Level by Thierry Stoorne

Walkthrough by CC

There is no need to shoot the monkeys.

Level 1

After flyby of route through 'sewers' Lara stands in a closed room. Use the slopes at the gate to get up to the upper walkway. Shoot out the door ahead. Go through and to the end where there's a hole. Jump over to the other hole, go down and push floor lever. Climb back up and go down the other hole. Push floor lever there. Climb back up and a trapdoor has dropped over the trapdoor beside the hole. Drop down and push the last floor lever.

Get back up into the first room and go through the open door.

Move two crates onto the patterned floor tiles and the trapdoor drops. Go down and crawl, shoot out the crate and drop into the sewer. Run to the sidewalk and shoot two crocodiles in the water.

Run along the sewers and to the left. In a corner is a brown crate to push in, leave that for now. Go to the very end, pull out a reddish crate (there's a trapdoor behind it), and push it onto the patterned tile. This opens the gate beside the pushable crate in the corner. Go back there now and push/pull the crate onto the patterned tile outside. Kill a few bats. This opens the trapdoor behind the reddish crate.

Drop in and swim until you see a long gate underwater, beside this to the L is a lever to pull. Swim back a tiny bit and get air (this is a different air hole to the one you dropped down from). Climb up and up into a room where you'll see a trapdoor in the ceiling. Pull it down.

Climb up into the vent, crawl along and find a trapdoor. Drop down into another room. Shoot the crates in the centre and see a hole with water below. Drop down into the water and find another lever (W and L) to pull. Climb back up again, and go through the vent again back to the previous room. A block has moved and you see a ladder, climb it.

You are in a room with a red crate. Get onto the block at the L back side and shoot out the crate, then pull the other one out.

Go through where the crate was to a huge outdoor area. Now we see monkeys. Drop down on the street, turn around and run into the street with crates. The level changes to..

Level 2

Run over the crates here and up as far and the fence that spans the street. The Shotgun is on the left. Sideflip over the fence to the street ahead. Keep running and shoot four Dogs. The camera changes look in one of the alcoves on the right, (Lara’s L) where the camera changes for a SECRET, some shotgun ammo. Run to the next fence (notice the gates L and R there) and sideflip over it.

Run towards the water and kill two large crows. Jump into the pool and swim under the brown crate, get the Gate Key, and swim back out. This is a little awkward.
See a gate in the wall SE of the pool and shoot it. Climb in and climb on the red crate up to the corridor. The 2nd L corridor has a moveable red crate. Run to the end of the corridor and see a trapdoor on the floor, run around to the right and see a floor lever. The idea is to push the crate onto the trapdoor to get it down to the level below.

So, near the trapdoor shoot out the window and get onto the snow roof. Shoot out the next L window, get in and push the crate as far as it will go. Go back out the window and turn left. Shoot out the next window and jump in that way, or drop down to the ground again and go back in the way you did before. Climb into the corridor again. Push the crate onto the trapdoor. Pull the lever and the crate is now down below.

Go back out the window and down to the ground. Shoot out the window in the NE, and get in there, see the crate ahead of you!
Down here look at the floor. There are three blood stained squares. Push/pull the crate onto all three blood squares to reveal different camera shots of 2 walls go down and a gate opening up. Go back outside.
A door has opened in the centre of the building. Go in, kill two dogs. Go around to the back, drop down the hole and get a Yellow Fuse.

Back outside to the pool and a gate has opened underwater, swim in and get a gem.
Now back to Level 1, side jmping over the fences.

Run to the right side and along the snowy ledge on the side of this big pool. Do one curved running jump around the pillar onto the next ledge, and another to the caged off switch. Pull the switch and see the door behind glass open. Another curved jump around the gate to the ledge ahead. You're on the far side of the water from where you came into this level. Drop into the water. Look over to where the Jeep is and see 3 crates on the bottom at a pillar W, behind the crates is the Revolver. There's another Yellow Fuse next to the jeep.
Find the sharp pointed snow on a crate on the far W side, climb up on it. Shoot the red crate in the corner on another crate.

Jump over there and get the Lasersight. Combine lasersight and revolver and shoot the grate in the water that's under the high crate on the center ledges. (Very near the jeep, you'll have to jump over near the cage and barrier to see this.) Swim in there and pull the underwater lever. This opens the trapdoor under the pointy crate on the floor of the water area here. Swim through it and use another underwater lever to open the next one.

But don't go back there yet. Swim back to that crate you got up on before. Turn to face the barrier between the two water areas. Do a running jump (another curved one) and grab the barrier. (If you cannot do this, swim to the 1st pool and go out on the center ledge, jmp to the entrance of the area and go around the other side, where you went before, from the last high ledge, where you got into the water, do a runjmp/grab to the pillar on the barrier and one more around the L side of high pillar W of it.) Climb onto the ledge next to the crane and walk up to the tallest sharp triangular piece of snow, facing the tall part of the crane ahead, with a cage. You're aiming for that cage with a running jump. Place the Yellow Fuse and a rope has dropped. Turn around.

