halfway up the cave wall that you noticed earlier, and you see that the lowered floor panel allows Lara to jump-grab and climb into the narrow gap. Crawl through the gap, and once back in the standing position, draw Lara's 45's and shoot the bat.

Ignore the pool, as it's your escape later on. Enter the chequered area and soon you're attacked by three clowns. Shoot them down and once again chuckle at their baggy suits. Go to the far end and collect a large medipack and throw the switch and make a mental note of the purple man in the painting. Watch the cutscene showing where to go next.

Jump into the water and swim along the tunnel and swim up back into the cave. Crawl back through the narrow gap and go back around to where you left the motorcycle. Now throw the switch, and the wall to Lara's right will open up. Go through the opening, and collect a laser sight, this will get you out of a few sticky situations later on. Jump down into the tunnel (you came through this tunnel on the timed run earlier) and make your way back to the entrance and into the courtyard.

Find the tower with the purple man painting above the door and enter. Climb to the top, shooting the bat on the battlements, and then make your difficult jumps across to the floating structure and throw the switch. Watch the cutscene and make your way back down and enter the next room through the recently opened large double doors.

The Scarecrow's Cabin:

As you enter this area you have two paths, left or right. There is nothing to do to the right so go left. Ignore the mouse, he's only late for his tea. You'll see a scarecrow outside, but he's just hanging there; frightening the birds away; maybe?

around the other side of the large barrel, you'll find an opening halfway up the wall. jump and shoot to get rid of the box that's in the way, and climb up into the tunnel. walk around the corner and pause at the exit. To avoid being constantly harassed by the scarecrow, set up your six-shooter with the laser sight and save game.

jump down to the ground and aim your six-shooter at the now moving scarecrow, and shoot him in the (pumpkin head) and it'll explode leaving it harmlessly running around like a headless....... scarecrow.

Now enter the cabin. Find the moveable box and push it onto the clowns face and a trap door will open. Drop down into the hole, and follow the dark passageway till you come to a cave. As you first enter look down and to the right, to see another piece of golden armour, you can collect this later. Turn left and walk along the ledge to the end and jump over to the piece of rock jutting out and then jump over to the switch and throw it. Watch the cutscene indicating a return to the tower with the switch on the floating structure as before, but this time the one displaying a devil painting. From the switch do a run-jump-grab onto the other rock or climb around the walls to the gold armour and then climb back out (all walls in this cave are climbable). Make your way back to the main courtyard (laughing at the silly headless scarecrow) on the way. Climb up the devil's tower and throw his switch, shooting the bat on the way. Watch the cutscene for the next destination.

The Pool Room:

Enter the pool room. Look in the pool and notice an underwater door. Walk up the stairway and along the balcony until you find a doorway in which lurks another clown. Shoot him and enter a room with a switch. After throwing the switch, two flaming skulls attack so run and jump into the pool from the balcony to escape them.

Swim along the tunnel and turn left. Along further, pass a cage door with another gold piece of armour. Continue along the tunnel turning left and then left again, and again till you come up in a small room for air. Now swim down to the left to the end of the tunnel to retrieve the gold armour and swim back for another gulp of air. Now swim back out the way you came in but turn left at the junction and keep swimming around in a large circle till you find a small room with a switch and a larger room below with more armour. Throw the switch and watch cutscene. Now make your way back to the main courtyard. Climb the tower with the painting of the blue girl and throw the switch on the floating structure. Watch the cutscene, and then make your way back down the tower and around the corner to the stairway leading underground. Go through the now opened door and follow the passageway into a long hallway, Congratulations on completion of the first part. >>>> Next level.

Part 2: Under Castle Doomsday:

Lara starts off in the hallway from the previous level. Turn around for a medipack in the right hand corner of the hall and then make your way back along the hall. Enter a room on the left hand side.

The Mirror Room:

Enter the mirror room but keep to the left hand wall and move toward the mirror. When you reach the mirror, a ghostly knight will appear in the reflection. He will also raise flames in the reflection. The flames in the mirror pin-point the area's in the normal room where Lara must not tread, or Lara will burn. Now you know where you can't go, take a look at the raised surfaces with paintings on them. On the raised surface nearest to the centre of the mirror, and the raised surface furthest from the centre of the mirror will be where Lara must go. The first one lowers a block in the left hand corner of the room (when Lara is facing away from the mirror) and the second one lowers another block in a hidden area above the first block. This reveals a switch which opens the cage door at the end of the hallway. The other two raised surfaces act as anti-triggers for the blocks.

When you've thrown the switch, carefully make your way back out into the hallway avoiding the 'flame' areas.

If you stand too close to the mirror, the knight will attack with his sword.

