Techno Egyptians Portal

By Psiko

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
It has all the important pick-ups and items mentioned.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.

A second walkthrough by Scott Chu follows this one.

You can also find a Video walkthrough by JoeTheCrazyGamer here


Weapons: Pistols, Crossbow, Lasersight, Grenade Gun
2 x 1/2 Portal Eye Pieces, New Rha Shining Star, Luminous Beam, Hand of Orion
4 secrets

Pick up explosive arrows in a corner. Avoid the water. It just has a strong current and you donít get anywhere.
Jump up to the right red floor. Pick up normal grenades. Climb the block on the left side. Use the monkey bar to swing across to collect a 1/2 Portal Eyepiece. In the hole below are spikes. When you come to big hole drop down and get a small medi-pack. To get out use forward jumps and curve to the right. Pull up to the red floor and go on.
In the next room with a temple in the middle there is nothing on the floor. Go to the left corner, climb the blue block, grab and transverse to the right. Pull up and back flip. Take a running jump to the next block (no grab).
Turn and take a running jump to pull down the switch on the wall. This opens the door on the far right side (North). Go down the stairs and you come to a room with a burning monument on the left side.
Climb the blue blocks, take a running jump to the slope, transverse to the left, pull up and back flip and you land next to a switch. This switch raises a block somewhere.
Go back down and climb the blue block again. Take a running jump to the rock in the room and walk along. Look for some explosive arrows on the right. Jump over and get them. When you are back on the walk enter the room. Look for a crevice, grab it and jimmy to the left. Pull up and you find a large medi-pack.
Go out of the room and jump over to the next rock. Pick up the Lasersight and go towards the blue block. Take a standing jump. Pull up and behind the block you find a switch. It will open the door in the big hole next to the fire monument.
Go down and pull up in the opening on the right side. Jump and climb the red blocks. Collect a large medi-pack on the way. In the next room grab the crevice and jimmy to the right. Take a standing jump to next block and a running jump to the next. Then a running jump to grab the block with a slope. Jump and grab the next crevice.
Pick up the explosive arrows. Crawl through and go down to the raised block.
Jump over to the switch, which opens a nearby door. Donít forget the large medi-pack on the glass roof. Climb into the door opening. The other openings lead to the previous rooms (temple, burning monument).
Crawl over the red floor. Go down and climb 2 blocks up. Take a running jump from the right side to grab the opposite block. Crawl through, drop, twist and then jump to grab the opposite. Transverse to the right, pull up and back flip.
Pick up the Crossbow.
Return to the 2 blocks. Do the running jump again. This time jimmy to the left and crawl to the next room with water. Shoot the swinging ball (normal arrow). This will raise a block for the next switch.
Jump into the water. Pick up the explosive arrows and go through a small underwater opening. Look and you will find a large medi-pack. Swim to the second pool behind the blue wall and climb out.
Take a carefully angled running jump to grab the back of the sloping block. Donít pull up. Jimmy to the left and pull up. Jump over to the switch and push it. This will open a door up on the left side. Behind the switch is a small medi-pack. Go on to some blocks and climb up.
Donít forget the small medi-pack on a red ledge. Take a diagonal jump to the door
(use action too). Go on and drop on the right side. Transverse till you can get up.
Drop on the left side, transverse till you can get up and crawl along.
When you see a slope slide down and you reached the room with a big figure in the left corner, which gives up red rays.
Go to the left and jump the blocks. Collect some grenades. Climb the pole. Position the feet just above the lighter part of the pole. On the last ledge take a standing jump, jump and grab.
Pull up, twist and slide backward and grab.
At the end of the decline down position yourself extremely to the left of the harrow. Then make a back jump to the slope square and another jump from the slope but curving on the left, where you have to grab again.
After you killed the skeleton pull the 1. switch. This switch raises the block for the 2. switch. Take a running jump to the next block.
Pick the second 1/2 Portal Eye Piece
Go down and pull the 2. switch.
Go further down and to the corner to jump on to a block and jump over to the next. Turn and drop. Let go and grab again to pull the 3. switch.
Pick the explosive arrows. Climb out of the water and go up the climbable wall and jump forward and twist and grab and now all over the same as before till youíre on the other side of the room on a double square.
Back flip and hang on. You are next to the death sloping squares. Move to the left side. Pull up, twist jump and curve to the right. There is a safe place.
From there jump over to the door and enter another room.
Leave the building and walk along. Pick up a large medi-pack.
Take a standing jump towards the door down at the left side.

