Levels by Leroy Perkins

Walkthrough provided by Michael Motley (except for the first level, which was written by Phil Lambeth with the invaluable assistance of Val). The locations of the secrets for the second level were also provided by Michael Motley and Val.

This walkthrough covers the full version of Troglodyte Technology, Part 1. If you're playing the demo version, that's essentially the same as the second level covered in this walkthrough, named Museum Caper. 


Lara slides down a short ramp into a cave. A dog howls in the distance. Run down the passageway until you reach an opening leading to a larger area down below. Shoot a couple of dogs from your position of safety, then hop down to the lower cavern. Loop around left and enter a narrow passageway. Shoot the scorpion that crawls forward to greet you, then continue forward and run up the slight ramp to your right as ominous music plays. Enter the S passage and pick up the various goodies sprinkled around the central pillar--some revolver ammo and five stashes of uzi ammo (and prepare to shoot another dog that sneaks quietly around the pillar).

Return to the larger cavern area and vault E over the short ledge. Explore the area beyond and note the sleeping dog beyond the sagebrush. One way to awaken it is by returning to the short ledge and jumping from there to the sandy ramp that winds around the thick support of a rock bridge. However, there's nothing to do when you get there, so you might as well hop back down and dispose of the dog. Back on the cavern floor, run toward the SE corner and locate the ramp leading up N. Climb up onto the block at the end and pick up two stashes of uzi ammo. Jump back to the ground and take care of another scorpion, then run back down the ramp and loop around left to find the adjacent climbable wall.

Climb to the top of the pillar, turn left and jump W to the rock bridge. Stand jump N across the gap and follow the bridge until you reach a small medipack at the end. Then go back the other way, hop over the gap and follow the bridge along a much longer path, shooting a scorpion along the way, until you slide down a slope at the S wall and find you cannot make further progress. Safety drop to the canyon floor and locate the nearby flares and uzi ammo.

Another scorpion crawls out, so dispose of it. Get back onto the ramp, at the spot where you picked up the flares, and return to the rock bridge. However, before making the left turn at the SW corner, locate the climbable W wall, go up and back flip into an alcove. Turn around and pick up the GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #1.

Drop back down to the ramp and continue E along the rock bridge. You have to make two standing jumps to clear the slopes against the S wall; note the opening ahead and below to your left into an area you can't access from here. Continue N along the rock bridge until the point where it widens. Turn to the right here, walk to the E edge and look down to locate the sloped pillar just beneath the far end of the rock bridge. Don't try to reach the top of that pillar by jumping to it squarely, as you'll grab the edge of the rock bridge when you hit the action key. Rather, sidestep to the left onto the level section of the rock bridge so you can make a running jump slightly SE over to the pillar. Hit the action key at the last instant to land safely atop the pillar. Now turn left to face the purplish central column. Jump up to grab the rock surface and monkeyswing N, making a dogleg turn to the left and then back to the right. When you reach the face of the central column, drop and immediately grab the crack. Shimmy to the left and around the corner, and pull up into the alcove.

Turn left and make a running jump and grab to the ledge jutting out from the N wall. Pull up and run forward into the rocky corridor. At the end, turn around and hop back to grab the edge. Shimmy to your left until you reach another alcove. Pull up and turn around. Take a running jump with a midair swerve to the left to land on a ledge. Draw your pistols and shoot the bat, then jump E to the ledge. Turn right and go through another rocky corridor to an apparent dead end. However, there's a crawl space up to your right, so get inside and prepare to shoot another bat when you make a turn to the left. Lower yourself down the other side and turn around. Run through the rocky corridor until you reach the first signs of civilization.

Run all the way around the fenced compound, and you'll come to a SE opening in the canyon wall. Go on inside until you reach a pit, where you appear to be stymied for a while. You can't reach the ledge across the way with a running jump and grab, and if you drop down into the pit (where two scorpions lie in wait) you can't find a way to pull up or jump out. But if you walk onto the highest point of the sloped rock in the SE corner and face the W wall, you can take a standing jump and grab a well-hidden crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right and around the corner until you can pull up into the far side of the tunnel.

Follow until you slide down a short slope into an open-air section. Jump onto the block and vault into the opening, and you'll find yourself overlooking the compound below. Turn to your left, vault up onto the metal block and use the ZIP line to gain access to the inside of the compound. You'll awaken a sleeping dog and alert a couple of thugs, so make short work of them. Pick up the small medipack and the uzi ammo dropped by the thugs, then pull the switch in the NW corner to open the gates. Before leaving here, enter the open E doorway and crawl up onto one of the crates for two stashes of uzi ammo. Lower yourself down on the other side and pick up the flares, then push the nearby button and you'll hear the sound of a trapdoor opening in the adjacent room.

Crawl back over the crate and go outside through the open gates. Ignore the passage ahead.† Run back around the periphery of the compound and return to the ZIP line, using the same route previously described. Take the ride down as before, but this time release just as you reach the crest of the roof, and your momentum will take you through the open trapdoor and into the room you couldn't access earlier. Reverse roll, step forward to climb up onto the crate, and pick up two stashes of uzi ammo. Then hop forward and pick up the large medipack. Push the button to open the door in the next room, then return to the trapdoor and pull up S onto the roof.

Run to the other side of the roof and hop over W to the roof of the adjacent building for another large medipack. Return to the first roof and from the SW corner take a running jump onto the higher portion of the roof of the W building. Run to the far end and pick up the UZIS. Get back down to the ground and enter the E building. Crawl over the crate and go through the open doorway into the next area.

You need a key to open the door to the building directly ahead, so run diagonally to the right and enter the S building with weapons drawn. Shoot the thug and pick up the uzi ammo he drops. Go around the corner past the garage where the Jeep is parked, and pick up the STORAGE SHED KEY. Another thug appears out of nowhere, so reverse roll while drawing weapons and take care of him. Relieve him of his small medipack, then go back to the doorway where you entered this building and throw the nearby switch to open the gate in the SE corner of the compound.

Go outside and use your key to open the door to the building east. Inside, you'll find two stashes of uzi ammo on the crate, the AK-47 in the SW corner, three stashes of uzi ammo in the NW corner and a small medipack to the left of the shelves. Search the right portion of the shelves for the DYNAMITE. A cut scene shows a door opening elsewhere and a thug coming out to track you down.† Shoot the scorpion, wait patiently for the thug to arrive, then shoot him as well and take his uzi ammo.

Now compare the items on the two sets of shelves, and you'll that in the left section, on the second shelf from the top, there's an extra box that's not also found over in the right section. Position yourself in front of it (you lose camera control here), draw your uzis and jump up while shooting continuously until the box is shattered. Step forward and take the GARAGE FUSE, then return to the S building. Go into the garage and place the fuse in the panel in front of the Jeep to open the garage door.

You still don't have the Jeep key, however. Go outside and shoot the dog, and you'll see a thug roaming about in the adjacent courtyard. Use the open SE gates to go meet him, and be sure to take his uzi ammo after he's dead. Go through the open SW gate into the S building (where you first arrived via the ZIP line) and through the now open door. Down the hall ahead is a closed door, so go up the stairs to your right. Kill the dog and the thug that charge down the stairs toward you. Pause to pick up the thug's small medipack, then continue around the corner and down into the game room where three more thugs await you. Pick up the 2 x uzi ammo and the JEEP KEY they drop. Before leaving, note the slope near the SW corner that you can't access on foot, so you know you need to come back here with the Jeep.