The Halls of Fire:

Go through the doorway at the end of the hall and follow the corridor. At the end, you'll enter the halls of fire. A cutscene here will show you Lara's route. When you enter the first room with the lava pit below, notice a cage door on the left; this will open later on. Further along the hall of fire, is a doorway to the left that you can't enter as it's guarded by a flaming skull. Follow the hall of flames till you reach the end (as in the cutscene) A door to the right has bars and you can't enter here yet but you can see another item of gold armour. To the left is another doorway with a room that is full of pickups. In order to get them, you'll have to kill the knight that lives there. back in the hall of fire, Now enter the last room at the end of the hallway and be greeted by a wailing metal man (one of Doomsday experiments gone wrong no doubt....... yeah! I am making this up as I'm going along... lol ). Don't worry about the metal man... he'll be quiet; eventually.

In the room, you'll notice a boarded up area; shoot this to reveal a switch. Throw the switch and watch the door open in the first part of the hall of fire.

Now comes the tough part. Make your way back to the now open door, avoiding the flames coming up out of the platforms. If you keep to one side and only jump when the flame is low, you should make it easily. Save between each jump to be on the safe side.

When you reach the door enter the tunnel and it'll lead into the second hallway.

Jump onto the platform and turn left and jump to the archway. The next room has no platform in the centre, so firstly, run-jump-grab to the opposite side and collect the pickup. Kill the knight and then take a diagonal jump to the right hand archway; the left hand archway is blocked off so you can't go that way. Enter the new room, there's a pool, and to the right, a selection of ramps and platforms. You need to make your way to the top to throw a switch that operates a cage door just above the entrance to the room. to be successful in your jumps, you need to follow these steps. Firstly, face the upright, rather tall platform (with your back to the sloping platform.) Back flip onto the sloping platform and jump-grab the tall upright platform. Now you should be standing on the edge of the tall upright platform. Now do the very same back-flip-jump(from sloping platform) forward jump-grab and pull up onto upper platform. Now face and walk to the front corner of the platform, jump back and run-jump to the highest platform. Throw the switch and the door below will open. Jump back down the platform you came from, and then jump-grab to the now open doorway. You could also jump into the pool below, but that would just make Lara wet and show off Core Designs particle effected water droplets fall from her shiny wet body........Ahm! where was I? Oh yes. Once through the door draw your pistols and shoot the bats.

Now enter through the exit and walk through the root infested tunnel to the end and drop into a room with shallow water. If you look around, you'll notice the bars at the archway that you couldn't get through earlier. Wade through the water and climb out at the next archway. In the centre of this section is a hole in the centre, with steps leading down. Follow the steps down and kill the clown to collect a pickup..... yeah I know I made the level, but I just remember what the pickup is right!.... anyway, come back upstairs and through the hole. Three rooms come off the centre room apart from the shallow pool room. One is coloured green and one red. Now if your curious and stand on the red painting in the centre of the red room, Lara will burst into flames. The green room has nothing in it at all. Both rooms are just there as red herrings, a ruse to throw you off the scent; a way of confusing you...... oh alright, I just couldn't think of anything to put in those rooms...there I've said it!

The third room by comparison, is more tricky. A swinging spiked bag, caged door behind it and a pit so deep... well it's a long way down. Turn with your back to the room and drop down and grab, and climb down about halfway. Back-flip onto the ledge behind you. Throw the switch and the cage door opens above. Before you climb back up, there's some pickups below. Jump back to the climbable surface and climb down almost to the lava below. Move furthest to the right and then back-flip and turn left in mid air to land safely on the platform. Collect pickup and jump back to the climbable surface and move furthest to the left. Backflip and turn right in mid air to land on the other platform, collect pickup, jump back to climbable surface and climb back to the top. Now position Lara on the right hand side of the archway at the edge and jump back. Timing is important here so as not to receive much damage. Run-jump-grab at the same time as the spiked bag is right most side. Once over, enter through the doorway into the next room.

The Cellar of Blood:

When you enter the cellar of blood, you can only swim so far until a current pushes you back. Climb out on the right hand side of the first walkway but avoid getting too close to the alcoves as flaming skulls will awaken. Jump to the next walkway and again to the next. Enter the third alcove the skull in this one will not wake up. Enter the colourful room with paintings laid out on the floor and notice three pushable objects; one of which is in the corner and can't be moved. Only move the block that is in front of you when you first enter, the one on the left, when pulled, will set Lara alight. You may have noticed in the cellar, paintings on the wall. In the room, look at the paintings on the floor and pull the block onto the painting that matches the one in the cellar, this will open the cage door at the end of the cellar. Carefully jump to the next walkway in the cellar and then to the cage doorway; use grab or Lara won't make it.

Exit the cellar of blood and enter the flooded tunnels.

Flooded Tunnels

Swim along the tunnels and be sure to swim up each of the flue to collect pickups. One flu leads to a switch and another leads to a passageway with a cage door; the switch opens the door.

Lava Chasm

Stand at the entrance and look left to see a platform on the wall. Position Lara on the left hand side of the entrance and take once side step. Turn toward the platform and do a standing jump-grab and pull up onto the platform. Face the cave ceiling support, jump-grab and shimmy around till you get to the fourth side. Below is a ramp and beside that is another ramp. Drop Lara onto the ramp and let her drop to the next ramp at which point you must jump to land on the next platform. Jump up to the next platform and up to the exit.

