Searching of the Artifact of The Dragon

Level by Gary

Walkthrough by Yoav

Starts in room, indeed it looks like the South America levels, crawl into crawlspace and pick up crossbow + ammo, shoot the vase and pick up more ammo, pull the lever, go to next room, shoot two small scorpions and pick up ammo, don't go to crawlspace because it's a trap.

Wait a moment, even do a savegame, when you follow the way you see an open room, don't let the monkey get near the room, otherwise he will close the door. It's hard to get in these rooms and the only things to do there is pick up plares.

Proceed and move the goblets to tiles, door opens, pick up ammo and go through the door, shoot dog and ninja pick up revolver and slide down past the wooden crash bridge and go to end. Make sure to dodge the spiked boulder coming after you and get in quickly to crawlspace, blow the mummie and pick up uzi and ammo, crawl to other crawlspace and where the spiked boulder was you can pick up now star and use it.

When you are in the corridor look on the signs on wall, proceed to big room and pull four underwater levers in the right order (that you saw on a wall), door will open somewhere above on ledge, shoot small scorpion and start climbing up, shimmy left, pull Lara into crawlspace, jump to ledge, forward jump to next ledge, grab and shimmy right, pull Lara, turn and jump to ledge, from there to other ledge. Now you can see the open door, get into hall.

There are two ways to go, start on left, you can't pick up the key yet!! It's guarded by spikes, get in room, oops three dragons spit fire, pull the first lever you see, there is one more near those dragons, pull it and then go to pole and climb up to room above, pull the switch. Now you can pick up the key; use it and the door is open now, light a flare and go around. There are two switches; pull the left one and pick up Cartouhe piece 1 and get back to hall.

Crawl into crawlspace, pull the switch, go to the second room, do savegame, the floor is trapped by spikes, the safe way to walk is to follow the bubble air, when you get close to the spikes, jump over them and pick up medipack and revolver, jump back over the spikes, follow again the bubble air and do savegame. Avoid from many rolling spiked boulders, run to end slope and pick up Cartouhe Piece 2, back to hall.

Combine the two Cartouche Pieces and place it, prepare yourself to be attacked by flying skeletons and monster, shoot them and slide down through the open gate, you are in room with four fish statues, run a little forward and the level ends.