Go back to the Jeep in the other part of the compound, use the Jeep key to start it and drive it back to this room, shattering a door post here and there along the way. Drive up the SW ramp into the next room. You can see the GOLDEN ROSE lying on the floor, but first position the Jeep so that it's headed back up the ramp before you get out. (Use the sprint key for reverse, and the shift key for forward.) Then pick up the rose for SECRET #2. Get back into the Jeep and drive it outside this building into the little courtyard. Get out and run into the short alley that separates the S and E buildings. See that little black line on the ground? Place the dynamite at the open end (away from the building) by hitting the action key (rather than by trying to "use" the dynamite, as Lara will always reply by saying "no"). A cut scene shows another thug being released to give chase. Shoot him upon arrival and take his uzi ammo.

Run back into the S building and down the hallway ahead. The door at the end is now open, so enter the next room, pick up the flares and pull down the wall switch to detonate the dynamite stick you placed outside. Go there and find the hole you've blasted in the rock face. Take note of the nearby flames, as you'll make use of them later. You can go on inside and look around on foot if you like, but you won't find anything of value and you'll soon come to a steep ramp that Lara can't access.

Go back to the Jeep and drive it into this cavern. Maneuver it onto a narrow rock pathway, being careful to avoid a hole in the SW corner, and drive along the pathway a short distance until you reach a steep ramp to your right. Drive up the ramp and follow the passageway, avoiding the potholes and steep dropoffs, until you eventually reach an underground lake. Get out of the Jeep and jump into the water. Swim through the small N opening and follow until you reach an open area where you can surface for air. Pull up into a new area of the cavern and locate the hole in a side alley near the NW corner of the cavern.

Drop down into the hole and wade to the other side of the V-shaped pool and climb out. Locate the nearby tunnel and proceed until you come to a pushblock that blocks your path. Pull it once toward you, and you'll hear the sound of something heavy dropping with a thud. Turn around and go back to the water. There's no place to pull out on the other side, so you'll have to make an angled running jump to the right to get back underneath the hole. Stand at the edge of the water, facing S, and jump up to grab the edge of the hole. Pull up into the higher cavern and run across to the E wall. The noise you heard earlier was a block being lowered in the wall, so pull up into the opening and slide down into the next room.

Go across to the NE corner and pull up into the opening. Slide down into still another room, then loop around right to the W wall and turn left. Jump up onto the rocky path overlooking the water, to which you'll be bringing the Jeep in a minute. Angle slightly to the left and hop down onto dry land, then run S back to the Jeep. Get in and drive it N along the rocky path to the other side, and up the slope you just now slid down from. You'll drop down into the small room, so continue forward and drive up the ramp in the NW corner. In the next room, turn left to head S, and follow the path along a series of twists and turns until you negotiate a particularly nasty upward turn to the right. There's a gap ahead, so back up here to give yourself as much gunnin' room as possible. Then drive forward at full speed to clear the gap, but be ready to make a sharp turn to your left immediately upon landing on the other side.

Before continuing along the path, however, get out of the Jeep just beyond the gap. Walk back to the NW corner of the path and face N. You can see the glint of gold in the wall, so take a running jump and grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to the left as necessary to get into the crawlspace. Crawl forward and pick up the GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #3, then crawl back out, lower Lara down to grab the crack in the wall, and shimmy to the right and around two corners until you reach the higher path. Pull up, run back to the Jeep and get in.

Continue along the path until you reach a wide, steep ramp. Be sure to drive up on the right side, as a boulder comes crashing down from your left. Turn to the right at the top of the ramp and keep following your nose. When you come to a downward-slanting section heading S, be sure to gun your engine on the way down to clear another gap. You'll next come to a stretch of bumpy road which, other than being annoying, poses no special danger. When you get to smooth pavement again, look out for another gap ahead; and when you get beyond that, drive this time on the left side to avoid another boulder that rolls down from ahead. There are no further hazards in this underground race track, so continue driving with confidence until you emerge in an open area where you began this level.

Turn the Jeep to the left and into the larger canyon area with the rock bridge you navigated earlier on foot. Locate the winding ramp that goes around the thick central column, where you woke up the sleeping dog much earlier, and drive the Jeep in a tight counterclockwise circle until you reach the rock bridge. You now need to negotiate the treacherous gaps and turns that were much easier to accomplish when you were on foot. (When you jump across the first gap, use the jump key to brake the Jeep to a stop. Then back up slightly to position yourself for that sharp right turn.) When you get to the other side of the rock bridge, simply drive down into the area where you found the first Golden Rose, drop down to the canyon floor and drive up the E ramp to enter a new area (the area you got a brief glimpse of earlier).

Drive forward into this underground area, but be careful when you reach the section where the roadway begins to slant. A pool filled with some deadly liquid awaits you down below if you should slip and fall in. After you've wound your way around it, you'll come to a flat surface with a ramp leading down to your left. Drive on down, but stop before you get to the little creek. It seems like such an insignificant obstacle, but you'll discover to your sorrow that trying to drive through it means instant death. All is not lost, however. If you'll get out of the Jeep and climb up onto the nearby rock bridge, you'll see another one of those black lines that seem to trigger your destructive instincts. You'll also find a torch on the steps that lead down from the other side of the rock bridge, but don't pick it up yet.

Go back to the black line, stand at its end and hit the action key to place a dynamite stick there. Immediately side flip left to avoid the boulder that rolls down toward you. Did you hear that noise when the boulder came to rest? Sure enough, a hole has been knocked in the wall at the N end of the rock bridge. Go get the TORCH and go through the new opening. Turn left as you enter, as there's a deep hole straight ahead. Go right at the juncture and take standing jumps over two gaps. Turn right and take another standing jump over the next gap. But instead of jumping over the next gap ahead, simply drop down into it and turn left, then right into a dark tunnel, another right and hop down into some shallow water. Go left and then left again up a slight ramp, and turn right and take a standing jump up into the larger cavern area.

Run ahead through the N opening, and wind your way back to the compound area and the open fire at the mouth of the tunnel. Save your game here, as lighting the torch is a fairly tricky business. Face against the N wall and sidestep left toward the flame.† Turn in place toward the flame and light the torch.† Turn away from the flame and run to safety.

Now retrace your steps with the lighted torch back to the large cavern. You need to take a different route back to the Jeep, so don't drop down into the hole in the SW corner. Instead, locate the nearby opening in the S wall and toss the torch inside. Go on in with weapons drawn and shoot four bats in the tunnel ahead. When that's done, go back and retrieve your torch. Hop up into the tunnel, and at the top turn to your right and hop over two gaps. Turn left and hop over another gap. There's a low ceiling ahead, so throw the torch across the gap (by hitting the space bar) and then jump across and use the action key to clear the low ceiling. Pick up the torch and continue left around the corner and back again to the right to return to the rock bridge.

Run around the boulder and across the bridge and turn left into the alcove. Light the end of the black line and watch a long and tantalizing cutscene that doesn't actually show you what's taking place when the dynamite is detonated. When control is restored, run back to find that a section of the rock bridge has collapsed, giving you a convenient passage across the creek with the Jeep.

