WALKTHROUGH BY Anya Marie McDonald

Note: I did not mention any pickups (except keys) or any secrets. It is up to the player to find them.

The level starts off with Lara facing a passage with two vases on either side of the opening. Go through the opening and turn right, you will come to a lava pit. Next turn so your back is to the lava and jumpback/grab the ledge of the opening and a door below will open. Now climb down the ladder til you cannot go any futher, then drop/grab/pullup into the open door.

Once you are in the next passage, run and jump over the blade that will slide down the passage once you start walking towards the other end. After you have made it past the blade turn left. Follow the passage a little ways and turn left again and go up the sloping passage to the top. When you get to the top you come to a room where spikes have just popped up to prevent you from climbing the ladder; well, just turn to your left and see the ladder on your side of the spikes.

Climb the ladder just a little ways, then backflip/twist/grab/climb/shimmy to the right. Next you need to position Lara just right then backflip/twist/grab the ledge of the opening pullup into the small passage. To your right is the shotgun and to the left is a closed door. Pick up the shotgun and the door opens, so go to the door, turn around jumpback/hang/drop to the room below. You are now back where you started, so head back down the passage again and turn left. Now slide/slide/slide to the next room.

Now jump in the water, swim a little, then surface and exit the water in front of the gate, which opens as soon as you are on dry land. Go through the open gate into the next room and watch a flyby. After the flyby is done, head to the opening across the bridge over the lava. Now you can get to the key one of two ways.

Way One: The way the author of this level intended you to get to the key - Once you are in the passage beyond the lava room, turn your back to the sloping passage, then jump back then run through the opening you just came from to avoid the ball that is coming down at Lara, then once you are safe head on up to the next level and jump over to the floor where the key is sitting on the pedestal.

Way Two: Avoiding the ball altogether - At the opening to the sloping passage with the ball that will roll down if you go that way. Face the gate you came into this room by (which is now closed), then sidestep all the way to your left. Now sidejump to the sloping ledge that is around the lava, then jump/grab/pullup to the next level where the key is resting on the pedestal (easy..ok maybe not, but it was fun though).

Either way, you are now where the key is. Now before you get the key off the pedestal go and use the wall levers. Once you have used all three, go and get the key. Now quickly head to the opening on the south wall before the two giant scorpions kill Lara. Once you are through the opening you can take out the scorpions safely. Once they are gone, jump back to where the key was and on the west wall is a tile that is very different then the rest, go and pull it out and to the left.

Now go over to the wall lever in the alcove in the northeast corner and use it. Head back to the pedestal and see a raised block next to it. Climb up on the block, turn left and run/jump/grab/pullup onto the ledge above you. Next go into the dark area and pull out the block there, then push it aginst the wall. This does two things, it opens a trapdoor across from where you are now and make some spikes pop up in your way. So, get ready to take some damage. Run through the spikes and jump over to where the trapdoor is.

Once on the other side take note of the closed gate ahead and to the left of you. Head to the gate and it opens, now run/jump/grab/pullup to the ledge to your right and avoid the ball trying to crush Lara. Then quickly jumpback/grab/hang to avoid another ball. Once both balls have rolled and dropped, pull up, go to where the second ball came from, turn right and pull up into the crawlspace. Once you are able to stand, head through this passage til you drop down to the next room, then go through the opening to your right and you find you are back in the area where before you entered the gate, but on the other side. To your right above where the closed gate is is a keyhole. Go over to the ledge where the keyhole is and use the key you got off the pedestal earlier, now watch the flyby and take care of the two vultures that swoop in for the kill. Once they have been taken care of drop down to the ledge below and go back through the gate again, then make your way back to where you jumped from to get to the keyhole.

Once there, head over to the left and jump down to the ledge on that side, then head to the left and around the corner, then go into the crawlspace. Next go around the corner to your right, through the open gate and up the wooden ladder to the landing to the left. Next go up the sloping passage towards the closed gate which opens as you get near it. As soon as you are in the other room, have the shotgun ready to deal with the Raptor and the T-Rex that come to munch on Lara. Once they have becomed extinct again pick up the key one of them drops. Now head over to the southeast corner of the room and use the key in the keyhole, then turn around quickly and make another Raptor extinct. Next go through the big open gate on the west wall.

Once you are through the gate and in the next room, head over to the trapdoor in the left hand corner and drop down to the passage below. Now head down this passage, watch the flyby and the level ends.