On the Yellow Island
When you enter the Yellow Island the door closes behind you.
You can kill 2 crocodiles from the island. The 3. crocodile you have to draw out.
Collect under the Yellow Island a small medi-pack and grenades.

Go down to the underwater passage and grab the very first square. Then make several Ąback rolling jumpsď grabbing from a sloping square to another.
Then move the fish, but be careful about the combination of two of them.
When moving the first 2 fish a door opens somewhere. Go on and pick a
large medi-pack in the room on the right. Then climb down a ladder to the other 2 fish. Move the fish to the opposite place and a door high up will open.
Jump in to the water and climb up on the right side.
When you come to the red floor, there is a small medi-pack on the right side. Drop on to the central figure and collect a small medi-pack, shotgun shells and across on a block a large medi-pack
Drop in to the water and start climbing up again. On the red floor again there are some grenades on the left side. Try a running jump to the block on the left.
There is a large medi-pack. Climb up again. After climbing the ladder a skeleton is awakened. You can collect a large medi-pack on the left side. You can try and jump to a dark block down on the left side for a large medi-pack. It is a very difficult jump.
Go to the open door and pick the Luminous Beam. This will open the exit door.

Now go back to the corner where you started in this area.
Climb up and then go to the right. Take a forward jump on to the slope. Grab, pull up, twist jump and grab a line on the central building. Move to the right to do another twist jump to land on the ledge. Go on, climb the ladder, then go from ledge to ledge.
Go over to the pink one. Take a standing jump from the small ledge and then jump over a last time. Enter the building and combine the 2 Portal Eye Pieces and use them. Go inside. Pick up the New Rha Shining Star. In the niches in the gray structure are a large medi-pack and explosive arrows.
On the small exit collect explosive arrows. A Yellow Bird appears.

Jump to the right till you are at the door the first fishes opened. Climb up and use the swinging rope to get on to the blue walkways. Watch for a Yellow Bird. Walk across and ? Difficult jump? I got into a room with a small medi-pack but no secret so I just gave up even so I missed a secret.

Use the rope and swing over to the central building. This building has opened up in the middle. Drop down and collect a large medi-pack, drop down and collect explosive arrows.
Go over the glass floor exit. Climb the ladders. Watch out for the Yellow Bird.
Jump over to the crevice and collect at the end the Hand of Orion. Return and move on till you are on the wall. Use a twist jump to get back to the other side. Underneath are deadly spikes. Use the green ladder to go down. Go through the room and pass the 3 windows. Another Yellow Bird is to eliminate. Use the monkey bar and swing over to the other side. In the sky is another Yellow Bird . Go on. In the big hole is a large medi-pack. Take a running jump to the brown ledge.

Position yourself at the extreme right side and pull up. Jump at the last possible moment while curving to the right and grab. It takes some tries but it is possible.
From the ledge you arrived on take a running jump to the Blue Floating Island.
No grabbing. Pull the switch.

Take a standing jump to the brown slope, move to the right, pull up and slide down.
Take a running jump to the blue slope, grab and go down the ladder.
When you are down move to the left, pull up and back flip. When you are on the ground a view of a now open door appears. It is the one from right at the beginning.
Before you go there insert the Hand of Orion into the receptacle. The green surface is now fire free. Leave this part and go towards the beginning. Watch out for a Yellow Bird. When you reach the door, jump to the higher block on the left. Turn and take a running jump to the ledge underneath a long slope. Now work your way back right up to where the rope is. Use it to get on to the central building, which is now like an open egg. Go over to the other side. Jump down on to a ledge, and then jump down to where the yellow floor is. Go through the glass corridor with blue walls.
Take running jumps to grab the green ladders and you end up in the room with
2 Egyptian Statues (Horus?). Combine the New Rha Shining Star with the Luminous Beam and insert it in to the middle (like a harp). This opens a hole on the ground floor (sort of lilac/green corner).
Climb down the ladder you came up on, using back flips.
Go down to the hole and climb in. Walk along the red floor and you pass over the block you moved down with the Hand of Orion. Jump in to the water, swim along a corridor and that is the END.