Return to the jeep and drive it over the section of rock bridge that's now in the creek. Keep going forward, up the slope and around a slanted section of roadway, until you emerge through an opening into an outside area with a large pyramid-topped building before you. Turn the Jeep to the left and note the slope leading up to your left. However, stop the Jeep here and get out. Run along the wide pathway and around the turn to your right until you reach the end. Look down to your right and locate the squared-off depression in the sloped wall face that you can hop down to. Do so and face the building. Take a running jump across the gap and grab the roof. You'll be returning to this area in a minute, but for now just shimmy left and around the corner, and keep going until you reach the SE corner of the building. Pull up, climb up onto the block ahead and take the GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #4.

Hop down, jump back to grab the edge of the roof, and shimmy back to the right until you reach the original NE corner. Continue shimmying around the corner, and drop down from the N face and immediately grab the crack below. Shimmy back to your left, around the corner, until you're almost back at the SE corner. Pull up into the opening, turn right and locate the hole in the floor. Drop down to find yourself in a room with collapsible tiles and deadly spikes beneath several of them. Step forward onto the W tile and drop safely to the floor below. Pick up the uzi ammo, climb back up on either side and angle Lara toward the collapsible tile in the center. Take two steps back from the corner, then take a standing jump to the center tile and a running jump from there to a safe tile against the opposite wall.

Walk across all the remaining collapsible tiles, taking refuge on an adjacent safe tile as you do so. When done, drop down into the spikeless areas N and SW and pick up two stashes of uzi ammo and a large medipack. Then hop down into the hole in the SE corner and use the crawlspace to access a new room. Go to the opening overlooking the rock face outside, and take a running jump E with grab so you'll slide down the wall and grab an invisible crack. There's a ledge directly beneath you, so you can simply safety drop from here at the cost of a slight bit of health (hit the roll key as you land).

Hop down to the ground and run around to the S side of the building where you'll find the entrance. Go inside and turn right (in the other direction, spikes block your path), then left and then left again until you reach a brown slope in the wall. Stand facing W in the NW corner and use the action and up arrow keys to make Lara pull up to the ledge above. Turn around, jump over the gap and continue around the corner for a large medipack. Turn around and go back, jumping back across to the outer ledge. Look down and locate the spikes in the trench below, then line Lara up so she can take a standing jump E over the spikes to grab a crawlspace in the wall. Pull up and lower Lara down the other side and use the ladder in the corner to access the room below.

When you reach the bottom, go down the ramp on either side and shoot the thug. Pick up the TOMB RAIDER'S NOTE he drops and read it: "With all the new interest in Troglodytes, museums are paying good money for artifacts. So grab everything that's not nailed down." Speaking of artifacts, go through the archway and note the receptacle beneath the torch for an artifact that you won't be able to grab until you get to the next level.

Return to the ladder and climb back up. When you get to the top rung, take a rolling back flip and grab the crawlspace. Shimmy to the right, around the corner, then pull up and lower Lara down the other side. Drop to the floor below, at the point where you entered this building. Return to the brown slope in the NW corner and pull back up to the ledge. Turn left and climb up the blocks into an unfinished room. Go to the SW corner and turn around to locate the crawlspace above. Pull up N and crawl forward until you spook a bat, then calmly pull up into a crouched position, draw weapons and dispose of it. Continue crawling forward until you can stand, then turn right and vault up to the ramp, run forward and pull up into the next room. A door opens conveniently to your left.

Before continuing, turn around and note the receptacle in the NW corner for a second artifact that you won't get until you visit the next level. Now go through the open doorway into a hallway similar to the one you've already seen. Go to the opening leading outside and take a running jump E and grab the crawlspace in the wall. Save your game here. Pull up inside and immediately draw weapons to shoot the approaching scorpion. When you can stand up, run up the ramp and continue until you reach a deep pit that's impossible to jump over.

Sidestep to the right, turn around and drop down to a triangular ledge in the NW corner. Turn around and sidestep a little to your left to give you some additional running room, then take a curved running jump across the pit to another triangular ledge on the other side. Pull up and shoot the scorpion, then continue W up the ramp until you reach another pit. Take a running jump to the pillar against the n wall, then take an angled standing jump from there to grab the crack in the N wall. A bat attacks, but there's not a doggoned thing you can do about it as you shimmy to the left as far as you can go. Lara will find a ladder and get her feet set, so you can either climb quickly down into the darkness and take care of that bat, or back flip from the crack to the pillar behind and accomplish the same thing. (There's nothing of interest down there on the cave floor.)

In either event, get to the second pillar and take an angled standing jump to the NW to the next pillar slightly below you. Turn toward the W wall and take a standing jump into the opening. Step forward and slide down to the roadway you earlier drove up, and hike it on up until you get back to the Jeep. Get inside and drive it up the ramp to your left into an area laden with tumbleweeds. Run over the thug, then get out of the Jeep to pick up his small medipack. There's a central pit filled with deadly liquid, so avoid it. Note the workers supposedly on guard duty atop the wooden structure. Ram the supports with the Jeep to wake them up, then casually run over them and stop to take their goodies: another small medipack and some uzi ammo.

Continue along, run over another thug and his dog, then stop to take the thug's uzi ammo. Keep on going, yet another thug and one more worker on elevated guard duty. Take the uzi ammo and large medipack and move on. You'll soon come across a small medipack and two stashes of uzi ammo just lying in the road. Stop to gather them, then drive on until you reach the underground cavern. Turn left at the end and drive up the slope as you did earlier, making sure you avoid the hole in the SW corner. Drive up the steep ramp to your right as before and take the long, circuitous route back (as described earlier) to the outdoor area near where you began this level.

Park the Jeep, get out and run to the opening in the NW corner. Climb up inside and run down the tunnel to your left until you hit the warp trigger that takes you to the next level.



Follow the passage to a courtyard with a horse on a statue. After the flyby, climb onto the statue and jump and grab the crack in the wall behind it. Shimmy left and climb onto the building. Shoot the barricades. Jump into the single width opening and push the button to open the door. Jump up the grab the ladder, climb up one rung and back jump with a roll and then grab at the last second to get the crack. Shimmy right and climb up. Leave the switch alone for right now. In the NW corner of the room beyond is an opening with a pullable block. Pull it out of the opening and into the SW corner of the room. Go up and flip the switch and return to the block and push it once into the corner where it's even with the ledge in front of it (and occupying the space where you lowered another block with the switch). Return and flip the switch again to raise the previous block, and go back to pull the moveable block to the other end of the ledge. Go down to the ground and jump and grab the block (which has a climbing surface) and pull up to the ledge. Follow the passage around (ignoring the button on the wall for now) and continue to follow down the ramps to a door with a button. Push the button and exit the red building, grabbing the 
COPPER FRAGMENT (in the demo version it's uzi ammo instead) from the plinth on the way out.

Go into the arched doorway N and follow the passage until you reach an intersection. Look up and youíll see a ladder to climb, which leads to the next destination. Climb it, enter the crawl space and follow the passage to a room with a big pit. Jump across the right side and follow the passage to a button to push. Push it and return to the pit. Drop down into the pit and climb the ladder to the midway point and shift left around the corner to the middle of the other side. Backflip with a roll and grab to activate the jump switch.

Exit S the way you came in and return to the fountain area. Go into the left side of the E building with all the archways. (This is the museum building itself.) Shoot the guard for his large medipack. Enter the Egyptian area past the Aviation Exhibit and go in the left passage. Get the uzi ammo out of the sarcophagus and go into the upper passage in the SE side of the room. Shoot the vase on the ledge and monkey swing S and W to the opening. Drop and grab and pull up and enter the passage. Shoot the vase for some uzi ammo and push the nearby button to open the door.