The Gates of Time:

Enter the passageway till you reach the clown face with the bright red nose. All other clown faces on this central support have dull noses so you can orientate yourself. To the right there is a cage door, to the front there is another cage door, and to the left another passage; go along here. Slide down the ramp but be careful not to go onto the grille on the floor. As you enter the small room, immediately turn left to see a switch (number 1) and another switch on the wall opposite the grille; this is switch number 2.

Wait till the flames are bursting from the grille and save game. Throw switch number 1, back-flip and turn toward the 2nd switch and throw that one too. Do a forward roll and wait for the flames to die down and then sprint up the stairs, turn right at the top and sprint again, turn right again and sprint through the first cage door, turn right and run through the opened cage door number 2 before it closes.

Pumpkin Arena:

Watch the cutscene show you the arena. Walk to the edge at the entrance, jump back and do a run-jump-grab to the central platform of the arena. At this point the camera angle will show a giant pumpkin moving toward Lara. Just move Lara forward and draw her pistols. You can easily kill the pumpkin with your other weapons but where's the sport in that. Using the pistols are more exciting.

Once the pumpkin is dead, spare a thought; pumpkins have feeling, too.

Walk to the edge and look down to the abyss below, one of the sides will have a climbable surface that leads down to a switch. Throw this switch and a raising block will arise and a rope will drop from a platform above. At this point the pumpkin you thought you'd just killed re-appears for another battle, so finish it off.

Climb up onto the block and from the centre of the block jump and grab the rope. The swing here has to be precise or Lara will over/undershoot the upper platform. I find one swing and a jump-grab just before the upper pinnacle of the swing works ok. From this platform run-jump-grab to the next platform and so on till you reach the pole. Climb the pole into the upper room and back-flip to get off. Look at the switches, three of them will burn Lara, but the clue is in the paintings above. Throw the switch below the painting of the 'blue woman' and this will open the exit to the arena. Now another tricky part. Get one of your other weapons ready, Uzi or 6-shooter and re-holster. Jump-grab the pole and slide down almost to the platform below and drop the rest of the way. Three clowns below on the other platforms are waiting, but only two can see Lara. Shoot both the clowns and then you can perform a little acrobatics stunt whilst killing the third clown. First, find the next platform down and turn your back to it, now back-flip onto this lower platform and shoot the clown at the same time before safely landing on the lower platform. Now you can jump back down the way you came up back to the arena below. Go to the exit, but do a run-jump-grab to the doorway or Lara will hit the door-frame and fall into the abyss. Once through the doorway the level ends...congratulations in completing it....... oh, but wait a minute, we can't end it there can we! So let's continue................


Go over the lava bridge and follow the tunnels and drop down to a lower level. here you'll find the room with the gold armour you couldn't retrieve earlier. Collect it and shoot the storage boxes to find a medipack. Go back into the tunnel and continue along till you reach a cage door at one end and a pit in the tunnel at the other end. Here you'll have to do a run-jump-grab to get across the pit. Follow the tunnel till you reach the swinging spike room. Move onto the first ledge to the right and look at the sloped area's. Parts of it can be walked on. Do a run-jump diagonally over to the first walkable surface, and do the same again back over. Now do a standing jump turning right in mid air, and slide down the ramp and grab. Shimmy along almost to the end, climb up and back-flip onto the platform at the other end of the room. Go down the tunnel and throw the switch. Now make your way back similar to the way you came in. Back through the tunnel and over the pit to find the cage door now open. Enter the caverns of fire.

The Caverns of Fire:

Follow the cavern right to the end and find a pit that you can climb into and down. Find a pickup down there and climb back out avoiding the flames. Once out, go into the next part of the cavern and follow it further in avoiding flames as you go. Pick up any goodies you find on the way. Eventually you get to a dead end with a hole in the ceiling. Climb up into the small room and throw the switch. This will lower a block at the dead end. Save game. Now jump down from the room back into the cavern avoiding the bursting flames below the opening. Just wait for it to die down, jump down and run. Leave the cavern through the tunnel and come to the last battlefield.

The Last Battlefield:

Take a good look around here, because you'll be working mainly on fixed cameras here. draw your uzi or 6-shooter and jump down. Allow the guns to auto-aim and shoot the two clowns; one will be out of camera shot.
Each platform here gives a different camera angle but the smallest platforms allow full camera control again. Work your way over to the large platform containing the three scarecrows. Once you land on their platform they come alive. You can do this final bit two different ways. The first, using your 6-shooter with laser sight pick off their pumpkin heads one by one (it is possible) or just locate the pet skeleton grave as this is a pad that opens the cage door at the exit and then avoid the scarecrows till the door opens. Believe me, it's funnier to watch the headless scarecrows fall over the edge into the abyss, but the choice is yours.

Jump grab to the exit and watch as Lara slides down...... and so ends the adventure.

This leads on nicely to Data's original Castle Doomsday level where Lara drops down into another cavern and re-enters the Castle of Doomsday.. BWAHAHAHA!