Level by Kerstin Schlott (Codo)

Walkthrough by Dutchy

I will not tell you where you will meet all the Alien creatures to give more thrill to the level, but they are great…

Enter the Base.

The Shuttle just landed at a remote Star Base. Take the Energy Cell and get out, go over the walkway (hold on to your seat when the camera pins around, I almost fell off my chair.) in the Big Hall to the yellow pillar on R side, jmp/grab to it and go up to the top, slide down to the walkway and drop/grab one floor down so you can enter the CS there, by shimmying to it. Go into the office after shooting the grating and get the Red Keycard in the back office. Go back to the Big Hall, go over to the E side and one floor down to use the Card on the door there, go L and dive into a lower part of the trench to get a MP, back to the other side and through the broken grating SE, in the back room is a switch that will open an UW gate, go back, dive in the water at the broken grating and swim through to a loading dock, only take the Flares, better for your health.

Climb out and get a ½ MP in the R hand corner, get into the CS next to it and retrieve another Red Keycard. Get out of the W door enter the corridor and notice the door straight ahead, where we will go into a bit later, go S and open the door to the R with the Keycard, go down to the room where you can get some Flares in the back and different kinds of Goodies from the shelves, have a look above, that Alien walking over the grated floor, Spooky! Go back up to the corridor and into the opposite door, follow to a small pool, leave that alone for now, go into the dark passage E and pull a switch in the next room to drain the pool, get the Ammo from the shelves in the back and go to the e room, don’t step into the big pool of Aliensh..!

Go to a small platform that will raise as soon as you step on it, find the Yellow Keycard upstairs and drop down, go to the now drained pool and get the Grenade-gun from it. Go back up to the corridor and R, L into the door you saw before.

Box Puzzle.

Push a box in the W to get a Shotgun and go up the N higher floor. On the higher floor N of this is a green block, behind it is a switch to operate the elevator (the light grey floor parts). There is a passage up the S floor where there are 2 boxes you have to pull out and move to the lower floor with the elevator (the 2nd one can stay on the elevator, you don’t have to move it down). You can go around the boxes through a CS where the dead soldier lies. Then pull out the 3rd and get behind it through the CS so the passage can be entered.

When the last box is out, you can enter through the CS and go up the ladder in the end, get the Flares and shoot the grating up W there, get into the CS for Secret Ammo. Back out and into the passage over the ladder, follow to a room with a window, from which you can see a burning ledge, push the switch to kill the flames. Go back down to the room with the dead soldier and up the ladder on E wall there, get up into the CS over the ledge and follow to the end. The first big hole L leads to the shaft you picked up the Secret before, so ignore that, drop into a room with a dead soldier, pull the corpse away from the Blue Keycard and shoot a box for some Ammo, get back through the CS and down the ladder, go out of the door L of the ladder and to the Toilets. (And did I mention you can expect an Alien to attack here?) Go into the R hand door for a ½ MP, the L hand door to find a CS (in the last toilet) and some Crawly Creepers, shoot the grating and get some Ammo L, go on and find the ladder halfway down the passage, go up and into a room where you can push a button to open a CS in the Elevator shaft. Get back down to the passage with the Crawly Creepers and go S, collect 2 sets of Ammo in the corners of the large room and open the door to the Elevator shaft S.

The Elevator Shaft.

Grab the cable and slide down, look for the CS and go in, L at the crossing to get the Secret Uzis and Ammo from behind the propellers. Back out and L at the crossing, get the Flares and jmp back to the cable, go up and look for the door just up and next to the entrance, turn so you can backflip into this room, where a slow Alien roams around, you can just run past him to a passage with a CS on L side, go in to a room with a Fire-trap, jmp over the Burners and go L into the passage, climb backwards out of the CS at the hole in the floor and shimmy L to a CS above the door to the Quarters, go in for Secret MP and Ammo, drop out and enter the [b]Quarters.

The Quarters.