Go in and pull/push the block with the horizontal lines onto the grey square in the same room (E wall) to raise a block in the next room. Go into the room, shoot the guard and climb onto the block to activate the jumpswitch. In the first room on one of the crates and behind one of the crates in the second room is some more uzi ammo. Go through the NW door and push the button in the passage. Return via the monkey swing to the museum. Before leaving, you can run around the rest of the sprawling Egyptian area and get the ORNATE HANDLE out of one sarcophagus and the UZIS from another and kill a guard. You might get familiar with this area of the museum, as you'll need to return here later.

Exit the museum NW, enter the red building and go up the rampway passage and return to the top and enter the door you opened with the previous button. Follow the passage and jump NE onto the second floor of the museum. Push the button at the S end to lower a trapdoor, go to the N side and grab the poison arrows. Jump NW onto the white balcony (press action) and ignore the open doorway for right now. Jump from here onto the roof next to it (Lara looks to her left) and get the LASER SIGHT from the pool. Take note of the view you get on the way to the pool. You must later shoot the lock in the passage there from the balcony across the way with the switch we ignored earlier.

Return to the white balcony (a guard may be shooting at you from down below) and enter the doorway. Climb down the ladder and shift left onto the climbable wall. Drop down onto the ledge. Push the button to open the gate and pull down the wall switch behind it and then push the button again. Jump to the ladder bridge you just lowered and enter the S doorway behind the climbable wall. Flip the switch a second time to raise the ladder and climb it. Back flip onto the ledge where you will find the OTHER [Copper] FRAGMENT (in the demo version you'll find a blue gem here) and more uzi ammo. Go back down the ladder and flip the switch a third time. Go across the ladder and drop down onto the ledge below it and monkey swing across and exit the area to another area with a pool. Flip the NE switch on the wall to open the large gates SW.

Before exploring this new area, return to the piano room and drop down to the floor. Pull down the wall switch and push the button to exit, then go to the area we were just at and go to the N building with the arches. On the W side is a high crawl space to enter. Follow the passage and pull up W (and not into the S crawl space). Around the corner is a ledge to jump onto. Back up under the low ceiling and jump onto the sloping block and jump off to grab the next one. Drop down onto the next block and run jump across the gap and follow the passage to a button that opens a door at the start.  Go back the way you came, using the crawl space you bypassed earlier.

Now return to the museum (out the SW gate at the fountain, into the arched staircase and around left up the stairs) and go out the front door (facing the courtyard with the fountain).† Shoot the guard and take his uzi ammo.† Turn left and run past the columns until you reach the S end. Locate the ladders, climb them and get the MUSEUM KEY in the S alcove. Note the wraith-killing bird statue for later. Go back down to the museum, enter at the N end and turn left into the Aviation Exhibit.† Use the Museum Key in the door at the bottom of the stairs to reach an airplane in a hanger. Shoot the guard and push the button on the E wall.† Kick open the nearby door and follow to another door.† Open it and shoot the guard inside who drops uzi ammo.

Open the right door on the E wall (the middle stall contains nothing) and push the button to flush the toilet. (This pushes the security pass out into the sewer you will enter later, and it also allows access to a secret in the room with the pushblock puzzle where you began this level.) Another guard appears outside. There's some uzi ammo on top of a wall between the S stalls. Return to the hanger, go the SW doorway on the opposite side and grab the uzi ammo on the NE crate. Climb onto the box in the SW corner. Turn around and pull up into the room with the boxes. Drop and use the crack to shimmy right to a ledge you can climb onto.

Climb onto the box and turn around and stand jump E. Grab the monkey swing and swing until you can drop down onto the plane. Go to the end of the left wing and do a running jump S and grab and pull the jump switch. This moves a block out of the wall which you will go to later. Return to the top of the plane. Jump from the plane's body to the crack on the east wall. Ignore the jump switch near the left corner for now and shimmy either left or right into the room with more boxes. In this room are some flares and uzi ammo on top of a couple of boxes and a sarcophagus with the PHARO EFFIGY that goes with the Ornate Handle we got earlier. Picking it up releases a white spirit that does damage when it touches you.

You can now either flip the jump switch we just ignored (sorry, you have to get back on top of the plane again), or run all the way back to that bird statue to kill the ghost and then return to do the switch with less pressure on you.† Or, you could simply confuse the wraith and make it leave you alone by shooting at it.† Afterwards, return to the museum and enter the Egyptian Adventure. Stay on the right wall and eventually you will find the place (in an alcove to your left) to use the combined handle and head. Form the PYRAMID GUARDIAN, use it and another wraith chases you, so return to the bird statue to kill it (not so far this time). Go back to the museum and get the CROSSBOW from the room with the model of the Sphinx and the pyramids. (Now you can see why I said to get familiar with the museum.)

Exit the museum once again and go into the red building and run around to the ledge next to the one with the button (the same one we ignored earlier). Jump to the second floor of the museum again and shoot the lock far across in that crack in the W wall that we saw earlier with the crossbow/sight combined (using the crouch key to zoom in as necessary).

Turn around and take a running jump SW back to the previous balcony. Run forward and continue through the open door. Loop around right and through the next open door, and continue all the way around (past that ignored button) until you reach the room with the earlier block puzzle. Go into the passage from which you first pulled the block, and you'll see that a block has been lowered to open up a passageway. Turn left at the end and pull up into the alcove for a GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #5.

Drop down over the N wall of this room into the little courtyard with the ladder. Exit NW through the open door and go back to where the horse statue is. Shoot the guard (collect his uzi ammo).† Get up onto the horse statue pedestal, jump W to the crack and shimmy to the roof. Instead of jumping into the passage as you earlier, we're going to jump E onto the right corner of the roof (no grab) with the now open gold door on it. Enter the door, climb the pole and enter the S crawlspace above the pole and drop down into the room at the end of the passage to get the ARCHWAY KEY. Activate the jumpswitch in the opposite corner. A cutscene shows a door opening in an underwater area.

Return to the area with the horse statue in the fountain (down the purple staircase) and use the Archway Key in the NE lock on the right side of the building with all the arches. Shoot the guard. At the bottom of the stairs in an alcove is some revolver ammo and up top explosive crossbow ammo. Note the bird statue. Jump to the E ledge from the stairs and jump across to the big balcony and finally to the little balcony and push the button. Return to the big balcony and on the platform is a small medipack. Enter the doorway here and activate the jumpswitch, freezing the fountain and triggering a nice flyby. On the far side of the statue is a place to put the copper artifact (or the gem if you're playing the demo version) which is what you're gonna do now. Combine the two copper fragments to form the COPPER SQUARE and use it to trigger a cut scene showing a door opening in another underwater area.

Now go to the other fountain area, going back through the gate in the SW corner and up the purple stairs to the left. Shoot an explosive arrow into the closed W door in the pool to shatter a barrier just beyond it, and go up to the button on the balcony via the red building (the one you bypassed several times earlier, remember?). You may want to save here. Push the switch and immediately back flip; and when you land in the water to douse the unavoidable flames, roll and swim left into the timed doorway. Swim around the corner, pull the lever and sit still a second (remember the bug I told you about) and the door by you will open. Swim in and get the TOKEN and then exit the pool. (The timed gate ahead will re-open for you.)

