Underworld Unfinished Business 1 - Recruiting Demon Smalls

An adventure by Richard Lawther

Authorized Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater
SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab


* Items in Bold are necessary to complete the levels or get the secrets, either by using them, picking them up or both.
* You'll find a Spoiler Section and a summary of the level at the end of this walkthrough.

* This level is very much non-linear, so the course given in this walkthrough is only one among many. It generally follows the shortest route and/or the safest one.


Underworld Unfinished Business Story

The demise of the Lizard King has created a dangerous power vacuum that has thrown the Underworld into chaos. Osiris is anxious that this vacuum should not be filled by another evil Dark Soul, and so he has assembled a team of specialists, headed by Anubis, to deal with any emergent malevolencies. You have been ‘requested’ to join.

At some stage this team will have to venture down into the Maw of Chaos and to the bowels of Hell itself to restore the balance. The only safe way down is via a demonic ghost train that departs from a station located somewhere underneath Castle Orr. Accessing this station, and summoning the train, will require the skills of a specialist called Demon Smalls…. He must be recruited….

Recruiting Demon Smalls Story

The diminutive Demon Smalls is the Underworld’s most talented ‘engineer’. Using the magic rules that govern the Underworld, Smalls is famed for having created many clever magical devices which almost behave like they follow scientific principles. Unfortunately, his place of work - Demon Heights - has been corrupted by the malevolent Dark Souls.

Demon Smalls himself is also under the same bad influence, so a crack team of demonic musicians has been guided through the Nothings by Anubis and sent to Demon Heights to restore harmony and bring Demon Smalls back to the path of demonic righteousness. You have been sent along as well - as backup. But as the musicians attempts are immediately scuppered by the twisted Demon Smalls … it’s now up to you to sort out the mess….

The best of demonic luck to you!

Gameplay Objectives

- Collect 2 tuning forks
- Help the musicians restore harmony to Demon
Heights and so bring Demon Smalls back to his senses so that he will willingly join your team for future missions.

Specific Pick-ups

You'll find mannas From Hexham during your journey which are small medipacks.


== Welcome Back to the Underworld! ==

-- Outdoor Area: Demon Heights --

Objective: Open the way for an upcoming task then enter the Museum

That little white creature with a top hat you've just seen in the opening sequence is Demon Smalls, engineer extraordinaire (and he doesn't like being called a "little white creature with a top hat", by the way). Anubis has led you here through the Nothings to find a way to recruit him to help you in your upcoming tasks in the Underworld. So now is time to get to work.

First off, don't go in the white opening behind you (S): the Nothings are there and they won't lead you nowhere. Collect the flares behind the crate to your L (SW) then turn around and head N to the mouth of the cave, without forgetting to greet your divine boss on your way.

Those rocky mountains all around are Demon Heights, and you'll explore them thoroughly quite soon. And why not start right now and get your very first Secret?

Turn R immediately after the cave mouth. If you look closely at the rocks there, you can see there's a high diamond-shaped recess (see screenshot). To get up there, go to the triangular rock below, position Lara slightly away from the bottom, facing the tip of the triangle and do a SJ. Pick up Secret #1: a Manna from Hexham. Back-flip to return on ground level.

Mountains Climbing

Turn L (NW) and locate the high pillars topped by boulders. Run between the two leftmost ones. You'll see tall poles supporting high platforms to your L (SW). Turn to them then run straight past them until you reach some sloping rocks. Your ascension begins here.

Continue ahead (S), jumping over the slopes when needed until you reach a flat ledge (see screenshot 1 and screenshot 2). Turn L (E) once there and make your way to the "end" of this side of the mountain (see screenshot 3 and screenshot 4), again SJ over the slopes when needed. You're almost there.

Turn L (N) and look up. See that zip-line? That's your next destination. Make your way to it, jumping over a last slope, but don't use it yet: another secret awaits you nearby.

The next jump is a bit tricky. Position Lara as shown in this screenshot, hop back and do a RJ with a R curve while holding Forward as well. You'll land on a flat triangular ledge. Turn L to face the corner of the wall you can see in the distance, step back as much as you can and do a RJ with a R mid-air curve to land on flat rocks near the wall. Run to the latter, turn L (N) and run to the corner. Do a SJ with a hard R mid-air curve to land on another flat ledge beyond said corner.

