The Ultimate Search 1

Level by Cory Smith (June, 2004)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

level starts with a flyby of a large building. Run down the steps and south into the corridor. Then start jumping back and shoot to kill five guards. Go south and up to the top of the steps for the Uzi's. There are closed doors on the south and east ledges. Enter the open doorway on the west ledge. Follow to a room to kill two guards and pick up a small medipack. Go up the west ramp and enter a room with deadly fire tiles. Look at the ceiling to see which are the safe tiles to use to cross the floor. Use the floor lever and get back to the ramp.


Go down the ramp and notice that the door on the south ledge is open. Pick up a small medipack and go forward to pick up Uzi ammo. Enter to the room and kill four guards. Go to the south doorway and go down the steps. Enter a room to kill five guards on the ledges. Go forward and use the floor lever. Turn around to kill a guard and pick up a small medipack from the body. Return back to the starting room and see that the door on the east ledge is open. Slide down the slope and see a water hole and a platform. Step onto the platform to open a very tight timed door in the water tunnel. The tunnel also has projections from the floor and ceiling to make the swim more difficult. First you have to get into the water and swim up to get over the first projection. If you hit the ledge, get out and start again because you will not make it.


When you make it, continue down the tunnel. Pull up into a room and kill five guards. Look at the ceiling and notice that the second black floor tile from the left is safe. The other black floor tiles are deadly. Go west to enter a tunnel and follow it to a room with sloped blocks and a deadly floor. Stand on the right side of the doorway. Stand jump to the first slope. Immediately jump to the next slope. Jump with a right curve to land on a safe column. The next two jumps are easy. Enter the room and hear the secret sound but no secret is registered. Pick up the small medipack and exit to see that the columns are gone. Look at the ceiling tiles to determine which floor tiles are safe to use to exit the room.


Exit this room and jump the deadly tiles in the next room. The door in the east wall is open. Enter and get onto the motorcycle. If you slide down the slope, there are steps at the south wall. Give yourself full health and drive down the slope. Continue to jump a gap while sentry guns fire at you. Stop and dismount near an opening before you drop into a hole and die. Jump to the north-east ledge and go to the end. Jump to the west ledges for the revolver and two revolver ammo. Go back to the ledge where you left the motorcycle.


Slide down to the east and jump over the two deadly gaps. At the bottom enter a room and get a cut scene of demigods. Kill the four demigods and look at the dark south wall for crawl space. Follow the crawl space and pick up the Golden Vraeus. Return and go east to the open door. I guess you could get the Golden Vraeus first and just ignore the demigods, as they only attack one at a time. Exit the tunnel and run towards the door in the building and the level ends.