City of Marostica (Demo)

Level by Trey

walkthrough by Yoav

Starts in city; go to right side, shoot dog and thug, go left way, shoot antoher thug, pick up iron key, use it and get in house, shoot thug and push those double doors, follow up stairs and push more double doors, pick up cinema lux keys, get out the house and use the key. Go to cinema 1, some of the doors will open automatically, shoot dogs and thugs, go to cinema 2, do the same and in camera room, pull switch, the WC ROOM opens, shoot there a thug, he will drop golden key, get back to beginning.

Follow the way straight, shoot two dogs and look for key hole, use the key, get in house, shoot thug, pick up uzi clips, go up stairs and push those double doors, shoot thug and pick up golden key. Use it and get down to garage, pull jumpswitch, go to next room and pick up iron key, get out of house, you see closed black gate that needs a key, remember it well!!

Now get back to cinema 1 and use the iron key. Pull the switch, wooden trap door opens, climb down, you are in maze, you see closed doors, find the first switch to open one by one the doors, slove it and get in to room with chair and table, proceed and see ampty pool, go to other side and jump into water, swim to crawlspace, you are in underwater maze. Find and pull underwater lever, keep swimming and pick up flares and shootgun ammo, get out through the opening trap door, pull the switch, and swim out of the pool, go to empty pool place, in room pull switch and fill the pool, jump in and pull underwater lever, now go to first pool and pull switch to empty the pool, get in and pull jumpswitch, climb out.

Go to rusty corridor, jump to small area between the slope on left and pull switch, it opens a wooden door, but the door in corridor will open automatically, so do it, be careful when you move between those flames, then climb on ladder and go out.

You are in courtyard, shoot dog and thug and push double doors, get in house, push two double doors, notice for door open and pick up there golden key, go up stairs, push more double doors. Near the key hole, climb on cupboard, shoot on wall and crawl into crawlspace, it's a secret place, pick up medipack. Now use the key and pull jumpswitch in balcony, go down to courtyard.

Shoot dog and thug, climb on boxes and from there to metal ledge, go next room, do monkeyswing and get into crawlspace, when you are in the room jump to pool, swim to next pool and pull unterwater lever, get out and push movable box to tile, room with burning floor opens, but the wall is climbable and you can pick up there iron key. When you have the key, get back to courtyard, and climb down ladder where you came from.

Use the key, follow stairs, pull switch, do monkeyswing and get into crawlspace, pick up shotgun ammo and get down in room, push the moveable box to tile, wooden trap door opens, pick up iron key and back to stairs, use the key, get into kitchen and pick up gate key, get out to city and find the black gate (the one that I told you to remember), use the key and run to end.

Addendum by Kristina: There's another secret. In cinema 2, inside the bathroom turn left and shoot the wall behind the toilet. Crawl in to find a big medipack.