Lara and the Horse 1

Level by Agnes

Walkthrough by Yoav

This walkthrough written by Member Forum request for the enjoyment of the dear kids.

The level starts by showing the horse, get in house. Go to small pool, it's a secret place, pick up flares, follow the corridors, pick up more flares, keep going and crawl into crawlspace.

You are now in garden, take a look around, move the decorated box, pick up Flower, keep running around and pull wood lever, then go through open gate, shoot the vase, get in the house through the gate you opened, pick up Stalk, climb on the cupboard to secret place, pick up Banana, get into second house, turn left and pull the teddy bear, pick up Banana, turn back and shoot the small pyramid that blocks the way.

Combine the Flower and Stalk, place the Golden Flower, the ball is rolling down, slide down too, press switch, get in room with motorbike, fly by shows you where to drive, do savegame and straight to drives.

When you arrive at new place, get off the motorbike, shoot those pyramids, go through the gate, climb on the wall to the right, get the third secret, go down again, shoot the vase and proceed onward, shoot those vases for fun and press the switch near the gate, pull Lara into high crawlspace, run to and climb on wall.

Move those two boxes to tiles, the gate opens, climb down and jump to part room of house, go to next room, press the switch to shows and listen the flyby... the level ends.