Complete Walkthru of Techno Egyptians Portal

rewritten by Scott Chu @ 2009/9/15

Get 1st Half of Portal Eye Piece

Lara drops beside a small pool & some dangerous tiles. Go to the other end of the tiles to pick up crossbow ammo. Run jump carefully to nearby motif gate (it's colorful, isn't it? Ya! rich-color environment will be Psiko's style. Go or not, I'll leave you to decide it). Turn around & long jump to the red ledge above those tiles. Climb up into a room & go right 1st to pick up a grenade ammo. Then go to a yellow platform beside a high pillar & climb up on it. Turn around & stand jump to grab that high pillar. Monkey swing to the other end & pick up 1st Half of Portal Eye Piece. Stand left side & curve jump right curve down to avoid spike pit below or just money swing back to the high pillar. Go down to the other pit to pick up a small medipack & then use back-and-forth jumps with curve jump on left side to get back to upper level. Jump into nearby opening.

Open Gate to Burning-Structure Area

You are now in a new area with some dome-roof building in the center. Go down left to the end & pull up to some brick platform. Jump forward & grab edge, shimmy right to end, then do a back flip to land at some high ledge. Turn right & run jump without grab to another high pillar. Turn left & you'll see a high jumpswitch on wall. Run jump to pull it to open some door on opposite side. Turn around & go straight around left side of central building & you'll see the open gate. Enter the gate & jump over steaming slope ledge (notice the green motif door above it) & follow to end. You now face another new area with some burning structure in the middle.

Get LaserSight

Jump to neaby blue platform & go right to pull up upper platform. Go to end & jump right to grab the slope ledge & shimmy left few steps, then back flip to the platform behind you. Pull the lever to see a cut scene showing some block in some room is raised up. Use some trick to go back previous platform & go to very end, face the direction of burning structure & run jump without grab to land at the flat part of high rocky mound. Go around these rocky mound & in middle you can jump over to a ledge beside white brick wall to get a crossbow ammo. Jump back mound & go along to some opening. Get into the opening & go to the right alcove. Turn left & use CTRL+up to grab the crevice above. Shimmy all the way left to end & pull up, then crawl to end to pick up a large medipack. Now get back to the mound again & align Lara at the nearest position to a isolated high rocky mound (I'll suggest savegame here). Run jump without grab to its flat part. Go along the path to pick up the LaserSight finally.

Open the Green Motif Door

Go back few steps & go to a left path to end & Run jump to grab a blue platform. Pull up & go to the nearby lever & pull it. A cut scene shows some door is opened. Go back the place where lasersight was & drop down to ground on right side of burning structure (but not the green ground, it will burn Lara). Go down the pit & you'll find the open gate. Enter the gate & go to end & pull up into the opening. Go down to the last point that you can pull up. So do it & shimmy right to end. Pull up & run jump to the dark ledge to pick up a large medipack. Turn around & run jump to the red ledge. Pull up again & turn again & align Lara to right side. From here, do a run jump to grab far ledge & pull up, then go right & drop down to a small room. I think the original idea of author is: "Go around those high pillar & at last slide down the slope ledge & grab the crevice of the wall across" but I find I can stand at a special position on left side of the slope pillar to jump up & grab it directly. Either way you have to grab the crevice & pull up to pick up the crossbow ammo. Again drop down to another small room, go around the tiles to left & you'll find the raised block in the earlier cut scene. Climb up & turn around & run jump to the lever. Remember the green motif door I want you to notice? It's right beside you. So pull the lever to open it. Turn around & jump & grab nearby high platform to pick up grenade ammo. Go down the other side to get back to the steaming slope ledge. Jump into the open gate & another jump & grab & pull up upper ledge. Crawl to end & drop down to a new challenging area.

