Valley of Amilha

Level by Curious Rom (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] The author's notes calls this level the Star of Amilha. [End note]

Start in a small space and a gate opens. Enter the gate and drop into a cave. Go south-west to find an exit into an open area. Kill a blue ninja. Jump to the other side of the water channel for revolver ammo. Get into an opening in the east wall and follow the corridor south to a gate that opens for you. Kill a blue ninja and pick up Uzi ammo. On the way back to the water, notice a black wall in a north-west corner. Go there and climb up to a second floor. Go south to a room to kill a blue ninja and pick up the Uzi's. Exit and get into the water. Swim north and follow the channel and pull up to see a hut needing an item. You do not have the item so back into the water and swim north again. Follow the water channel and pull up onto a large platform. Jump west over the water to another area and get a flyby showing two mummies.

Go west into the building and drop into the hole in the floor. Follow the tunnel to pick Cartouche Piece 1 and get a cut scene of the outside area near the hut. Shoot the two vases and get into the crawl space in the south wall. Stand up and jump a spike pit. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a tunnel in a corner near a ceiling. Jump the spikes again and follow the tunnel back to the outside area. Go to the north-west corner of the structure and climb a ladder to the roof. Kill two scorpions. Go north and jump into the cave. Follow the cave and slide down into a temple. Go west and get Cartouche Piece 2 and get a cut scene of the hut outside. Hop onto a block near the throne and jump up and grab a monkey swing to get back up the slope. Then jump back to the roof. Go to the south-east and see the tunnel that the floor lever opened. Follow the tunnel and enter a large room. You hear the secret sound for secret #1 and get a flyby of the top of the dome. Go to the north-west corner and hop up the sides of the dome. Pick up the revolver and the place is instantly flooded. Pull up into a tunnel and go east. Jump the pit and safety drop into it. A small slope at the bottom helps your landing but you need full health before you drop. Go north to the exit tunnel and safety drop to the ground.

Swim back to the area with the hut. Make the Ba Cartouche and use to open the gate. Enter and slide down to the ledge. Notice the spike ball above your head. Get down and go to the south-east to use the floor level. You hear the gate open and kill two scorpions. There is nothing in the crawl space. Walk to the open gate and the spike ball should roll in front of you. When it stops, go around it to enter the open gate. You get a cut scene of several spike balls on the ceiling. Hop north and go left to trigger a spike ball. But watch out also for the slopes that you can get stuck on. Ignore the mummy and get into the north corridor. Take either branch north. Turn around and jump up to the south to grab a ledge. Pull up and you see a lot of fire tiles. As you run around the room, the tile in the north-east corner gives you a picture of a red-lit and a blue-lit tunnel.

Go to the south side and enter the tunnel. There are three mounds. If you hop on the first mound, the second mound catches fire. Go around the first mound and hop to the second mound to get to the floor lever on the third mound. Use the floor lever, exit this room and return to the main room.

Go to east side and enter the tunnel. Go through the crawl space. Crawl into the incline and crawl you way up to the top of the structure. Use the floor lever and get down. Exit this room and return to the main room.

Go to the north side and enter the room. Jump to the column to the north. Jump to the north slope, slide, grab and shimmy to the right to pull up. If you fall, the way out of the water is to the south-west near the entrance. Go to the south side of the tile and face south. Back flip, slide and grab the other slope. Pull up, back flip, roll, and grab a column. Pull up and climb the ladder. Shimmy to the left and onto a ledge. Monkey swing west and at the end, release and grab the ladder. Climb down into the tunnel in the west wall. Enter the room and use the floor lever. Exit and jump south to a standable slope. Jump to the south column and then jump south into the tunnel to exit this room. Return to the main room.

Go to the west and jump into the hole at the start of a maze. Go west and face a wall torch that ignites. Go south and west and another wall torch ignites. Go west and then north and another wall torch ignites. Turn west and follow the wall torches to a blue-lit room. Use the floor lever and follow the wall torches back to the hole. Return to the main room.

Go to the north-east corner. The north tile is safe so use it to get into the hole. Climb down the ladder into a corridor. Run north up a wide slope and then run up a narrow slope to the top. You get a flyby of the area. Go to the pedestal and pick up the Star of Amilha. You get a cut scene of a ladder in a tunnel. Go north into the tunnel and slide down a slope. Grab a ladder and climb down. Go north and climb up another ladder to an outside area. Run towards the jeep and the level ends.