Level by: Bibi Phoque

Walkthrough by Anurag

Note: This walkthrough is dedicated to Kristina, who helped me out at "Stuck In a Custom Level Forum" and for encouraging me to write the walkthrough for this level.


The game starts with Lara standing on a cliff, pick up the FLARES. Turn around & reach a barnyard at your right. Climb on the box to the right & pick up some FLARES then climb up the ladder & jump to other side & pick up the WOODEN HANDLE. Exit the barnyard then go right, overlooking another empty barnyard, go round it & pick up the FLARES. Return to where the 1st barnyard was & continue to its opposite side.

Enter the fenced area, go right & up the stairs, continue straight at the turn, go inside the cave & pick up the FLARES. Now resume ascending the stairs, at the top you will be standing near a mansion. Go to the left end & pick up FLARES from the alcove. Now stand near the brown door on the left of it & activate the jump switch. The gate near to it opens. Now if you want to explore a little, then follow the walkthrough, otherwise go to **. Go right & explore the kitchen. Now take a left from the previous brown door. Enter the room & open a door, observe the corpse there & a television in the dark room. **Return through to the main room & up the stairs, first take left & open a door. Enter the room & pick up the FLARES, now push the bed aside & crawl in & climb down the ladder. Go inside & pick up the OLD DOLL, hear the shrieks that follow, now some part of the ground has turned into water. Climb back the ladder & come out of the crawlspace.

Descend the staircase & go to the room with the corpse. (You will observe that the kitchen is shut, & in the room, the corpse has disappeared & so has the television set.) The bloodstains will lead you to a movable block. Push the block, continue straight & drop down. Continue forward & then through the crawlspace with NO ENTRY written on it. As you come out on other side it closes behind you. There are some FLARES in the Southeast corner. Continue to another room & go straight avoiding a set of ghostly spike traps & right through the open door. If the door closes before you can go in, then turn left after the tile with something written on it, stand on the tile next to the painting, this shows you a cut-scene showing that a door has opened. Now there are 2 ways to reach this door.

The usual way by which you reached here. OR
A secret way, turn around & there is a crawlspace (which is not visible) in the left hand wall just before the turn. Continue through the black part & come out of the painting with trees. Turn left & go inside the open gate.

Continue inside & pick up a METAL BLADE. Go back to the room with paintings, & re-enter the second room, there is an opening in the Northeast, go inside pick up the FLARES & drop down in the water below. Get a set of FLARES here. Swim through the opening on west. The Water flow in some parts is very rapid, which will lead you in another place. Get out of water. Head for the mansion again, after the last step, jump on to the triangular ledge on right of Lara & from there to the opposite one & from there to the ledge on the mountain. Continue forward, just before the burial place on the left is a ledge, go on it & slide down. Slide down another slope, to reach a ledge with an OLD KEY & a witch on it. Pick up the OLD KEY, the witch really is a 2D Texture so it won't hurt you.

From here jump upwards in South direction & then to the stony ledge in the Southwest. Now facing West slide down. Drop down from the middle of this ledge. In the Northeast, there is a ledge; jump up to it. From here jump down to an alcove in the Northwest direction. Go inside & use the OLD KEY there. Climb down the ladder, then descend the stairs all the way down. Climb down another ladder, go to another room through a passage, as soon as you enter this room the door gets shut. There is a crawlspace in the Southwest corner, you will end up in a room with graffiti on its walls. Open the door & get inside, you can see that the glass wall in the Southwest is intact. Push the button in Northeast corner & the television besides you gets activated, listen the shrieks & observe the broken glass wall. (Now there is bug here; if you save & reload, then you will find that the TV is off & the button is pressed & also the glass wall is unbroken. So avoid saving in this & other 2-3 rooms that follow.) Go through the broken glass, & walk on the leftmost side, the 5th texture in the ground is an opening. Drop down, watch a rocking chair (lol) in the next room, walk in & drop down into a pool below. Watch the lovely message there. Now go either through left or right of this message.

Go inside & pick up a COMB, this is SECRET# 1, this makes a door open. Go through the now opened door, climb the ladder & back flip on a ledge. Go straight through the painting with legs & you will end up in a familiar room. Go up the ladder, now climb the stairs avoiding a Ghostly spike trap on the way. At the end, climb the ladder, exit through the door on which you used the OLD KEY.

Lara will now be in an opening place. Jump to the ledge in Southwest direction, then jump to another ledge in the southwest direction, climb on 2 ledges & you must end up at the starting of the level. Now go to the mansion & jump to the burial place as told earlier. Combine the METAL BLADE with the WOODEN HANDLE to make SHOVEL. Use the SHOVEL on the holy cross. A cutscene follows which gives a panoramic view of the area & also shows us that the ground adjoining the burial place has been dug. Go through the crawlspace to a room with a well.

Jump in the well, swim through either opening at both the sides, both are identical, so I will just describe one of them & you can try the another. Lara will end up in a small room, at one of the side walls you can find a Jump switch, activate it. Now if you want to explore then follow the walkthrough; otherwise go to ##. Go through the opening opposite to from where you entered. There is a Ghostly Spike Trap & a pit, jump over it & reach a room with a pedestal & a corpse. Now this is a trap, if you use the OLD DOLL on this pedestal, a cutscene will show you awakening ghosts & Lara will catch fire. (Note: I found out 2 such rooms with the pedestal trap, but the guys at the MPRager forums told me that there is only one such room & I believe my eyes & also I believe in them, so please see whatever applies to you.) Similarly activate the jump switch in the other room.

##Activating both the switches makes a door open at the bottom of the well, swim through this door. Swim bending all the way, & surface up in a room with a pedestal & a girl's corpse. Use the OLD DOLL on the pedestal, a cut-scene shows the burial place & the spooky tree besides it, if you observe the naked tree has grown some red leaves. When the cut-scene is over, you can observe that the wall in front of the pedestal had disappeared & so has the girl's corpse. Continue forward up the slope towards the boulder to end a spooky & terrifying level.