Get the CrossBow

Climb up the nearby green ledge & climb up to highest position. From here, align right side & do a run jump to grab the green ledge & pull up. You can the crossbow is just on your right side but you can't get it from here. So drop down the other side & slide down. Do a twist jump in the middle to grab a slope ledge. Shimmy right then do a backflip to a ledge. Go to the end to pick up the CrossBow. Now we have crossbow & lasersight, I think you know what task is waiting for you next.

Open a High Door

Drop down to ground & do the grabbing green ledge task again. But this time shimmy left until you can pull up, then drop down to a room with a swinging ball on ceiling. Combine your crossbow with lasersight to shoot that ball. This will raise some block somewhere to enable you to push a lever, although you have no way to know it now (this is something I complain about, it should always have some cut scene as a clue after you pull some lever if they enable something). Drop down pool to pick crossbow ammo at bottom. No rush to pass the nearby opening. Instead, swim a bit up to find a crevice opening on wall, swim into it & go right into a small space, then swim down left immediately & find a triangular opening. Swim into it & pick up a large medipack. Now go back to pass the underwater opening & pull up on a ledge. Jump up to the opening on wall. Run jump from here back to the long ledge where you picked up the crossbow earlier. Now another run jump to the upper level room. Jump to the red floor & go to the lever. The block raised by breaking the swinging ball is beside the lever. Now just pull the lever to open a high door.

Find the Long-way-down Slope

Drop down right alcove to pick up a small medipack. Go back to the far edge of red floor. Run jump to that patterned ledge. Pull up high ledge & jump right to grab the crevice, shimmy right a bit & pull up. If you turn around you'll see the high open door. But let's get some stuff first. Curve jump left to the red ledge & pick up the small medipack. From this ledge jump back to a short red pillar. Jump across to the dark platform (it's actually red floor) & then go to right end & drop down to pick up crossbow ammo. Pull up right & then climb up (it's strange here that you don't have to crawl up) back to the dark platform. Now drop & grab the other side of the dark platform, then shimmy right to end & pull up. crawl down the other side & drop down again to get another crossbow ammo. Now go back to dark platform & run jump diagonally & grab the previous red short pillar. From there, jump directly into the open gate (you are now on high part of dome-roof building area). Drop & grab left side, shimmy left until you can pull up, then continue crawling to the red floor end. There's a opening on left but 1st go get the small medipack in the upper-right corner. No need to go right more since there's nothing there except you want to bird-view the dome-roof building ^_^. Go back into the left opening & at the end (I'll always savegame in such situation) slide down a long-way slope to another pretty big new area (There're a giant orb & some giant wolf god status & some lightning cyan ray).


Right way is for later. Run jump from left side to a nearby high green pillar. Run jump again to a higher pillar & pick up the grenade ammo. Do another run jump to grab the far ledge with pole (better save game first). Climb the pole up & back flip to another higher pillar. From there, run jump to grab the far ledge. Pull up & twist jump to a even higher pillar on your back. Go forward to see a hole surrounding by 4 slope ledges. We now need to do a series of tricky jumps, so save game here.

Face wall & align Lara as left as possible. Side jump & curve jump left beyond the left slope surrounding the hole. Immediately do a twist jump to make Lara slide backward down. Grab the edge & pull up & then back flip to same slope ledge, jump forward to grab upper climbable wall. Climb up until you see an opening on right. Move right to drop to the opening. Go out right to end. You can see a ramp ledge with a hanging pole above it (ignore the pole, you can't grab it now). Now turn toward left side of that ramp ledge. Run jump & slide & jump to another flat ledge. Follow the ledge to left. Drop & grab the other side. Shimmy right to end. Pull up & curve jump right to grab the pink wall. Shimmy right around the corner & drop to safe ledge, pick up SECRET #1 - a large medipack.