Go back into the museum, down the stairs into the Aviation Exhibit and into the hanger, shooting the guard on your way down the stairs, and use the Token to start the plane's left engine, opening a door above the block that emerged from the wall. Enter the opening you just opened and climb up the ladder (climbing down leads you to a sewer). Follow the passage and drop down onto the airplane to fall through the roof and land inside. Grab the nearby submerged small medipack, proceed N to the front of the plane and stand in the little indent. Dive and hit action to pull the lever (to start the right engine and open another facing door) and then crawl to the depression and drop down to the ground. Crawl back to the first opening (in front of the left engine) and this time climb down the ladder.

Emerge into an area with water in the middle. Keep going around the perimeter by jumping across to the opposite ledge, when a wall or some other obstruction is in the way, to eventually find a wall switch which you pull. Along the way, locate the opening in the ceiling of the NW corner and use the winding crawl spaces until you can drop down into a corridor leading to a GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #6. There's also in this area a passage leading to some flares; but when you pick them up fire comes out of the wall and sets you on fire, so you would probably be better off ignoring them. Return the same way you came and resume your trek along the canal walkway.† Pause for the revolver ammo and small medipack you can see through a grate, and there's more revolver ammo and uzi ammo at the far end of the canal.

Anyway, after pulling the wall switch in the E wall not far from the canal's end (which opens a trapdoor in the floor of the canal back in the direction from which you came) you can finally go for a swim and enter the trapdoor opening. Swim straight ahead and you will see the security pass which you can't get right now, but follow the current and swim up the shaft into the opening you will come to. Pull the switch to slow the current. Return to the water and swim S and get picked up again by the current and return to the SECURITY PASS which got here by you flushing the toilet in the hanger.

Swim E, then S and eventually go back up to the air hole with the switch. Pull the switch again and fill your lungs with air as you're gonna need it. Swim S and when the current stops swim W and follow the long path back to an area with air you can enter (but not to the sewer, as there's no place there to pull out). Jump up E and grab the ledge above you and backflip and jump to grab the ledge before you. Do this again and pull up and backflip to finally arrive at the top. Turn around, go through the door and shoot the guard. Flip the switch on the wall to your right to melt the pool you froze earlier and go through the gate and down the stairs to arrive at the pool. Dive in and enter the E opening. If you go right you get a GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #7 (AK47 ammo in the demo version); and to the left you get the CROWBAR.

After getting the crowbar, go back to the hanger area (through the SW gates and up the purple stairs around to the left until you reach the other fountain area in front of the museum).† Enter the museum, turn left into the Aviation Exhibit and use the Security Pass in the first alcove to your right. Push the button in the small computer room (cut scene shows a block coming out of the wall). Kill the guard and go down into the hanger into the right (NE) opening you made with the propeller in the hanger. Climb the ladder and follow the tunnels to a switch. Pull it to open a trapdoor to your left that leads back to the Egyptian Adventure.

Before going there, however, turn around and use the crowbar on the nearby door. Go inside and continue until you reach an open area with a deep central pit you'll want to avoid for now. Jump over and around the pit and continue until you reach a pole. Climb up and back flip to a ledge high above the floor of the Egyptian exhibit. Take a running jump and grab SW to the ledge ahead. Pull up and jump across to the SW alcove to your right and pry off the first BLACK BEETLE with your crowbar. Jump back to the previous ledge and repeat this procedure with the alcove to your left for another BLACK BEETLE. (One of these is apparently for exercise only, as both don't seem to be added to your count, but after getting the second one a cut scene shows another Golden Rose sitting somewhere.)

Go back the way you came until you reach the deep pit. Look down W and you can see the Golden Rose. Jump to the small triangular ledge and over to the W ledge.† Face N and stand jump with action to land below on a stable surface near the NW corner. Turn around and jump over to the GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #8. Drop down into the water and swim through the open trapdoor. Return to the hanger via the laborious route described earlier.

When you reach the airplane, crawl underneath it and climb up through the two openings until you're standing on top of the plane. Make your way to the rear and jump over to the area with the crates on the E side. Climb up onto the gray block and use the crowbar to open the facing door. Pick up the GOLDEN ROSE inside for SECRET #9.

Drop back down to the hanger floor and use the opening in front of the right propeller to return via the ladder to the open trapdoor. Climb up into the glass room of the Egyptian exhibit. Pull the switch on the wall and shoot the vases to open an escape route. Exit and proceed around NE to the monkey swing from earlier in the level, killing a guard on the way. Swing straight across and past the way to the right and forward a bit and drop onto the block we raised just now. Do a running jump and grab E and pull up into the room and pry the left hand BLACK BEETLE off the wall. (Again, the other one doesn't add to your count.) Now you have to watch out for animated beetles for the rest of the level.

Jump back to the block you raised, safety drop down and go back to the glass room and back into the area below it. Push the button and raise the trapdoor behind you right before where you pulled up into the red room, giving you access to the final Black Beetle.† Follow the passage to the pole, climb up and back flip into the Egyptian Adventure.

Drop down to the floor, exit the room W and follow the passage to the left to get the third BLACK BEETLE out of one of the openings. Continue back to the glass case and get the final BLACK BEETLE where you raised the trapdoor and return to the pyramid and use the four beetles to open it. Take the WINGED SCARAB (a Pharos Knot in the demo) and you can kill the wraith (with the bird statue on the other side of the museum entrance) or shoot at it to distract it, or just try to outrun it.† Go NW up the stairs, follow the passage to an intersection, turn left and follow the stairs to the courtyard with the horse on a statue, continue through the W passage and you'll warp to the bonus level for the first of several short visits.



Slide down the ramp and follow the passage (grab the 2 x AK-47 ammo along the way) and down the ramp to a room with pools. In the lower pool is a closed gate in the NW corner. Jump S and grab the ramp where the water falls into the pool and pull up. In the pool here is some more AK-47 ammo. Do the same jump E from the ledge to the water area above this one. There's nothing in this pool, so guess what you're going to do again. The same thing, but jumping straight up E to grab the level above this one. Walk to the hole in the bars on the floor and face N to jump to and grab the ladder.† Climb down and safety drop to the floor. In the pool is some more AK-47 ammo.

Climb onto the block and jump W to the one with the monkey bars over it and use them to cross the room. Collect the AK-47 ammo and walk around the ledge and run, jump and grab and pull up onto the ledge in the E corner of the room. Jump and pull up onto the ledge above you. Pick up the AK-47 ammo and turn around to activate the jump switch and lower a rope. Return to the ledge you used the monkey bars to get to and jump and grab the rope. Use it to jump from and grab the crawl space below the waterfall on the E wall. Pull up and crawl through the passage.

Lower Lara down the other side, grab the SMALL WATERSKIN from the plinth in the central structure and return to the passage you crawled through and drop into the pool. Climb out S and climb onto the block and stand jump N to the ladder. Climb up and backflip near the top onto the caged floor. Return W to the room with the three pools above each other and make your way to the ground floor, filling the Small Waterskin in one of the top two shallow pools. Empty the waterskin in the scales in the NW corner, facing W as you do so. Jump into the pool and swim through the open underwater door and follow the passage to get back to the first level.


Level 1: TOMB RAIDERS' CAMP (revisited)

Ethiopia, near the Sudan border. Draw weapons upon arrival and shoot the three baddies who come out to greet you. All of them will drop some uzi ammo, so collect it before getting into the nearby Jeep. Drive around the central column and along the upper bridge until you reach the first secret area. Then drive E up the ramp and continue until you reach the area with the huge temple in a pit. Get out of the Jeep and run along the ledge to your left until you reach the depression where you can jump over to the temple. Hang from the edge, shimmy left to the corner, drop and grab the crawl space, and shimmy around to your left until you reach the opening where you can pull up into the temple. Go inside and W into the next room, and some "attaboy" music will tell you that you're on the right track.