Turn R (SE) to face the wall other corner and run there. You should now see a shiny object in the distance below and wall as the top of a lower wall. Turn slightly R and run off. You'll slide to the top of the wall. Run along it until the rocks supporting the shiny object is on your L, turn to it and do a SJ to its top. Pick up Secret #2: a Lucifer's Star.

Return to the top of the wall with a SJ, turn around and drop down from its other edge, then turn around again. Notice the tall pole with an "I" shaped platform on its top to your L (NW). Run to it and slide to ground level. Turn L and run past the tall poles with platforms to find yourself back at the bottom of the path leading to the zip-line. Make your way to the latter like you did the first time.

The Trapped Platforms Puzzle

Hit Action to grab the zip-line and slide down. Keeping Action pressed, you'll let go at the end and will grab the edge of a square platform below. Pull up.

Turn 135° L (SW) to take a look at the other platforms. Some are burning, and some are lined with spears, hinting they're very much trapped at the moment. What you need to do is deactivate the traps one by one to make your way to the platform with a chain hanging over. Since this is a puzzle (and the first one of many), you'll find a detailed solution in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough, would you need it. Once the puzzle is solved, you'll be on the aforementioned chain platform.

The Boulders Gauntlet

Make sure Lara's facing the exact S (you can drop down from the platform and pull back up to that effect), then jump up and hit Action to grab the chain. Climb up until Lara's head is right under the stone supporting the chain (see screenshot) then back-flip to land on a platform behind. Ignore the goodie for now and immediately side-jump L to another platform, then R to be back on the first to avoid being crushed by the boulders falling on you. Pick up the Manna from Hexham.

From where you stand (i.e. the center of the tile), side jump L, then L again. SJ forward, immediately back-flip but don't SJ forward to avoid the last boulder, the platform ahead is now burning. Side jump R instead to be back on the middle platform. Now that all the boulders have fallen, side-jump L a last time to return to the leftmost platform and turn around (N).

A Timed-Run with a Twist

Do a RJ to the silver platform ahead then another to the golden one which turns out to be an elevator. Wait for it to lift you to the upper level, where you'll find lots of platforms coming in three flavors: gold, silver and transparent. You can also spot a burning large decorated platform ahead on a roof, with a zip-line above. This is your next goal, but you first need to extinguish that fire.

Turn around (S): there's a decorated block ahead in the distance, which is there to turn that fire off. You can use the platforms to get there, but not in any order. Some of them are fake and you'd end up plummeting to certain death. Order is as follow: Gold, Transparent, Silver. With that in mind, reach the decorated block.

As expected, the fire is now turned off, so going there should be a walk in the park. By the way, did I mention the fire is timed?

First off, and before starting anything, keep in mind that you're now going the other way and so the order of the tiles is reversed: Gold, Silver, Transparent. The first safe tile is Gold, and you can start your timed-run from either closest one, but I found it easier starting with the L one.

Go to the L corner of the decorated block, turn to face the far L corner of the gold platform ahead, hop back and do a RJ with a R mid-air curve. Turn R to face the silver platform and do a SJ then another one to the transparent platform (see screenshot). Take one single running step, stop then do a SJ to the gold platform and another one to the silver platform (see screenshot). Immediately run with a L curve and do a RJ to the transparent platform then a side-jump R to the gold platform (see screenshot). Run with a R curve and do a RJ directly on the decorated platform (see screenshot).

An Interesting Discovery

You're now standing on another elevator, so wait for it to lift you to the zip line then use the latter. Don't wait for the end of the line to let go, though. Do so just before you're above the I-shaped platform (mind the spikes to your R). You'll probably lose a tiny bit of health in the process.

Go L (N) and run to the end of the platform. There are tall pillars ahead, each topped by a boulder. Shoot the first one. It will break its gangue and make it fall. Now do a SJ to the pillar and, from there, shoot the two other boulders to make them fall in turn. There's a flat ledge ahead in the distance, beyond the third pillar. Go there with RJs.

Enter the opening, run along the corridor and past the open door to enter a room (the door will shut behind you). Look R (N). The device beyond the gap is a Gravity Trimmer which you'll need to activate in order to be able to jump over the gap with a torch in hand. Needless to say, you need some material you don't have yet, so forget it for now.