Get 2nd Half of Portal Eye Piece

Go to left end again. This time run jump right into the far opening. Go top of the staircase to pick up a small medipack. Go to right end & turn a bit right. Look down & you'll see the the previous climbable wall & a slope ledge on its right. Jump down (maybe save game first) to that slope ledge, slide down & jump to grab the climbable wall. (Or if you fear to do this, jump go back opening, jump to that ramp ledge, slide & jump back previous flat ledge. Go back the opening & jump & grab that climbable wall). Move down & drop once to grab the edge. If you look left, you'll see a skull warrior there, so you will have a fight with it pretty soon. Due to ladder bug, we need to pull up once & grab again, then move left once to align Lara to leftmost postion that she can pull up. Ok, pull up & back flip to the slope ledge behind & curve jump left to grab the left floor ledge. Shimmy left to flat part & pull up. Immediately use the crossbow to kill the skull warrior. Pull the nearby lever to see a cut scene showing some high door somewhere is opened. Go to nearby mound & run jump to a higher ledge. Pull up again & you can go get 2nd Half of Portal Eye piece now. This will raise a block beside some nearby lever below.

Get to High Door in Same Room

Go straight & run jump to left front corner to reach that lever. Pull it to see another door is opened (this one is the target of the 'right way' I talked about earlier). From here, run jump over the pool to a lower ledge. Turn around, drop & grab edge, let go & pull the jumpswitch & Lara is dropped into pool below. This will open a high door in this room. Pick up the stuff just below. Turn around & swim to a place that Lara can pull up.

Now we need to get back to upper level. Go to opposite pool. Aim at the lower slope ledge before the climbable wall. Run jump higher position of the slope ledge with a bit curve left & immediately do a jump with grab toward the climbable wall. If you do it right, you will grab the wall now. Do same trick to get to the receptacle of the eye piece. Go to last ledge on left side. Stand at far left positon & turn right (you can see the high open gate on your left side). Jump over to left side of the higher triangular slope ledge in front of you, slide a bit & over the fire tiles & land at a safe ledge beside the tiles. Turn to the open gate & jump into it.

Settle Down 2 Pairs of Fish Statues

Climb up the wall & drop the other side. Go down & enter the gate opened by the 1st lever. Wow, you are now face to face with the lightning giant wolf gold statue. Go straight to end of path & pick up a large medipack. Look down left to see the gate opened by 2nd lever. Simply stand jump to it & enter. The door is closed behind you. First kill 2 crocodiles in the pool. Jump into the pool & swim into the tunnel to lure 3rd crocodile out. Quickly leave the pool & kill it. Go back to pool & swim into the hollow part of the yellow structure to pick up grenade ammo & a small medipack. Swim back to surface to get enough air, then go into the tunnel again. Once into the wide opening area, swim straight up to a lowest ledge part. Now we need to do lots of back-and-forth jumps.

Align Lara to the center of this ledge. Pull up & twist backflip to grab a ledge behind. Shimmy left to end. Pull up & twist backflip again to grab another higher ledge. Shimmy right to end. do same trick again to grab a new ledge. Shimmy left to end. same trick once more to grab another ledge. Shimmy right to end. Save game here. Now pull up & this time do twist backflip with curve jump left to land on a flat ledge. Jump over the pool to opposite side. Go right to Pull 1st fish status to nearby patterned tiles. Run to the other end to deal with 2nd fish statue. A cut scene shows a very high door is opened. Go back to the other end & go along the ledge & at last a grab jump into the opening. Remember the gesture of the fish statues.

Follow the path & turn right into red floor room to pick a large medipack & then get back the path & follow to end. Climb down the ladder & drop to lower room. There're 2 more fish statues but if you recall the gestures of previous fish statues, you know you need to push the fish statues to farther patterned tiles, respectively. Once you finish the task, a cut scene shows a door is opened. It reveals a receptacle with some artefact on it.

Get Luminous Beam

Jump back to pool & pull up on central island. Run jump right to red floor corridor. Go forward to end alcove to pick up crossbow ammo. Go to the diagonally opposite corner of this area to climb up a ledge & back flip to a higher ledge. Turn around & climb up once, go to end to pick up crossbow ammo. Go back & climb up to upper level. You should see some yellow platform is on your right. Go left & shimmy left & pass 4 objects to the end, pull up to pick up a small medipack. Now shimmy right & pass 1 object, then drop down to ledge below. Turn around & pick up another small medipack. You are now on upper level of the central structure of the pool. You can also some stuff on the other side of this level. You can pick it up now or later. If you choose former, just go right to end, stop before the triangular slope ledge. Align Lara to right side. Run jump over the slope ledge with a hard curve left to land on the other side. Pick up grenade ammo. Look around & you'll see a large medipack on top of a green pillar. Run jump to get it. Manage to get back to the yellow platform. Go right to another 4 objects, shimmy right to end & pull up for grenade ammo. If you didn't choose the former choice previously, you can now drop down from this side to lower central structure to get the grenade ammo & large medipack (and then get back yellow platform again).