Use the Winged Scarab in the receptacle to the left of the hole in the floor, and the nearby door will open. Jump over the hole into the new room and take the TROGLODYTES'† PILLAR from the pedestal.

Jump down into the hole and crawl down into the next level below. Drop down another level onto the ledge over the trench with the spikes and jump E over the trench and grab the gap in the wall. Crawl through to the other side and climb down the ladder into the interior of the building. Make your way down W to the lowest level and place Troglodytes' Pillar in the receptacle underneath the torch. The door to your left opens, so step inside to slide down into another section of the bonus level.


BONUS (revisited)

Collect three piles of AK-47 ammo and go down to the open SE door. Pick up crossbow arrows and more AK-47 ammo, follow the path and save your game. Slide down the ramp into a watery room rapidly filling with sand and spikes that are lowering toward you. As soon as you gain your footing, draw your crossbow combined with the laser sight, face the N wall and shoot the ball in the narrow slot that eventually comes into view. Run to the W wall where a section of spikes retracted (second from the right). Enter the open doorway and follow the tunnel into another elements room. In the middle of the room is AK-47 ammo, and you will find more AK-47 ammo under the ramp in the NE corner.†

Pull up W into the mouth of the statue, crawl forward and take the BAG OF SAND from the pedestal and return to the room with the ramps. Use the Bag of Sand on the scale (facing E) and go up the ramps, jumping the gap to the now open door. Enter the door, save your game and slide down the ramp to start the third level.



Immediately light a flare, slide down on the left or right side of the ramp and jump and grab to the ladder in front of you. Climb up about 3/4 of the way and back flip, roll and grab the ladder behind you. Climb to the top and climb into the alcove on the right. Take a long running jump SW with a curve to the right down onto the block with the fire (it goes out as you land).† Stand at the SW corner, turn around to face NW and locate another block down to your right against the N wall.† Sidestep right and take a curved running jump to the right to land on it. Turn to your left and take a standing jump W with grab to slide down a ramp and drop down a shaft into water. Swim down, get the small medipack on the roof of the building and in the NW corner of the room is a passage to swim through. Do so, go up the winding shaft and emerge at a building.

There's a dog to kill and a harpy to kill and you can pick up revolver ammo next to the skeleton near the NW corner and at the SW corner and near the NE corner, and a small medipack in a vase in the N alcove. Climb the stairs in the E alcove and kill the two harpies. Around the corner is an opening in the fence you can use to jump on the roof of the building, and at the SW corner is a tricky jump to get onto the next balcony (because of the low ceiling). You have to take a running jump with action to clear the ceiling and grab the edge. Go up the stairs in the SE alcove and kill two more harpies. Go around and monkey swing N across to the other side and kill another harpy. Run up the stairs N into the next room, where a flyby kicks in.

Okay, now for one of the harder timed runs you will ever face, but itís easy when you figure it out. Go to the raised platform against the E wall, where you'll lose camera control. You might save your game here, as this is pretty tricky. You might also shoot the vases high up on the S wall before starting, to give yourself more room. Step up onto the N edge of the platform (whereupon you hear the faint sound of the timed door opening), face W and in one fluid motion: Side jump right two times, stand jump forward three times, side flip left three times, back flip two times onto the vase-less blocks, side flip right two times, back flip one time, side flip right two times, stand jump forward three times (or run jump over the final gap if you have enough room). Run forward into the corridor and veer left and then right to make it through the timed door before it shuts behind you. If you've made good time up to this point you shouldn't need to use the sprint key. (Remember the chandelier with the fire high up on the E wall of the timed pillar room, as you will need to use it later.)

Now for another annoying part of this level. Follow the passage SW into an octagonal room (don't take the E passage, or you'll slide down into the room you just left).† Note the Y-shaped Greek letter on the floor; you're in the Upsilon room), go in the E door and climb into the room above it. Push the floor lever and the Upsilon room below rotates 90 degrees. Drop down through the hole, go through the S door into another octagonal room (floor design looks like an incomplete 8)and go straight through N back to the Upsilon room. Turn right (E), climb up and push the floor lever in this room (cut scene of the incomplete 8 room rotating. Drop down into the other hole (the one in the E wall) and go straight through the incomplete 8 room W into the Upsilon room.† Turn right and go N into a room with what looks like a 3 (actually, itís the Greek letter Epsilon) on the floor. Go straight through this room and climb up into a room with two floor levers. Push the nearer one (Epsilon room rotates 180 degrees), then the other one (Upsilon room rotates again), and then throw the first one again (the one nearest the hole you climbed up from). Note the closed door and receptacle, return to the room below and go straight (S) into the Upsilon room. Hang a right and beyond the next room (Psi room) you can see a W passage ahead has opened, with an opening leading off to the right (N), which is where youíre going.

Vault up into the N passage and follow it along a fenced ledge and past a closed door, and hop down into a room with three doors. Stand by the left door on the S wall and a bull will break out of a room with some revolver ammo in it. In the other corner next to the skeleton is the REVOLVER, more revolver ammo and a small medipack.† Use the bull as a lure to break open the door on the E wall, giving you a short cut back to the octagonal rooms. (The other S door is impervious even to the bull.)† Return there, hang a left in the first (Psi) room and another left in the second room (with a symbol looking like a stunted 6 or 9) and enter the alcove by the door. Pull the chain to open the nearby door, and get the bull to chase you down the ramps and lure him to break the three eye panels in the room below. In the SW corner of the room is a block thatís been raised. Hurry to that block, climb onto it and turn to jump slightly NE and grab the ledge above. The bull can get onto that block, so be quick. Jump NW onto the ledge on the other side of the pillar and run/jump E and grab and pull up onto the left side of the middle post. You can see a secret ahead, which you must ignore for now. Make your way across the room, avoiding the spikes, and pry the LOCKS' KEY off the wall. A cut scene shows a trap door falling open.

Return to the fenced walkway you used to enter the bull room and enter the now-open N doorway (or go to the bull room itself, pull up onto the walkway from the opening in the NW corner and take your first left) and go to the end for a large medipack.† Turn around and pull up S onto the ledge above this one. Turn around and jump and pull up again. Turn around and activate the jump switch you see (to lower the spikes protecting the secret you saw earlier) and then return to the top. Go to the end of the walkway and safety drop onto the ledge where the secret with the spikes was and pick up the GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #10. Safety drop to the floor and go up the walkways. If youíre quick, you can go to the door with the chain and trap the bull, as you donít need to return to this area, nor do you need the bull further.

Go into the octagonal room (stunted 6 or 9) and take the right path into the next (Psi) and the left path into the Upsilon room and then another left into the room with a 3 (Epsilon) on the floor. Go straight ahead N and pull up into the room with two levers. Open the door with the Locks Key. Now push all four floor levers in both rooms (the Psi room rotates 90 degrees in a cut scene). Drop down the hole in the W wall of the new rooms, reverse roll and return E to the octagonal rooms.

(LePerk: This section could be done later after the room with the puzzle piece you push through the blade traps.)