Notice the gas pipe on the wall ahead, then the statue on the alcove to your L (S). The statue is movable and holds a lamp in its hands. Push/pull it to position it on the gas pipe to light the lamp. This will be useful later to light a torch, but, more importantly for now, it has also opened a door at the end of the corridor ahead (E).

Enter the corridor and run to the end past the newly opened door to find yourself back on ground level in the outdoor area, knowing that you've now opened the way to the Gravity Trimmer and the torches.

It's now time to visit the nearby Museum. Run to the tall poles then turn R (W) then R again (N). You're now standing before the very closed entrance of the Museum. Both Demon Heads you can see on each side of said entrance are very shatterable, so shoot them to open the door and follow Demon Smalls in the bowels of the Museum.

-- Indoor: The Museum, Upper Areas –

Objectives: Collect the Anti-Gravity Apple then find a way to reach the Lower Areas

A Day at the Gallery

Click for the Map and refer to it for general directions.

As hinted by the sign at the entrance, there are interesting exhibitions to visit here, which you're going to do right now.

First, a little detour to see one of your upcoming objectives. Run down the stairways to your R (E) and enter the Tuning Fork Room. You'll see a tuning fork on a pedestal with some little orange demons flying around. You'll soon have to stop them all in order to secure the burning floor under the pedestal and get the tuning fork.

Now that you're more informed, return near the entrance and go past the two galleries. You can, of course, take a closer look at the paintings if you so wish, but be warned that the red demon one in the First Gallery and on your L hides some nasty fireflies. In case they're after you in spite of this advice, simply crouch to lower the damage they deal and wait for them to go away.

Turn L after the Second Gallery, then L again to pass the Mood 1 Room and enter the Anti-Gravity Apple Room. This Anti-Gravity Apple is one of the items you'll need to activate the Gravity Trimmer. It's right now protected from your thieving hands by a force field, but you're working on it.

Enter the next room (Mood 4), notice the paintings on the wall and the matching tiles on the floor, this is a part of a puzzle you're going to solve soon, but you don't have any mean to do so for now. Go L and climb the stairs to reach the Braziers Room. This is where you start.

You remember those demon heads you shot to enter the Museum? Those four ones are shatterable too. Shoot them, they will lift and activate a mysterious mechanism that will "light" a nearby frame on the wall. What this means is that the Mood Puzzle can now be solved.

The Mood Puzzle and the Apple

(See the Spoilers Section for the solution to the Mood Puzzle)

Leave the Braziers Room through the S passage and run into the Demon of the North Room. Go to the iron structure on the pedestal (which is the Demon of the North itself) and hit Action to pry off the crowbar. Now run ahead (E) and enter Mood 3 Room and do what you have to do there.

Go to the passage S and go L (E) once there. Mood 2 Room is beyond the stairway to your R but don't go there yet: a small detour for a secret first.

Continue to the end of the passage and go R there to enter Demon Catz Room. Just like the Cheshire Cat, Demon Catz has a smile that can somehow vanish... so go to it (the mouth of the cat in the picture) and... go through it to enter Secret #3. Pick up a 2nd Lucifer's Star then return to the nearby room and from there to the wide passage.

Enter Mood 2 room at the bottom of the stairway to your L (S), do what you have to do then return to the previous passage N. Go L (W) and keep running until you reach the ½ Pig Room. First things first, a little something for another secret.

You're going to perform a bit of "functional exploration". Go face the pig's rear end and hit Action to get to the bottom of things... Pick up Secret #4: a Manna from Hexham.

Run up the stairs (SW) then run through the passage past the two openings to enter Mood 1 Room. You'll see Demon Smalls passing nearby, lost in his thoughts and mumbling. Again, do what you have to do here to go on solving the Mood Puzzle then leave the room by the W passage.

Enter the Apple Room (the Force Field around the Apple is still up) and cross it to be back in Mood 4 Room. Do what must be done here for the last time and behold the force field disappearing. Now simply return to the Apple Room and pick up the Anti-Gravity Apple.

You need something else to put it to use, so now is time to visit another part of the Gallery. Go through the W opening then run L into the passage. Use the crowbar to pry the door open and eventually run through the hole at the end of the passage to reach the Museum Lower Areas

-- Indoor: The Museum, Lower Areas –

Objectives: Find and flip down four demon switches to stop the orange demons in the Tuning Fork Room then leave the museum by its high exit.

