The Tomb of Aristotle

Level by Hitsumei (Heyfa Khenissi)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by sliding down a slope. Let Lara fall down to the ground, turn around and pull the lever. A gate opens in front of you (north wall). Go over there and enter an alcove for a secret. Except for five scorpions, you'll not find anything here. Climb the north wall beside the gate to the top of the slope and slide again. Immediately back flip and roll, then jump forward, grab the opposite column. Pull up and climb the next column. Face west and run/jump, grab the opening, pull up and enter the building.

Jump into the pool and swim south, the opening you see is for later. However, pull out of the water and climb up the ladder at the south wall. Drop onto the ledge and turn to face north. Jump/grab the ceiling and monkey swing across the pool to the opposite ledge for the Hand of Orion. Then simply jump back into the pool and take a swim over the south opening. Climb out on the west ledge and take a sprint to pass the short passage with poisonous darts.

At the room pull the first lever to open some grate at the north side. Pull the next lever and it opens a grate at the south side. Go over there and just look at the goodies. Notice you cannot enter there and pick them up because of the trap floor. Anyway, you really do not need them as the level does not have enemies.

Head over to the north opening and pass to a dark place and the grate closes behind you. Light a flare, which does not help much, so carefully jump from ledge to ledge, pick up more flares and reach the final ledge.

Use the Hand of Orion at the receptacle to open the grate. Follow the room over the north-east opening and get a flyby of four water holes. Each of the holes has a Hand of Sirius, but three of them are drowning traps. Jump only into the west hole, dive to the bottom and get the real Hand of Sirius. Pull out of the hole and head to the next room. Get a screenie of an opening gate at the south wall which leads you to a trap room.

However, in the room ahead there are five movable statues. You need to place each statue onto the right tile to burn a torch on the west wall. Start with the front (right) statue and place it onto the south tile. Place the front (left) statue onto the north tile. Place the middle statue onto the east tile. Place the back (right) statue onto the west tile. Place the last statue onto the west tile under the torch. A door opens at the east wall. Go through this door and come to a big/deep room. Run/jump/grab the first rope and swing forward to reach the opposite ledge. Ahead is a copy of the same room you just passed, only with three ropes. Run/jump/grab the first rope and swing forward, grab the next rope. Keep swinging forward until you reach the opposite ledge.

Head north and go through the opening, keep to west wall and use the Hand of Sirius at the receptacle. Go through the door you opened into a grave and pick up the Aristotle's Notes. Save the game, as from here there are two different ways to proceed through a small part of the level. In the end both ways lead you to the same room, and from there you proceed normally.

The West Way

Shoot the jug and you get yourself some trouble. A bunch of beetles are released. Head west and slide down the slope into the water and so will the beetles. Swim along the passage and keep into the west passage until you reach the exit hole. Pull out of the water and follow the passage into the next room. A gate opens at the north, but this is a trap. Pick up the Aristotle's Notes, then go south-west for the Large and Small Waterskin. At the east there is a scales that needs 1 liter of water.

Fill the large waterskin (5 liters), combine it with the small waterskin and empty it. You have now 2 liters in the large, combine again with the small and fill the large (5 liters). Combine the large with the small, you have now 4 liters in the large. Empty the small and then combine the large with the small again, you are left with 1 liter of water that you needed. Use the 1 liter and get the scales to balance, an underwater gate opens at the west passage. Swim along the passage until you reach the exit hole. Then come to a room with medipack at the middle. Stay away from the medipack, it's a trap.

The North Way

Load an earlier savegame. Head to the north opening between the lion's statue and slide down directly to a bull. Quickly run east and pull the lever. Oops, instead of opening the door you get another bull. Turn around and run west, pull the next lever, get a third bull. Now three bulls are running around the room. (And that's no bull.) Run south-west into a passage, at the end climb up the wall and proceed over the breakable floor. Stand close to the north wall and run forward while the floors are breaking, reach the west wall and grab it. Climb down into an opening and get the Aristotle's Notes. Crawl into a crawlspace, the south side leads you to a trap so keep crawling north and at the end crawl onto the breakable floor and drop into the room with the middle trap medipack.

Go the south-west opening and enter a room with fire at the middle and for torch wall. Simply run over the south torch wall, it should burn and open the north door. Head north and follow the passage to a deadly yellow water pool. Slide down the slope and jump forward to slide to the next slope. Then take a south-west angled jump onto the next slope and jump forward into the opening. Pick up the Aristotle's Notes and follow the passage. At the exit opening keep walking onto an invisible ledge, but be aware as you have to cross an invisible gap. Keep walking along the invisible ledge and the door opens for you. Run outside and over the water to end the level.