Hang a right (S) and run down the passage into a new room. Go left past the boulder and climb onto the ledge in the E side of the room. Go down the stairs and you see a cut scene of two mounted knights. Now youíve got to take down both horsemen, which isnít easy. Thereís a glitch or bug here that if you fire on them a bit and save and then load the save the horses disappear, making it much easier. Once both are dead, take their two HORSEMAN'S GEMS, go up either S ramp and place the gems to open the door.

Go to the back of the room and climb onto the table behind the wall that comes to a point. Stand right at the middle and jump and pull up. Turn around and jump onto the ledge behind you. Enter the door on the right (W) and shoot the ball in the far doorway, opening the door in the passage you just passed. Ignore it and return to the room with the swinging axes. Run and jump across the left side avoiding the axes and enter the W doorway to your left. (The route across the right side of the axe-protected ledges leads to a closed door requiring a star you donít yet have.) Go to the wall beside the closed door (but closer to the balcony than the door) and jump up N to grab a hidden crack. Shimmy right around several corners until you get to the opening beneath you. Release and immediately grab again, and pull into the crawl space and drop down the other side to find the GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #11.

Exit and safety drop to the floor. Run to the other side of the waterfall and go up the NE stairs. Jump down into the room you visited earlier where the boulder is suspended to your left, and go through the NW corridor. When you reach the Psi room continue N to the next room, turn right into the Epsilon room and enter the NE room.† Turn left at the wading pool at the E wall. Pull up into the crawl space and turn left, then right. Drop down into the lower level and locate another pool in the SE corner. Jump into the pool and open the door in the passage, then swim W through two weird shaped rooms, where you lose camera control, and get the COG KEY off the floor in the second one. Return to the room where you entered the pool.

Enter the door in the N wall and follow the passage into a room with a pool to your left. Enter the door in the W side and go up the steps and follow the passage to a room with fire above (ignoring for now the steps up to the right, which lead to a closed door). Right inside the door is a ledge you can turn around and jump up to. Youíve got to stand all the way against the wall to your left to grab it. You can get by the flames by jumping onto the ledge it comes out of and go the other side of the ledge and do a run jump from the corner to land again on the ledge. Behind the fire ledge is the second COG KEY. When you get it, a fire wraith chases you, and youíve got to go back down the stairs to the room with the shallow pool to kill it.

In this room if you look up you see two giant cogs. You can climb up the wall behind them (one is next to the pool) and place the Cog Keys (one on either side in the SE corner and the SW corner) to start the cogs, raising a platform below you. On the opposite side of the cogs in the NW corner is an opening to a ball to shoot to open the door beside you. Use the doorway to return to the room below. You will see where the raised floor revealed a pool to jump into near the N wall. Swim S past two rows of pillars, enter the door on the right and hang a right in this room and swim past the first pillar row and enter the doorway to the left. Turn left and swim up through the hole in the roof.

Two monkeys attack you, and when you kill them they explode dramatically.† A third monkey then appears, but it's harmless. At the SE corner of the room is a ladder on the back side of a pillar you can use to climb onto the top of the pillar. Make your way counterclockwise along the room and pull up into the next room through the ceiling hole in the NW corner. Pull the chain, opening the door and allowing you to get back to the room with the cog wheels.† Before leaving, you might as well pull the chain at the bottom of the SW stairs, opening a door behind you, then return to the cog room via the door you opened with the first chain. Straight ahead at the raised floor is a ladder thatís tricky to grab. You can grab it by jumping straight up, if you have Laura stand at a slight angle.

At the top, shift right and drop down into the room above. Pull the chain in the SE corner and watch the flyby for a preview of what you need to do here. Shoot two aggressive
monkeys.† The replacement monkeys may or may not be docile. Locate the sloped block E, face W and back flip onto it, jump off and grab the W pillar. Pull up, kill the harpy and then thereíre two things to do at this point, using the rope.

Thereís a jump switch to your left in the S wall.† Swing toward it, jump off and activate it to raise the platform underneath the star you can see in the W wall.† Get back onto the pillar and use the rope to jump directly to the raised platform. Pry the GOLDEN STAR off the wall.† Turn around and take a running jump E to grab the chain on the sloped pillar.† Climb up and back flip to the platform behind you. Make your way to the E side of the room, killing another harpy along the way, then jump to the block ahead and then jump from there W to the upper ledge with the puzzle piece.

Push the piece forward one square and jump back to avoid the blades. Push the puzzle piece onto the white square and take a back flip to avoid two sets of blades. Push the puzzle piece forward again to the next white square and hop back (not back flip jump) and then duck to avoid the blades that drop behind you. Push the puzzle piece forward all the way to the end now. Safety drop down to the floor and pull the chain in the SE corner again to smash the puzzle piece.

Return to where the puzzle piece got smashed (the blade traps are now dormant)to find the TORCH. Throw it to the floor and safety drop down to get it. Throw the torch down to the floor below the ladder and safety drop down and get it. Go through the door in the S wall and follow the stairs to the next room. Continue down the SW stairs and drop down the hole into the room below. Go through the S opening to emerge once again in the octagonal rooms with the levers.

In the Epsilon room, stand near the symbol that looks like a 3 and draw your pistols so that the Torch lands on the 3 symbol. Go W into the next room, hang a left and then right into the passage leading to the bull room.† Pull up E into the rooms with the four floor levers. Push the two in this room, go E into the next room and push only the one to your left (by the N hole). Then drop down into that hole, pick up the Torch and then go straight through the epsilon room, turn left and go to the next room, dropping the torch on the incomplete 8 symbol in the same manner as before. Enter the alcove, pull up W and push the floor lever, then drop down the S hole and grab the torch below you.

Go straight N into the next room, dropping the torch onto the looped symbol, pull up at the E alcove and push the floor lever here. Return, pick up the torch, exit N, turn right into the E passage and slide down to the timed run room via the long slope (the door ahead opens as you approach). Drop the torch and shoot the two vases on the S ledges using the lasersight combined with the revolver or crossbow (unless you did so earlier to do the timed run). Pick up the torch, jump around the platforms until you get to the chandelier and light the torch.

Return to the floor, get on the raised tile with the lighted torch and do the timed run like before. †It should be easier for you this time. Now go back to the octagonal rooms and levers. Do them as you did recently, but in reverse order, dropping the torch in the first (Upsilon) room and the second (incomplete 8) room and finally past the Upsilon room to the Epsilon room. Push the four levers in the two rooms in a clockwise pattern as mentioned before (starting with the one nearest you) and then return to the Epsilon room, taking the long way around (through the W hole in the second dual-lever room), to pick up your torch. Go through the Upsilon room S to the room with the boulder and light the rope (hop down into the hole and jump up while pressing the action key) and watch out for the boulder. Jump onto the platform where the boulder was and throw the torch S into the small opening there. Watch the flames go out as the torch hippity-hops down the ramp into the water below.

Go E down the stairs back to where you killed the horsemen and get the torch from the water. Walk right up onto the raised platform in the corner, jump up at the pool's edge and you will exit the pool. Go up a ramp S and into the room with the axes, turn right and go up the stairs. Make your way across the right side of the axe-guarded ledges and drop the torch in the anteroom beyond (near a wall torch you need to light). Head E into the balcony area, open the door with the Golden Star and follow the passages to the wall with a crawl space where you can pull up, killing a couple of dogs on the way. Climb down the wall on the opposite side, kill the knight and take his HORSEMAN'S GEM. Grab the 2 x revolver ammo and the small medipack near the skeleton and note the spare torch on the plinth near the ladder. Make your way back to the room with the axes, go retrieve your torch and this time go across the axe-guarded ledges to the anteroom on the left side (near the invisible crack you used earlier to do the wall climb to an earlier secret). Drop the torch somewhere and use the gem to open the door.