Click for the Map of the lower areas and refer to it for general directions.

Here, the Galleria Demonica will become a bit less artistic and a bit more demonic... so watch your steps. Exit the water by pulling up on the edge ahead (S) to enter the Fountains Area. The passage to your L (E) leads back to the Upper Areas, so ignore it for now.

The First Demon Switch and the Effigies Puzzle

Run ahead past the beige column and on its R and stop at the second stone column. There's a jump-switch here to your L (E). Jump up and flip it down, opening a door in an UW tunnel. Now go dive in the Eastern Fountain Pool (the one L). Swim through the tunnel on the other side and past the newly opened door until you reach a small pool. Exit the water: you're in Demon Smalls Effigies Room.

There are many effigies here indeed, two paintings on the floor and a closed grate in the L (W) wall. Since what follows is indeed a puzzle, you'll find the solution in the Spoilers Section at the end of this walkthrough. Once the puzzle is solved, the grate will be open.

Climb into the alcove and flip the demon switch down: one of the little orange demons in the Tuning Fork Room stops flying around. Three more to go.

Leave the alcove. You'll have a glimpse of Demon Smalls roaming in the corridors, still mumbling. Return to the Fountains Room via the UW tunnel you came from and the Eastern Fountain.

A Well Hidden Second Demon Switch

Exit the water by the L (W) edge then go L (S): there's a painting of Demon Smalls on the wall between to slightly raised platforms supporting effigies. Go walk on both platforms: the portrait lowers, revealing an alcove. Climb in it then go R into a passage running along the Effigies Room. Flip the second demon switch down and return to the Fountains Area.

The Water That Wouldn't Remain Still

Go L (W) once there then run ahead past the Western Fountain. Go R there between the stone columns and locate the jump-switch in a recess to your R. Flip it down to open a door in an UW tunnel that starts in the Western Fountain.

Dive in it and swim into the tunnel to your R (W). You'll soon find yourself in a high-ceilinged, partially flooded room. First turn around (E) and swim to the R corner (SE) ahead to pull an UW lever on the base of the column, opening a grate near the very top of the room.

Your goal here is to shoot a Demon Smalls head hanging from the highest platform. The problem being that the water level changes on a regular basis. First, try reaching the highest platform first, by first remaining at the lowest platform level then swim up as soon as you can and pull up (look at the Demon Head above: it disappears when the level rises).

Pick up the Uzi, draw it then walk back to the edge of the platform, standing in the middle. Save (in case you miss your target). Wait for the water to lower (look at the columns: when there's no more dancing lights, the water is low). Hop back and shoot. When you shatter the demon smalls head, the room completely fills with water.

Swim up then through the opening in the N wall to enter the UW Maze.

An Underwater Maze and a Surprise

Map of the maze

First off, swim L along the wall past two pillars then R to locate the air hole and surface to replenish your O². One it's done, swim ahead (N) past the column then L (W) along the wall and pick up a manna from Hexham. Return to the air hole.

Swim ahead (S), R (W) at the hole then L (S) again and locate the narrow tunnel. Swim through it to the end where you'll stand up in shallow water.

There's a grate on the wall directly to your R but it's very much closed for now so wade ahead across the room. Turn R (W) when you reach the next to last fountains and look up: there's a demon smalls head to shatter up there. Draw, jump up and shoot.

As soon as it breaks, several things happen. The level of the water rises in the UW maze (granting you access to the room above the air hole), the grate in the N wall opens and the aforementioned surprise makes a noticed appearance in the form of dozens of bugs. So no time to waste.

Run R (N) to return to the entrance of the room and quickly pull up in the passage beyond the newly opened grate. Crawl a bit then grab the ladder on your R as soon as you can stand up. Climb to the top then release Action, hit it again immediately and hit "Duck" before Lara's legs go back on the ladder to slip in the CS above. The bugs can't reach you now.

Crawl ahead, turn around then drop down into the water maze below. Turn around then swim R along the wall and columns to finally return to the air hole. Swim up and pull out of the water in the room above.

Fun with Levers and Two More Demon Switches

Run down the stairways (N) then cross the room to find yourself at the edge of a large hole lined by three sets of ledges and overlooking a reddish pool (which water is very much deadly): the Western Pool. If you look down and L, you'll see a lever on the lowest ledge: that's your next goal.