Use the rope to swing over to the floor switch, not the above ledge. Push the floor switch and see gates opening. Drop into the water and get back up to the rope again, this time head for the top, over the floor lever. This is a tough swing, and a little manipulating is caused for Lara to grab that ledge. (Swing a couple of times and release the swing button, wait for the moment Lara puts her feet back on the rope and hit swing, jmp of and grab the edge at the first swing. (Thanks for the tip, Magnus. –D) Turn around and do a running jump to the top of the crane. Keep jumping over the projections of the building on the left and get the next blue key.

Drop down to the snow ledge below and run into the left and along the 'road' to the now open gates. This brings you up to the room you saw earlier through the window. Shoot the crate and get the Blue key. Back outside this room is a dip in the floor. Place the Yellow Fuse and the trapdoor drops. Drop into the water and keep swimming until you find a Blue Gem. Swim back from Gem, to get some air at the air pocket and notice the closed gate there, turn around to the W and swim to the gate at the pool, look L and swim into an alcove where a block lowered, pull the UW lever to open the gate to SECRET #2, Ammo. (Thanks, eTux and Kristina)

Now go back to..

Level 2

Jump back over the fence again and go to the door of the building on the left. Use your Gate Key and go in. Jump up onto the crates and walkway above. Behind the crates at the top is SECRET #3, a medipack. Get back onto the walkway and use the Blue Fuses at the sliding gates.

Push the crate in the left corridor all the way forward, pull the crate on the right once or twice. Now go back to the walkway and go through the right door, out to another big outdoor area. Stand on the red crate and do a running jump down to the hanging crate. Jump to the next hanging crate with a monkey on it, and a final jump to the alcove in the wall with the shootable crate. There's a crow flying about at this stage, be careful not to shoot the monkeys by accident. Shoot the crate and get the key. Drop down to the ground and use the crate to get up onto the ledge, jump to the next ledge, and jump to the ledge with the wire stairs. Go back the way you came, across the walkway, and use your Key in the sliding door ahead.

Go into a room, shoot out the window and get out on the ledge. Ignore the stuff on the other side for now and run along on the right side, all the way around and find one ledge with SECRET #4, a medipack on it. Go back the way you came, back to the ledge with the Flares on it, pick them up, and shoot out the windows beside it. Go in there and shoot out another window. Jump from there to the snow roof of the church. Go to the right and find the crate. Pull the crate and push it to the side. Open the trapdoor. Drop down into the church.

Three or four bats will come at you in different places here. Go to the back of the seats L and use the two pull-down switches. Go back to the altar, and jump up into the left alcove. Run around 'til you come out on a walkway. Jump over to the checkered platform and use another pull-down switch. This opens the doors above the altar. Go there and pick up two Blue Gems.
Behind the altar is another pull-down switch on ground level; this opens the gate at the end of the walkway above, to another pull-down switch. This switch opens the gate above the altar on the right for SECRET #5, asmall medipack.

Leave the church the way you came! And go back to the building opposite the church, back to where the key was after the hanging crates.

This time get up to the snow-covered roof underneath where the key was. Grab the edge and shimmy R or L, pull up in a corner. Shoot out the windows. Jump up the sloped roof and run forward into a large room, run up any of the stairs and find four receptacles for the gems. Place these and go back to near where you shot out the windows. Turn left and down more stairs to a newly opened gate. Go in and shoot a dog.

Find the floor lever behind some crates. This opens another corridor behind the crates on the opposite side; pick up the Nitrous Oxide Feeder just before you go into this corridor. There's a ladder at the end. Climb up into a crawlspace and drop into a control room. Pick up the [Bike Room Key[/b] off the floor. There are two receptacles for two more Fuses on the wall.
Now unfortunately we have to go aaaaaall the way to Level 1 again.

Use the key to get the bike (the door under the stairs facing the first crane). Drive the bike up and over the ramps of the cranes and through the barrier. Into a room with crates.

Move two of the crates up on top to reveal a trapdoor in the ceiling. If you go through the trapdoor now you'll come to a room that's impossible to see what needs to be done. So before getting up into the trapdoor, drive the bike around to the tile behind the crate with the yellow stripes, this shows a column lowering in the next room. Climb up through the trapdoor and crawl to the next room.

Climb up to the next vent and crawl along straight ahead. You drop into a room with huge pipes. You can see the room where you have to place the 2 Blue Fuses later, from here, why no shortcut? Shoot the crate and get the Uzi for SECRET #6. Get back into the vent and take the first left. You drop into another control room. Shoot the crate and get the two Blue Fuses.
And now, guess what? Yep, you've guessed it, we go aaaaall the way back to Level 2 again, go back through the vents, drop into the water where the cranes are. Swim through the trapdoors to the other side. Get out of the water and back to Level 2.

Back to where you placed the four gems, and go down to where you got the Nitrous Oxide Feeder and back into the room with the two Fuse Key receptacles. Place them. The middle door opens, go through to another room with pink glass and pipes. Find the pull-down switch and see the door open beside you. Go around and through the pink glass tunnel and end up in Hounds of the Baskersville.