Level by Peter Tedstone (Stormchaser)

Walkthrough: Jose Boo

Notes from the author:
- The Game - Its dark but there are loads of flares.
- This level was built to be non linear. There is no set way to play the level and many tasks can be completed, as you like.
- Lara visits the Orient to obtain a sacred parchment.
- There are six secret gold tokens to collect as well.


Lara slides over a ramp to a little courtyard. One of the three blocks is moveable; move it to get the shotgun under it. Explore the area to find three sets of flares and shotgun ammo.


Pull the lever in the SW corner to open the nearby door. In the new room, go right and find a moveable block in the west wall; pull out and aside to discover a dark room where you can pick up 5 sets of uzi ammo and a large medipack. Go out of this room and right, climb the brown block and jump into the crawlspace in the central building; drop at the other side, turn left and use the ladder to climb at the top. Jump over the central stone ledge and find SECRET#1. Look for the opening in the north wall, drop, grab the edge and shimmy right along the crack till you can stand up and get the 1ST GUARDIAN KEY. You can drop from here to ground floor and lose some health or go back to the ladder and safely climb down; the north door will open as you approach. Get back to the little courtyard at the beginning of the level. (I haven't found anything in the garden behind the building).


Go to the NW corner and light a flare to find a new moveable block between two columns and push it once. From here on, I'll call this room the "main room" along the walkthrough. Take a minute to explore this room and kill three butterflies that disturb Lara. There is a central pool with beautiful flowers and fishes that are not dangerous; one pillar north and another south both with fire on top, the north pillar has a ladder but you can't climb for now 'cause the fire on top; and finally two doors, one at the north wall and another at the west wall. Let's go for a swim now.


Jump into the pool and through the opening in the NW corner, turn left at the first junction and right at the second; look up for a passage in the ceiling, swim to the end and get SECRET#2. Go back quickly and continue left and right at the end till you can get out of the water in a dark room. Climb the ladder to your right, pull the moveable block in the upper floor and enter into a long corridor. Go left at he first junction and left again at the end; go up the stairs. (I haven't found anything in the nearby garden with the pool and the palm at the center). Go into the next right opening to discover a small temple. Go around the right wall at the entrance, jump over the slope and climb over the wall; do a running jump to the south side of the entrance and use the lever to open the temple door. As you enter two ninjas attack, dispatch them and pick up the small medipack and shotgun ammo they drop. Shoot the vases to discover the HYPOSTYLE KEY one of them contains. Make your way to get back to the main room.


In the main room, the west door is breakable, so shoot it, enter the corridor and kill two ninjas; one of them drops the uzis and another one shotgun ammo. Go left-left-right and you'll find the keyhole for the hypostyle key; use the key, go through the corridors and eventually arrive to a small room with crates. Use the jumpswitch in the south wall to take off the fires at the top of the pillars in the main room. Get back there and climb the ladder in the north pillar. From the top, do a running jump and grab the edge of the roof; shimmy left and around the corner till you can stand up. Climb to the highest part of this central structure, kill a giant wasp and find SECRET#3. Drop down from the west edge on a flat ledge to find the 2ND GUARDIAN KEY. From here, do a running jump over the lower west cornice and down to ground floor. Climb again the north pillar, but this time do a single jump and grab the edge of the middle floor. Kill another giant wasp and do a running jump to the left side of the east cornice, pull the moveable block once, drop and grab the edge, shimmy left (you can shimmy under the block) and pull the lever in the corner to open the north door (camera shows). Go into that room to pick up four sets of flares and shoot the vase to get SECRET#4 (This time there is no music and it's no counted in the statistics but it's a golden coin too like the other secrets). Go out of this room and back to the west door of the main room.


Make your way through the corridors (left-right) till you arrive a room with lava, wooden bridges and a center fire blower. Kill two giant wasps and take the south bridge route. Pick up the flares and at the end jump over the wooden rectangular platform. Choose your binoculars and take a look at the end of the room: the distant door is open. This is a timed door, jump quickly over the pillars before the gate closes itself, then go into the right crawlspace and pull the moveable block twice to get the 3RD GUARDIAN KEY. Get back to the lava room the way you came (there's nothing to do in the other crawlspaces).


Let's take the west bridge route now. Pick up uzi ammo in the corridor and enter in a big cave; kill the three ninjas the best you can and use the NW block to jump over the south stone pillar and from here to the central stone. Light a flare and look here for SECRET#5. Do a running jump over the SW stone and go down the hole to pick up a large medipack. Climb and do a running jump with grab to the crack in west wall; shimmy right, stand up at the end and follow the passage up to a slope. Slide down and immediately duck to avoid the falling rock, jump over it and follow to the next room. When you enter, the smashing pillars begin to move; your following task is picking up the next key behind a wall at the SW corner. Do a running jump to the rectangular ledge in front of you, face right and go to ground floor over the safety tiles the smashing pillars can't reach, judge the SW corner pillar to get the very end corner where the 4TH GUARDIAN KEY is. When you pick it up the door above opens. There is a ladder, use it to avoid the pillar you passed before and judge the pillar near the door. Once at the other side jump over a slope in the east wall and climb onto a block at the NE corner; turn left and judge the pillar with a standing jump to the next safety ledge. From here is easy jump over the ledges to the open door in east wall. Go left at the end of the corridor to pick up some uzi ammo and then return to the lava room. Before leave this room look up the monkey swing over the north wooden bridge; grab it and at the end find finally SECRET#6. Return and back to the opening you've entered this room (east bridge).


Go straight ahead and left all the way until you find a stone wall passage; follow it and locate the place to put your keys. A nearby door opens. Enter the next room and kill a ninja if you want, if not so, slide down the ramps to get the lowest north part of the room. When you pick up the large medipack in the NW corner another ninja attacks. Kill him and go to the opening in the NE corner; right there is a door, which will open when you pick up the parchment. Go west and enter in a new room where you'll have to kill the last ninja; then drop, grab de edge of the bridge and shimmy to the other side to avoid the fire of the dragons or simply duck along the bridge. Shoot the breakable door to enter into the sacred room and shoot the most left panel to get access to the other side; shoot the vase there and retrieve the parchment. The dragon wakes up and the door I've talked before opens.


Go back the way you came to that door and enter the Dragon's Lair. Keep an eye on your health 'cause clouds of locusts attack. Near the south wall, behind a small hill is the last floor lever you must pull to open the escape door. That door is behind the dragon in the NE corner of the cave. So go there avoiding the fire balls, and at the end of the passage slide down the ramp to finish another excellent level from Stormchaser.

Secrets: 6 of 6.