There are several ways to reach it, but the easiest and simplest is the following:

SJ to the L ledge (N) then turn to the wall and step back to the edge. Hop back holding Action, release it a moment before grabbing the edge then quickly hit it again: you'll land on the ledge below. Repeat the same process to reach the lever on the lowest ledge. Push the lever: the water in the pool is now clear, fresh and safe.

Jump in it and swim through the L opening (E) then L (N) in the passage before the other pool. Swim up at the other end, exit the water and run up the stairs. You'll reach a passage lined with windows through which you can see a room with a lever on a hot patch of floor in the center (the Lava Lever Room on the map). Since the windows prevent you to get there, go flip down the third demon switch at the other end then return to the Western Pool via the tunnel and swimming R at the junction.

Cross the pool and swim through the other tunnel (W). Pull out of the water to enter the Lava Lever Room.

First things first, go flip down the fourth and last demon switch on your L on the W wall. The four demons have stopped and the floor under the tuning fork is now safe. This said, you're not going for it yet. At all. Your immediate next goal is to safely reach the lever in the center of the room, which means securing the floor around it.

Doing so is simpler then it seems: you see those orange lights? What you need to do is jump over all four of them and the floor will be safe. Proceed with diagonal RJs and you should succeed easily.

Go push the lever: a chain appears in the center of the Central Pool, N of the Fountains Area. So return to the Western Pool via the UW tunnel you came from then reach the Central pool by swimming ahead (E) once there.

Lollies Bouncing

Pull up on the central platform then grab the chain and climb up. Turn 90° L once you've passed the hole, back-flip and turn around. Run along the corridor (you saw Demon Smalls strolling there a while ago) and past the translucent devil painting (you can pass through it, but it'd lead you nowhere). You'll find a ladder to your R at the end: climb and pull up.

There's another ladder ahead, slightly translucent and a long set of suspended giant lollies you'll use in a moment for a bouncing party. But first, let's go for a secret.

Walk to the edge then side-step R to the wall. Turn 45° R (NW) to face the ledge lined with columns, hop back and do a RJ to land there. Run along the wall to the other end of the ledge, stopping between the two last slopes and turn R to face the wall. There's an alcove below, hidden by a translucent painting. To reach it, you're gonna use the same trick as for the lever on the ledge above the Western Pool. Step back to the edge, hop back holding Action, release before grabbing the edge then hit it again. You'll land on the very edge of the alcove. Go pick up Secret #5: a Lucifer's Star.

Now you have to get back to the translucent ladder and the lollies. Go to the edge, turn around and safely drop down (you'll lose a bit of health in the process). Quickly crouch to avoid being hurt too much by the fireflies that attack you. Once they're gone, climb up the chain again (the Central Pool is ahead) and make your way back to the translucent ladder and the lollies.

The key here, once you've started the bouncing sequence, is to keep Jump pressed until you're on "safe" ground.

Walk to the edge and side-step L to the wall. Do a SJ+G to the ladder, pull up then jump to the first lolly, the second then the third. Do a L mid-air curve to reach the fourth (but not a too hard one or your jump would be too short). Jump to the fifth then the sixth, each time with a L mid-air curve. Do a hard L mid-air curve to reach the seventh at the "corner". From there, simply keep Jump pressed until you pass the opening and slide down the slope (see map).

You're back in the Outdoor Area.

-- Outdoor Area: Demon Heights, Take 2 --

Objective: Get the second tuning fork then restore harmony in Demon Heights

A Detour Via The Museum For The First Tuning Fork

Run to the end of the passage then safely drop down at the end. You'll find yourself on a terrace with two skeletons sitting at a piano (the Pianos Terrace). Those pianos are so out of tune that the skeletons don't even dare to play, and that's why you need the tuning forks. Since you don't have any yet, run L (E) and push the lever near the edge. A chain appears nearby allowing you to easily get back to the terrace later.

Right now, simply run off the terrace to land near the Museum Entrance and run through it. You're going to get that tuning fork now. Go L (E) once you've jumped to the Museum level and run down the stairs to enter the Tuning Fork Room on your R. Go get the 1st tuning fork on the pedestal then leave the Museum to go back outside.

Engineering, Get Those Anti-Gravitons Ready and Prepare for Teleportation!