Get the Ammo from the table and some Crawly Creepers will come out to play, hit the light button next to the entrance and get the Microchip from the second room L, 2nd bed up on R side, check the beds for Goodies. Go back out to the corridor and R, past a Terminal and into the L hand room, get some Ammo and a Shotgun. But leave the Grenade-gun alone! Go back to that terminal and put the Chip in, the door opens.
Crawl under the low ceiling to the far R hand corner to get a ½ MP, then go SW and find a CS up in the wall, follow past the steam blowers to the end, drop out on the most L hand side and slide/grab the edge, take a MP and pull up in the corner, watch the health while you backflip onto an elevator, maybe you need a MP in the air. Climb the cable and backflip to the higher passage, shoot the grate and go into next room.

You can shoot some Eggs here if you want, this is the place they keep the fresh bodies to feed the Embryos. Go into next room and get a MP from the box, follow the next passage to a Ctrl room, open the e door with the card you have and get the Secret Revolver and Ammo, go back, open the S door and get a M16 with Ammo and some Flares in the back, now leave the Ctrl room through the W door and go N, R in the end and come to another terminal with a trapdoor close by, enter the passage ahead and in the next room overlooking a pool, is a button on a pillar, go check out the route first as the button will stop some burners for a short while and you have to get past them quickly.

Go up the ladder and look into the room at the burners, there is a dark grey rock ledge next to a grey metal pillar, you have to get to that, what I did was run in here and jmp onto the sloped floor under the burners with a roll so you slide backwards off, grab the edge and go R, backflip to the ledge. So have a go at it and when you are on the ledge, look for a Valve on the ledge behind you, this will close one of the Mains. Drop down from the ledge to a shallow part of the pool and go to the side, runjmp/grab the pillar in the pool and jmp to a ledge in the L corner, get a ½ MP and go climb the top of that dark pillar, runjmp/grab to the next ledge with a Valve W of you and use that one to close the next Mains. Drop down to the pool again and get the next Micro Chip from the deepest part, climb the pillar again and jmp to the valve ledge, go L and runjmp around the corner up to the corroded floor W, go L and jmp down over a fence to the grey ledge, push a button on the pillar to kill those burners and runjmp back up to that passage, go down to where you saw that Terminal and use the Chip to open the trapdoor.

The Flooded Kitchen.

Drop into a partly flooded corridor, go E and get the Lasersight from the table, spot the door in E wall which will be an important escape route later. Go through the flooded corridor and swim into a kitchen there are some swimming Aliens here so be careful, get some Goodies on the floors and go to the far R hand corner of the flooded dining room, there’s and UW door you can open, go through and get out in the back pool, watch out for the Creepy Crawlers and some yellow Aliensh..! You can shoot the Aliens in the pool if you want to, they should have followed you here. Find a broken ladder in the NW corner and get up to one square from the top, backflip to a walkway behind you, runjmp the gap to the central pillar and go R to the pillar with a button that will open the trapdoor on top of the ladder, go get some Ammo SE and go up the ladder to he corridor N.

Go R and be careful at those floor gratings, they will break and you will drop into the deep cave where Mama Alien rules. You can avoid meeting her by runjmping far around the L corner, so you’ll land on a higher ledge in the cave. But her Son is up here!! Shoot him and go look for a hole with the ladder up W, go forward in that room and get a MP, turn back, jmp over the hole and shoot some Gratings up in the wall at the dead end. Climb in to the Main Control Room.

The Main Control Room, Great Escape.

Go R and down to the floor, find the ladder and door on top in the SW corner, it’s important to find them blind later. Go to the W side of the central core and climb the terminal block there , look for a ledge on the Core close to the Shielded switch. Do a long runjmp/last moment grab to that ledge and place the Energy Cell to boost the power back up. Go down to the switch and save in front. The route is shown in the flyby, roll , sprint to the ladder get up fast, slide to the flooded kitchen and swim L, runjmps over the stairs, sprint the corridor and jmp over the table, go L and sprint to a hole in the floor, you can runjmp/grab over on the R hand side, now sprint over the walkway to the Shuttle to get out of here before the whole place explodes…