You begin the level in a small dark area above a hole, light a flare and jump over the hole to collect SECRET ONE Ė PISTOLS.
Down the hole is a long slope so drop down and slide to the bottom, make a jump at the end onto the next slope ahead of you, slide down and grab the edge, then climb up and do a back flip with a turn to catch a shimmy gap behind you. Shimmy right and go all the way around the wall until you can climb up into a crawlspace. Head through and the grated door at the end will open for you.
Stand at the doorway and look into the new room, there is a block to you left at the west wall and as you step into the room sand will begin to rise, run through and onto that block to open the grated door in the north wall.
Head through a little way into the new hallway and another grated door will open.

This next area is timed and you have to be really quick. Ignore the rope hanging in the middle of the next hall because I found no use for it, only to get myself stuck, also if the grated door closes step back and it will re-open. Ok, so hereís how I did this next area. Line up and do a run to the grated doorís edge, do a jump to land in the hole below the spiked tile, jump back and then jump up onto the spike tile whilst the spikes are down, immediately jump again to next tile then get over to the north end of the room to enter the sand coloured doorway. It may be that you make it into the doorway but Lara is now waist high in sand, seems you canít go anywhere but you can so duck and crawl forwards and Lara will enter the next area.

Jump past the wall spikes and enter the next hallway, here are some spikes again and you need to hop and jump across the ledges to get to the top. At the top run through the door and enter the next area. Head through and enter the fountain room.

Watch the flyby, then shoot some scorpions that show up to greet you, now go left to find a hang lever on the south wall, beware of a second hang lever on the other side of the door, itís a trap so donít use it.

The grated door at the north west corner of the room is now open but before you go through here shoot the vase at the north east corner to collect some flares then go enter that new door.

Head through and at the junction go right, run past the stairs on your left and go right at the lamp to enter another hallway, half way through shoot the orange vase and find here a movable block in the wall to your left. Push it through and enter the new room. Find the door ahead and get ready for a boulder run. As you make your way down a boulder will fall, simply sprint through and as you drop down to the next level do a roll then sprint again. Keep doing this until you can see a broken bridge ahead of you; jump the bridge to land on a safe walkway above a deep bladed pit.

Shoot the scorpion thatís coming for you on the north ledge then go round to the north west corner of the pit. Drop down to the first ledge then face east and look into the pit wall to see a large med pack in an alcove, jump to the smaller ledge then judge the blade to get over to that alcove to take the med pack, then return to the first ledge. Now face south and see a structure ahead with blades on. Top up on health because the last drop will kill Lara if she isnít on full health. You now need to do a jump to the sloped part of that structure so you can slide down and catch the edge and shimmy all the way round to the other side. Donít try to climb up onto the corners of the structure because they are spike trapped. Ok so now round the other side, line up with the wall slope behind you and do a back flip with a turn so Lara lands facing the wall slope, slide down and grab the edge then back flip again but donít turn, as you hit the structure slope slide down and Lara will land on the sloped block in the water below, jump as soon as you land then jump again to avoid more blades.

Now at the bottom you can head through the grated door in the east wall which will open as you approach.

Go through the passage and enter the next room. Here are some blades and alcove blades which in my game never activated so if they do for you just avoid them as the route is the same either way. First make your way around the bridges and alcoves to collect two small med packs and then make you way to the bottom of the room, look in the east wall for a doorway and enter here to use a floor lever. You will now see a flyby of the rooms changing so when thatís over go out to the doorway, stop here and donít jump down, have pistols ready as four tinnos wasps show up, shoot them then grab the ladder above you and monkey swing over the room to the other side where you can collect SECRET TWO Ė THE BINOCULARS.

Now get down into the water and swim through the underwater tunnel in the north east wall of the pool to get back to a previous room which has now changed and is upside down. Swim over to the east side and climb out into the doorway, go through to enter the next room.

Turn and slide down from the entrance, grab the edge of the sloped wall and shimmy left, go all the way round to the south east corner of the room, now do a back flip to land on the ledge behind you. Go to the south side of the ledge and look down to see a dark alcove in the wall, jump down into here then turn and face out over the water pool. Now do a running jump over and down to the bridge below. From here turn and face the south wall. You can see a ledge to jump across to so go here and collect SECRET THREE Ė THE COMPASS.

Now face north and do a running jump over to the low bridge ahead, climb up into the alcove to collect a small med pack then jump into the water.You will see a doorway in the west wall but you canít just swim up to it, you need to swim Lara round the edge of the pool until she can stand up at its edge, now you can walk her round and into the doorway.
Enter the new hallway and look up; yes, itís another boulder run so do as before and at the end take a right turn into the next hallway to safety.

Make your way carefully to the end of this new hallway because at the end is a spike trap, so jump over into the new room and have a shoot out with a gang of scorpions. Now simply head through the blue corridor at the north wall and enter a small passage, go through and jump down into a new room, at the end is a deep pit which is Laraís escape route, so jump down and fall into a pool below. Now climb out to end the level.