Kill the two dogs inside and open the trapdoor which opens from the S side (face N). Safety drop into the hole and jump from the edge to the rope and swing across. Donít be fooled by the loss of camera control and perspective; you need to make a running jump and grab. To avoid being set aflame, take a "walking" running jump, using the shift key before initiating the jump. Drop down into the fire pit and use the reach-in switch to your left. Climb up, turn around and run and jump to grab the rope. Climb all the way to the top to make it stop swinging, and then slide back down and drop to the floor and use the reach-in switch there to turn off a flame blower. Then use the reach-in switch (between the first two) to make the last jet of flames go out. Finally, use the final reach-in switch SE to start a fire in the floor (so you can light the torch) and release a fire wraith.

Run to the N end of the passage, pull up and make your way back to where you killed the horsemen earier. Jump into the pool to douse the wraith, then return to the torch (up the stairs, across the axe ledges on the left side to the door you opened with the Horseman's Gem), get it and enter that door, drop down through the opened trap door and go back into the room with the fire to light it (careful, remember that you lose camera control here). Hop back onto the previous ledge, take a running jump over the flames, and exit via the N passage.

Return to the two unlit torches in the anterooms on either side of the swinging axes (are we having fun yet with all this backtracking?) and light them. Then make your way back to the S side of the axe room (with your torch) and go into the room to your left. Thereís are 2 x crossbow arrows on the boxes in the corners. Throw the torch onto the wooden floor to make it burn and disappear, then drop in. Thereís another TORCH on a pedestal here (noted earlier), next to the N wall, which you need to light and return here with. Just use one of the wall torches in the anteroom instead of going all the way back to the fire pit.

You can exit via the floor you burned. Once you return, light the unlit torch in the E wall and you can now discard it, as youíre done with all torch activity. Go through the opened door and down the stairs and kill the harpy.

Stand on the right side of the platform (so you wonít bump your head) and run, jump N and grab the next ledge and pull up. Kill another harpy and turn around and face the S ledge you just came from. Make sure youíre at maximum health and then walk off the edge to land on another one below.

Stand jump from the back of this ledge to the next one ahead S and run/jump from that one to the one in the SW corner (without using grab). Activate the jump switch E to lower a rope. On the back side of the NW pillar is a GOLDEN STAR to get. If you do too much running around in your search, youíll awaken a couple of sleeping jackals near the pool.

Now go to the S wall near the E corner. Face E one block away from the wall (opposite the pillar) and take a back jump onto the angled structure, jump off and grab the walkway above. Pull up and save your game. Now, from the other end of the walkway, wait until the fire ahead dies down and run and jump to the collapsible tile and run across the left side of the fire by the edge and it shouldnít burn you and run and jump to the ledge ahead and to the left. Run to the next collapsible ledge and jump from there to the ledge with the spikes (avoiding them).

Place the Golden Star in the nearby receptacle, duck to avoid the horizontal blade, and jump into the pool to kill the fire wraith you just released. You'll probably awaken those jackals when you pull out of the pool. Now youíve got to get back to where you placed the Golden Star, but this time it isnít so easy with the collapsible ledges gone. You can run, jump and grab the fire ledges and pull up in the corners and wait until the fire dies down to go to the next ledge. When you reach the Golden Star ledge, the spikes are gone so you can pick up the large medipack and the revolver ammo. Make your way back up S to the ledge you landed on when you stepped off the second one you jumped to. Ominous music plays while the flames continue to shoot out ahead. Run/jump E to grab the rope and swing SE to the ledge ahead. Hop into the S passage, but jump back immediately to avoid the horizontal blades. Enter the passage and go by the star receptacle on your left; youíll come back here shortly.

Now for more fun. You have to jump onto the collapsible tiles and jump from there to where the fire is and not get burned. When the flames shoot out, count to three and then start your run. Once on the other side wait until the fire dies down and pull up S onto the ledge above. Kill the harpy to your right, note the spike-protected artifact near the S wall, get the GOLDEN STAR and jump down SW onto the ledge where the star goes. Place it to remove the spikes above. This time itís much easier to get across to the fire with the breakable ledges gone, as you can grab the crack and shimmy around to the other side and pull up by the fire. You can stand in the corner and pull up and the fire wonít get you. Go up the ramp, get the TROGLODYTES' PILLAR and drop down to the pool while Laraís theme music plays.

Under the NE column in the pool is a ceiling lever. Pull it to lower the spikes and open the door in the shaft below and swim through the opening to return to the original pool room with the house thing. Open both doors on the N and S sides of the central structure and swim up through the opening in the one in the N side.† Pull up into the room and place the pillar. You hear the sound of a trapdoor opening. Swim around to the S door and swim down through the NE opening. Immediately, before the current grabs you, turn around and swim down through the nearby SW opening and follow the passage to find a GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #12, allowing you access to the bonus level. Exit this passage, turn right and swim through the E passage to end this level and return to the bonus level.


BONUS (revisited)

You land on a scarab receptacle tile next to a spike-protected artifact. Follow the passage into the room with a mirror. Look into the mirror to locate and bypass the spike tiles and get the WINDING KEY and 2 x crossbow arrows, then pull up (facing the mirror near the NW corner, one block away from the wall) into the hidden passage in the ceiling. Follow the passage and drop into the next room.

Walk (not run) toward the pit, and the mirror ahead tells you youíre standing at the edge of a spike pit while your eyes tell you youíre still a block away. Turn around in place at this point, crouch and lower yourself into the pit as if out of a crawl space (but donít release). Immediately pull back up as you listen to the creaking sound, and the MECHANICAL SCARAB magically ends up on the tile floor behind you (you can see it in the mirror). As an alternative, if you have any exploding crossbow ammo, you can fire it into the pit and the scarab will fly out onto the floor behind you.

Pull back up S through the hidden hole in the ceiling and return to the start of the level. Combine the key and the scarab and placeuse the wind-up toy to lower the spikes. Grab the JERRYCAN on the way past the skeleton and then grab the scarab on the other side of the spike field. Use it again on the S and N passages, picking it up each time after its run.

Pick up the TORCH in the S room and go light it in the N room. Enter the E room,† toss the torch aside and empty the Jerrycan into the scales. Then light it with the torch to open the door to your left and a series of gates. Go past the open doorway and E down the passage, and slide down N onto a bridge. Run to the other side and kill the DEMIGOD thatís shooting at you from an alcove off to your right. Jump over the railing down to the walkway below and use the raised platform (stand a bit away from the edge) to pull up and get the SPEARHEAD he dropped.† Go back down and place it in the nearby snakeís mouth receptacle. Return to the ledge where you retrieved the spearhead and jump over to the upper walkway. Eliminate the second DEMIGOD over in the W alcove, get his SPEARHEAD and place it in the nearby snakeís mouth receptacle. Go back to the central upper ledge and kill a third DEMIGOD in the SE alcove. You know the drill; get the SPEARHEAD and place it. A cutscene shows the exit doors opening and a fourth DEMIGOD approaching.

Killing this final denizen gets you no toys, so hop to the upper walkway, turn right toward the dark N opening and slide down the slope to finish the game.