Quest for the Stargate  

Level by Timj (July, 2004)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

down a slope and the doors open in front of you. Go west for Uzi ammo. Then go back to the doors and kill a ninja for red shotgun shells. Jump over the three deadly blue floor sections and start up the ramp. Run into the east side alcove for flares as two spike balls roll down the ramp. Continue up the ramp and pick up the Hand of Orion from the floor. There is a receptacle in the east but it is for another item. Go west down the steps and enter the dark stargate room. Kill the two ninjas for a small medipack and revolver ammo.


Go to the east wall and enter the open doors. Follow the tunnel north and jump the deadly blue sections. You enter a room and see three rows of beetle pictures. One picture will have the spot on the north side and the others have the spot on the south side. The north side spots are fire traps but you can jump over them. The south side spots are spike traps. Jump the fire trap tiles and go to the north wall. Pick up four revolver ammo and the revolver from the pedestal for secret #1. Exit this room and return to the stargate room.


At the north wall is the closed stargate. Go to the north-east corner and up a small ramp. Go to the end and pick up the shotgun and red shotgun shells as a spike ball falls behind you. Them step back and pick up the two red shotgun shells. This also triggers two mummies but they are slow and easy to evade.  In the center of the room between the two statues you can get grenade normal ammo. Go to the north-west corner and enter a room with a large pool.


Dive into the pool and swim to the south-west corner. Be careful where you pull up and get Uzi ammo. Dive back into the pool and swim into the north underwater tunnel. It is a very long swim. Near the end of the swim you swim down a vertical shaft. Look to your right and swim south into a short tunnel for secret #2 and a large medipack. Continue in the main tunnel and a gate drops behind you. Surface and wade south through the water. Run down the corridor and avoid the dark tiles that are spike traps. Also watch out for the ceiling tiles that mark fire traps. At the end you overlook a large room.


Slide down and jump to the left to avoid two falling spike balls. Go to the north-east corner and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a gate opening in the west wall. Jump the blue tiles and climb the ladder. Avoid the mummy and slide down to the other side of the spike traps. Go east and pick up the Eye Piece from the pedestal. An invisible wall prevents you from going outside into the desert. Get into the water and swim south through an underwater tunnel. At the end pull up into an outside desert area. Go west and kill four scorpions. Climb the wall ladder and go north up the ramp and kill two scorpions. Keep to the right side as a spike balls rolls on the left side. Then go to the left side as the right spike ball drops. At the end, safety drop to the floor and you are back where you started.


Avoid the two mummies and go west to get back to the stargate room. Avoid the other two mummies and go back to the pool and dive in. This time swim to the west wall and pull up to face more water. Get in and swim into a flooded room. Pick up flares from the middle of the floor. Swim to the north-west corner and into a hole in the floor. Swim up a shaft and pull up into a tunnel. Use the hand of Orion in the receptacle and get a cut scene of an underwater door opening. Get back to the water and swim to the south-east for the open door. The door closes behind you. Follow the tunnel and stay near the top to avoid the spikes on the floor.


Enter another room and swim to the south-west corner to get a small medipack from the top of a block. Then swim up the central structure and surface. Pull up and the door closes behind you. Slide down and jump over the central hole as four spike balls drop behind you. Pull up to the west ledges and pick up the Eye Piece. An earthquake happens. Run around the top ledge to pick up flares. Shoot the south-east vase for Uzi ammo. The other vases are empty. Go to the water hole but the water is gone. You can climb down the south wall into the dry room. Exit by the east tunnel to kill a ninja and pick up Uzi ammo.


Go north and the doors open as you approach. Go east up the ramp back to the pool. Swim across and pull up into the stargate room. Make the Eye of Horus and use it to open the stargate. Jump into the stargate and slide down a slope as the level changes.


You are in the very dark stargate room filled with boxes. Start by going towards the south-west and kill three ninjas and two scorpions. The second door in the corridor is closed so return to the stargate and look south towards the boxes. Pick up the flares and kill two ninjas and two scorpions. One ninja will drop Cartouche Piece 2. As you pick it up, kill three ninjas to the south and two scorions behind you. Go south and pick up Cartouche Piece 1 from the dead ninjas. Go to the south-east corner and shoot a vase on a box for Uzi ammo. Climb the boxes near the east wall and use them to jump onto the boxes in the middle of the room. Pick up the Uzi's from a north box. Jump to a lower west box for the shotgun.


Go into the south-west corner and into the corridor. Hop onto the south block and kill two ninjas. Pick up a small medipack and the Hand of Sirius. Pull up into the east corridor and the camera view changes.  Go to the east end and pull back the statue a few tiles. Get behind the statue and climb the boxes. Drop into the north-east corner and use the Hand of Sirius. Get into the south-west hole for Uzi ammo. Climb the boxes and run west down the corridor and back into the stargate room. Go enter the earlier west corridor and the second door is open. Make the Ba Cartouche and use it to open the third door. Run towards the jeep and the level ends.