Climb up yellow platform twice & run jump to the opposite big platform. Turn around & run jump back to upper level of yellow platform. Jump right once & climb up the wall to upper floor. Once you pull up, use crossbow to blow up the skull warrior. Go to the receptacle to get the Luminous Beam. A cut scene shows the door closed behind previously is now opened again, meaning you can leave this area now.


Go to the yellow ledge edge. Run jump toward the large medipack & pick it up. We've got one more task to do. Look down left to see the dark high pillar. Run jump with curve left to avoid ceiling to land on it. Jump down into the dark corner to pick up SECRET #2 - another large medipack. Jump over the slope ledge to get back big platform. Do a beautiful swan dive to the pool below & leave this area thru the open door.

Get New Rha Shining Star

You now need to get back to the upper ledge when you slide down the long-way slope. Go down to ground & go around the right side of giant orb. Pass a high ledge with pole to your right & go straight to get back to 1st green pillar you run jump on when you first slide down the long-way slope. Climb up the short platform beside the pillar & go to end & turn your back to wall. If you look up right, you'll see that upper ledge. Climb up the short platform beside the 1st pillar & go left to end. Turn Lara's back to wall. Side jump right & immediately jump forward to grab that upper ledge.

Run jump straight to grab the ledge. Pull up & turn left to run jump to the giant orb. You need to drop & grab quickly so that Lara can shimmy right to end. Do a twist backflip jump to grab the ledge behind. Go to the green wall to climb up upper ledge. Turn around & go to end, jump to the pink ledge. Go along pink ledge a bit & run jump to the green ledge. Pull up high ledge & pick up small medipack. Now one step back & align Lara to left side & stand jump to grab another ledge & pull up. From there, jump to another pink ledge. Go to corner & curve jump left to another pink ledge. Run jump across to a ledge to enter the new room. Combine the eyepieces to open the big round gate. Follow the path & use your crossbow to finish 2 skull warriors. Pick up the New Rha Shining Star at end. Turn around & go right. Stand jump into high alcove to pick up large medipack. Run jump & grab the other alcove, pull up to get the crossbow ammo.


There's a new rope that appeared near the opening where you entered here.You can use it to swing to the top of the giant orb (it's now split up & become a sanctuary structure). But if you want another secret, we need a detour task first. Go to another opening. Pick up the crossbow ammo & combine lasersight with crossbow to kill a golden bird from here. Run jump right to the ledge & follow to the other end to do another run jump to the gate opened by 2nd pair of fish statues. From here, kill another golden bird. Climb up wall to top & run jump to grab the rope, swing high & let go to land on the blue rock cross path. Kill 3rd golden bird from here. Go straight to the other end. Jump up to grab the pink ceiling & monkeyswing to end & drop to a ledge. Align Lara to the flat part on left side of that ramp ledge with pole on its right (save game first). Run jump to land on that flat part. Turn right & Jump over the hole to get SECRET #3 - the grenade. This is good news. Sigh, bad news is: We have to go all the way back to the opening with the rope.


to grab the pole. Slide down to bottom & drop, slide & jump into the opening. I think the author's original idea is: "Turn around & climb down the wall to bottom, let go & slide, in the middle do a twist bakcflip back to the end ledge when we slide down from the long-way slope". But I find a quicker way. Instead, Jump left to the flat ledge from the opening. Jump toward the left side of the ramp ledge. Slide & jump to the ledge. Go to the end. See the surface of the split part of the sanctuary? (This is the same surface I told you earlier that you need to let go & grab quickly again so that you can shimmy right. It sticks to the ledge now!) Run jump to it & slide down to the ledge at bottom. You're back on road. Do as previous steps & go all the way back to the new rope. Run jump to grab the rope & swing high & drop at top of the sanctuary. Go to right & run jump to the split part. Go to the end & look down to see there's a stuff on some green pattern rock ledge. Slide down to bottom to get SECRET #4 - a large medipack. Turn left about 120 degree & backflip. Then drop & slide but keep CTRL pressed to get to the ground with safety.