There are two doors in front of you (S): the Toilet Door ahead and a wooden one to your R (SW). Go to the latter and pry it open with the crowbar. Enter a small storeroom and search the leftmost shelves: you'll find a Food Blender. Combine it with the Anti-Gravity Apple and you'll get a very green juice of Useful Anti-Gravitons. Remember that Gravity Trimmer you found a while ago? Time to activate it.

Return to the outdoor area and run ahead (E) to the poles supporting the high platforms. Turn L (N) and go climb the stairways leading to the Gravity Trimmer Room. Once there, RJ+G over the pit, go to the Gravity Trimmer facing S and pour some Useful Anti-Gravitons in it. It's on now, meaning you can do a longer jump over the pit. Go get a torch, return to the edge facing the green beam of anti-gravitons and do a RJ over the pit, landing on the edge.

Light the torch on the statue then run down the stairs to return to the outdoor area. There's an unlit brazier to your R (W) and a spiky round thing beyond which happens to be an inactive teleporter. Go light the brazier and drop the torch (you won't need it anymore). The teleporter is now active. Jump in it to be transported at the top of the northern cliffs.

Pressing Matters of the Liquid Type

Run along the passage to reach a room with a bowl in the center. It contains some brown steaming matter and bears the symbol of a tuning fork. Something is required there to induce a chemical reaction that you don't possess yet. But you still can push that lever to your L.

Proceed: the Toilet Door opens, much to Demon Smalls' relief as you'll see in a moment. Return into the passage you came from. A cut-scene will show you one of the reasons why Mr. Smalls was so grumpy. Wait for the cut-scene to end – it gives an interesting idea of demonic anatomy, especially when it comes to their bladder size - then return to the teleporter arrival pod.

Turn around, hop back and slide. Grab the edge then drop down to the rocks below, losing a bit of health as you land (which doesn't really matter since your health is full at this point). Turn around, slide down to ground level then run diagonally R (SW) to enter the Toilet. Go pick up what Demon Smalls has left for you: Volatile Demon Pee.

Well this should give an interesting chemical reaction, shouldn't it? Return to the teleporter near the brazier to return to the top of the northern cliffs then go pour the Pee in the bowl in the center of the room (stand before the bowl, open your inventory and use the pee): the 2nd Tuning Fork appears in a loud explosion. Pick it up.

Restoring a Bit of Harmony

It's now time to tune those pianos. Return to ground level like you did the first time then run toward the Museum Entrance. Go face the chain (N) and do a SJ+G over the slope to grab it. Climb a bit, turn 90° L and back-flip to land on the Pianos Terrace.

Go to the closest piano. There's a little red thing on it in the corner: that's the Tuning Fork Receptacle. Go to it facing W (meaning the piano is at a 45° angle) and hit Action to put a Tuning Fork there. The skeleton will start playing an out of tune version of Satie's Gymnopédies but thanks to your intervention, the instrument will soon sound nice and clear. You'll get a glimpse of the nearby inactive teleporter, but nothing will happen.

Go to the other piano and the little red thing on it, this time facing N (so this piano is at a 45° angle too) and use the 2nd Tuning Fork. You'll hear Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and the teleporter will be activated.

To Each His Own: The Instruments Puzzle

Jump into the teleporter: you'll find yourself beamed in a rocky passage. Run ahead and stop where the floor changes from rough stones to smoother rock. We're going for the last secret.

[Note: if you don't want that secret, continue to the end of the passage then L at the corner and climb up the ladder there. Pull up at the top, slide to the Instruments Terrace and resume after the green paragraphs.]

Turn around and look up: there's a ladder above. Jump up, grab it then immediately back-flip with a roll in mid-air, hitting Action to grab the edge of the rocky ledge. Pull up, walk to the edge, turn R (S) and do a SJ to a "flat" triangular rock (see screenshot). Turn slightly L walk to the bottom of the slope and do a SJ over it to the next triangular flat ledge (see screenshot). Run ahead (careful not to slip) then stop when you're between two upward slopes. Turn L, SJ to land on the top of the slope then SJ again to the top of the next one (see screenshot). You should now be able to spot what you're aiming for. Run ahead a bit, slide down and go pick up Secret #6: a Lucifer's Star.

