Cobra's Lair

Author: Jamie White

Walkthrough by OBig from
Translated by Petunia from

Unpack the Copy the wav files into the Audio folder, the tut1 files into the Graphics / Wads folder, and the rest into the main directory. Run the Level Converter, and build up the tut1.TOM file. Run the game and have fun!


Lara and humble friend Winston have gone on a hunting trip, Being Lara, she dresses up in her action suit as always. Anyway, they are enjoying the trip until Lara stumbles on a small opening. She falls in. With a loud thud, she shouts up: "I'm alright! There is only one way... I can't climb back up! Iíll have to go the other way to try and find a way out." Winston replies: "according to the radar there is lots of danger ahead, Iíll tell you what it is via your pager." before Lara has a chance to speak she falls...


Climb up the rocks to the right, and pushing the lever the great door opens below. Climb up the ladder, as there are a number of goodies above. Go to the open gate, and climb down on the right side of the bridge. After a small drop climb into the opening. Push the lever, and get the UZI. Head down the slope, and enter a room with water.

Jump to the left in the water, and swim through the passage, into the small room. Push the lever, and get the Medi Pack. Swim back, climb up onto the bridge, and kill the armed man. The one who is walking in the water can be killed later. Climb over on the other side of the statue, and pushing it on the second floor-tile from the back the other underwater grate opens. Collect the Revolver Ammo from the water, and swim into the other passage. You are in front of a building now. Turn around, Ďcause an armed man walking in the water has followed you. Kill him.

Push the lever and run into the water, as you can kill the 2 dinosaurs from there. Find the Secret #1: the Shotgun in a gap, at the rocks. Enter the house. Get on the storey and shimmy to the right, you will find some UZI Ammo. Shimmy to the left, and get on the top of the pillar, where you can find The Hand of Sirius. Get back into the building, and slide down the slope.

In the end of the slope jump on the opposite side, as a rolling stone approaches from the right. Then get up on the place where it came from, and find the Secret #2: some Medi Packs, Ammo, and the Shotgun. Get back where you have started, grab the edge, shimmy to the left, and push the lever. Drop down, and get the Medi Pack from the slope. Run-up and jump over the pit then get the Eye Piece #1 from the right. On your way back you can see the right floor-tiles you must step on. Head up the slope, but notice that thereís a still closed grate to the left.

You are among houses now. Run to the right, on the small pillar, you can shoot the dinosaurs in safe from here, and then get the LaserSight. Push the statue on the sign in the corner, and get in the house on its other side. Kill the dinosaur, and get the Revolver and some Ammo from the right. Push the lever. Getting in the other open grate push the other lever. On the courtyard the door of the other small hut has open. Get in and climb up onto the top, jump over the pillar on the other hut, and push the lever. Kill the armed man below, and get the Cartouche Piece #1 he drops. Return into the hut again, but now climb down the other ladder. But before doing this find another Shotgun in the dark, to the left.

Get another Uzi and Ammo, and then push the lever. Now get back to the grate, which you have seen when getting into the small valley. The grate is open now. In the end of the crawlspace Ď still crouching Ď shoot the dinosaurs, and find Secret #3: the Grenade Gun.

Get outside on the square, and get the Cartouche Piece #2 in the last hut. Get behind the house, combine it with its other piece, and place it. The grate opens in the small water. Swim in, and swim through a gap to the left, to find Secret #4: the Crossbow. I could not collect the Ammo. Swim back to get some air, then swim along the passage, and find yourself in a dark room. Still standing in the water get the Torches, Ďcause they will be needed.

Find another Crossbow on the left-hand pillar. Explore the 2 mummies. Find another block in the room. Climb up the ladder, and place The Hand of Sirius. The grate opens. Get The Hand of Orion, then find Secret #5: the Grenade Gun, some Ammo and a Medi Pack.

Climb down the ladder, stand on the block and climb up to monkey-swing on the ceiling. Walk round the pillar on its left side, swing to the passage and climb up. Now run away from the rolling stones: crouch down behind the rock for avoiding the last one, which comes down in front of Lara. Climb up the ladder, and return to the beginning of the level.

Shoot the armed man, run-up and grab the base of the statue. Place The Hand of Orion. The large gate opens. Shoot the dinosaur, collect another Revolver and a Medi Pack on the slope. Heading up the slope find yourself in a room with lava.

Jump onto the opposite side, jump back, and get to the ladder. Climb down, get the Ba Cartouche, climb up and get to the receptacle, meantime find some Crossbow Ammo. Place it, jump to the open door, then heading up the slope finally enter the huge Cobra Room. Up to now I havenít needed a Medi Pack, but unfortunately you will need a couple of them in this room, because solving the puzzles swarms of locusts will attack Lara.

First head to the left, jump over the wall and get the new The Hand of Sirius. Run on the other side, and place it in its receptacle on a block, on the wallís side. Run back where you have found it, pull out the statue, and push it on the grey floor-tile. If you donít want to use Medi Packs, save your game before the locusts attack, then reload it, thus they disappear. But you must repeat it before each swarms. Due to this I didnít use a Medi Pack through my whole walkthrough. Although there are quite enough Medi Pack on the level.

Get on the bike and ride along the path next to the Cobra, then down the dark slope, and stop in a room with water. Get off the bike. I didnít manage to get the Grenade Gun in front of the Cobra.

Before jumping into the water get another Revolver with Ammo. Get the Ba Cartouche in the water, and swim outside through the exit. Enter the building; place the new item, so the large gate opens. Donít enter now but head to the left, next to the building, climb onto the roof. Climb down the ladder in the middle, and push the lever. Climb up the ladder to the left; push the lever in the alcove. Get back onto the roof, and monkey-swing into the gap. Crawl along, jump to the lever on the pillar, and push it.

Now enter the building, and collect the Eye Piece #2. Outside, to the right next to the building thereís a hole on the ground. Climb down there, run down the slope, as a rolling stone smashes down behind you. Get back, collect the goodies in the dark, then combining the 2 pieces of the Eye Piece open the door.

In the final room push the statues on the striped floor-tiles. From behind one of the doors a mummy approaches. Kill him and get another Crossbow. Behind the other door jump into the water, and get another The Hand of Sirius on the other side. Place it in the big room, kill the last mummy, and get down into the centre hole.

Still you can notice a rolling stone coming down in front of Lara, and thereís nowhere to hide or climb up Ď But now the level finishes. In the next instalment we may will find out what happened to Lara Ď