Get the Hand of Orion

Thank God you don't have to go back to the top of sanctuary. Instead, go into the sanctuary & use a higher ledge on right (there's a trapdoor beside it) to run jump & grab that crystal monument. Climb all way up until you can't, then turn around 2 corners. Move lara to about 1/4 wide from left margin & also make sure you can see a ledge on your left. Do a twist backflip to grab the ledge. Pull up to get a large medipack. Jump to nearby ledge. Drop down to the ledge below it. Go get the crossbow ammo. Jump diagonally to nearby ledge & drop down to lower yellow floor with safe.

Enter the hall & jump over the slope ledge to the right (the lower ground is deadly spike floor) & run jump to grab the climbable wall. Climb up to the top & pull up. Run jump to another climbable wall & go to top & pull up to a safe ledge. Prepare your crossbow & wait for a while. Kill the 4th golden bird. Notice a closed door on the wall. Now turn to the brick wall. Jump over to the wall & grab the edge. Shimmy right to end & pull up to get the Hand of Orion. If you are at good skill, you can run jump directly back to the previous safe edge (that's what I do ^_^). Otherwise, you can drop down & grab the edge again. Shimmy all the left & around 2 corner to another climbable wall. Climb up a bit & twist backflip to grab the higher safe ledge.

Put on the Hand of Orion

That closed door on wall is now opened. Run jump into the opening. Climb the wall down to lower floor. Go to far right corner & climb up a ladder. Go all the way to the end. Go to the left opening (the right opening will bring you back to the place before you slid down the long-way slope.(I think author gives you an opportunity to go back to an early area if you miss something.)Prepare your crossbow & combine lasersight to kill a golden bird faraway. Wait for a moment to kill another golden bird (this one may not appear so soon). Now from the opening & jump up & forward to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing all the way to the end & drop down on a safe ledge. Drop down to lower ledge & go along the platform beside the wall. Pass the green rock mound & the red floor to reach a pit. Go down the pit to get a large medipack. Then use backflip & grab to get back to red floor.

Go the edge of red floor in front of you & do a run jump to the far ledge. Align Lara to right side of the higher slope ledge in front of you (better save game here). Pull up & slide down, Curve jump right at last moment to grab the flat ledge. Align Lara beside left side of the slope ledge to your right & run jump without grab to the blue floating island. Pull the jumpswitch to see a cut scene showing you the early burning structure is safe now. You have to go there. From the red floor, run jump back to the slope ledge. Go right to end & run jump to the ladder on wall. Climb down to bottom & twist backflip to a safe blue platform. Get down to ground & you'll see a cut scene showing a door is opened. This is the very 1st motif gate when you started this game. But first go to the previous-burning structure, put on the Hand of Orion to see a block somewhere is lowered & an opening is revealed. Leave here with the only opening here & pass the steaming slope ledge to go back the another earlier area with a dome-roof building. Kill the golden bird when you see it. Now go all the way back to the starting area when you began this game. Jump over the deadly tiles into the open gate. Follow the path & find you are back to the area with sanctuary structure.

Put on Beam of the New RHA Star

Go into the sanuctuary & use crystal monument to get back to upper yellow floor. Go all the way back to where you got the Hand of Orion. This time when you are on top of the 2nd climbable wall, go left & drop down to the receptacle. Combine the Luminous Beam with New RHA Shining Star to form a Beam of the New RHA Star & put it in the receptacle. A cut scene shows the trapdoor beside the higher ledge you used to grab the crystal monument is opened.

Go back there & climb down the trapdoor opening & slide down to bottom. Go along the red floor platform & you'll see the opening revealed by the block lowered upon using the Hand of Orion. Use a beautiful swan dive to do your last jump in this game into the pool. Find the only underwater tunnel (the big opening on its left will lead you back to the beginning of this game) & swim into it to end this colorful level (also will be the beginning of the sequel level: "Center of the World").