Return to the slope you just slid from and SJ back on its top then do another SJ to slide down to the passage between rocky slopes. Run R and proceed to the starting ledge (in front of the ladder), SJing over slopes when needed. One there, simply run ahead (N) to slide down to the Instruments Terrace.

Alright. Judging by the music here, there's a serious problem with this small orchestra. The instruments are fine, but the musicians apparently can't play. And the reason for that is simple: they don't have their instrument of expertise in hands.

All the instruments are movable. What you have to do now is give them back to their owner one by one (you'll find a detailed solution for this puzzle in the Spoilers Section). You'll know you got it right when a fine music plays.

When all the instruments are in place the orchestra starts to play. Harmony is fully restored, the sun shines on Demon Heights again and as the fly-by leads you back to the cave, you're warmly congratulated by your boss Anubis, Demon Smalls and... the roasting spiky pest.

You've recruited Demon Smalls and completed this chapter of the Underworld Unfinished Business Adventures.

---- In this level, you should have found...
Enemies: Fireflies, Bugs
Items of note: Crowbar, Anti-Gravity Apple, 1st Tuning Fork, Food Blender (+ Apple = Useful Anti-Gravitons), Torch, Volatile Demon Pee, 2nd Tuning Fork
6 Secrets (Including 3 Lucifer's Stars)
some Traps - 1 Timed-Run

== Spoilers Section ==

Solution to the Trapped Platforms Puzzle

Quick solution

Each platform deactivates the trap on another. The flames will extinguish and spears will spring out to show the trap is deactivated.

Detailed solution

Map of the platforms

Even more detailed solution

- Do a RJ to platform 1 on your R which deactivates the flame trap on platform 2 (Map).
- Do a RJ to platform 2, which deactivates the flame trap on platform 3 (Map).
- Go to platform 3 with a RJ to platform 1, a RJ to the starting platform then a RJ+G to platform 3, deactivating the spears trap on platform 4 (Map).
- Do a RJ+G back on the starting platform, a RJ to platform 1, a RJ to platform 2 then a RJ+G to platform 4, deactivating the spears trap on platform 5 (Map).
- Do a RJ+G back on platform 2 then a RJ to platform 5, which deactivates the spear traps on the ending platform (Map).
- Finally, do a RJ to said ending platform (Map)

Solution to the Mood Puzzle

Quick Solution

Each room has four paintings on the wall and four raised platforms with matching pictures. Walk on the correct platform in each room.

More Hints

One of the frame shines. Compare the pictures in it with the ones on the platform and walk on the matching one.

Detailed Solution

Following the walkthrough order, and facing the paintings (E)

- Mood 3: Climb on the close R platform.
- Mood 2: Climb on the far L platform.
- Mood 1: Climb on the far R platform.
- Mood 4: Climb on the close L platform.

Solution to the Effigies Puzzle

Quick Solution

The effigies are movable. Look closely at them, then at the paintings on the floor.

More Hints

Move the correct effigy on the matching mood painting

Detailed Solution

- On the northern painting (closest to the wall), Demon Smalls doesn't seem very happy... Find the "unhappy effigy" in the far R corner (NE) and move it there.

- On the southern painting (furthest from the wall), Mr. Smalls is in a good mood (doesn't happen that often, mind you). Turn to face the W wall: the "happy effigy" is the second one from the left. Move it on the happy painting.

Solution to the Instruments Puzzle

Quick solution

From the W wall of the terrace to the opposite edge we have:

- A harp
- A violin
- Microphones
- A clarinet

Look closely at the musicians' position to know what belongs to whom.

Detailed solution

Facing the W wall of the terrace and from it to the opposite edge we have:

- A violinist holding a harp
- A harpist standing before microphones on the L
- A clarinetist holding a violin on the R
- Two singers standing before a clarinet

- Push the microphones table once toward the edge (E)
- Go to the harp. Pull it twice then push it once toward the S wall to place it in front of the harpist. You'll hear a harp melody.

- Turn around (N) then go around the violin and push it once toward the S wall then push it again twice toward the W wall and the violinist. You'll hear a violin melody.

- Go to the E edge and around the singers to reach the clarinet. Pull it once toward the N edge then once toward the W wall. G around it and push it W to the clarinetist. You'll hear a clarinet melody.

- Finally, go to the Microphones table, facing the S wall, pull it once before the singers... who start to sing.

Enjoy the music.