Underworld - Unfinished Business TWO

The Ghost Train at Castle Orr

By Richard Lawther

This walkthrough is meant as a general guide only. It may not include every pickup or secret. There may also be alternative ways of approaching situations within the game.


Team Anubis has assembled at Castle Orr and is working in support of Demon Smalls as he attempts to summon the Ghost Train that will take you to Lower Hell. Your mission is to assist Demon Smalls by activating the Castle Orr power grid. Locate the 2 Power Rooms and generate the only sort of power Small's beacons can utilise.

[Warning: Using the all-weapons cheat is both unnecessary and risks having important inventory items go missing from the inventory -ie scrolls]

WALKTHROUGH by Lizard Queen



uub2map3.jpg uub2map4.jpg

Team Anubis Headquarters (Map#1)

The level begins with Lara facing a wall with four maps (copies included with download.) Reverse roll and go through the opening and down a small corridor. Turn left, then right into a room with three members of Team Anubis playing poker. To the right, pickup Uzis and four summoning scrolls (for later use). Exit the room and enter the corridor opposite you, which is interrupted by a small lava pit. Jump over the lava pit and the level loads.

Team Anubis Garage

Make your way to the garage area and pickup 2x uzi ammo and flares. There is a vehicle under construction and another completed vehicle nearby. Stand in front of the sign to see an enlarged view of what it says: The key information is that this vehicle runs on angry bees. Before you can ride it you'll have to capture some bees. Leave the way you came and return to the Team Anubis HQ.

Team Anubis Headquarters (revisited) (Map#1)

As you exit the corridors to an area with a roped lava pit, turn right, then left into a room with Dr. Psychobabble and a Xian Warrior. Turn right and pick up the final summoning scroll. A cut scene shows a gate opening. Exit the room. Ahead and to the right, around the roped lava pit, is the newly opened archway. Go thru the archway and enter an atrium with several passageways. Follow the columns as they curve to the right and enter the room on the end.

Platforms (Demon Smalls working) (Map#1)

Jump across the railway track and pickup uzi ammo. Nearby, Demon Smalls is studying his laptop, waiting. Work on summoning the train seems to have stalled. Exit the room and make your way back to the main atrium.

You now have a choice of two main routes....


Head straight and take a right passageway leading to a section of railroad track. Take a running jump and grab to the other side. Follow the hallway and the level loads.

Trial by Spear (Map#2)

Follow the corridor around to a blocked gateway with two switches. Push both switches to open the gate. Take a left to enter a room with a lava pool, platforms and spikes. Turn left at the pool and face the lowest platform so that both platforms are aligned in front of you. Take a running jump and grab to the first platform. Immediately take another running jump to the next one, the platforms begin to rise into spikes above as soon as you land. Reverse roll and another running jump and grab to the next platform. Turn right to face the platform behind and do a standing jump to it. Turn slightly left, jump back to the wall and take a running jump and grab to the block ahead. Up above are more spikes now descending along the path so make your way as quickly as possible to the ledge past the spikes at the far end. Facing you is another lava pool with a partially submerged section of walkway. Do a running jump to the walkway, turn and run to the right to make another running jump to the sloped block. As you slide, jump to grab the monkey swing above and drop near the end.

Boulder Enigma (Map#2)

The next area is a puzzle consisting of five levers, four boulders and several ramps. The objective is to create a correct pathway for each boulder by choosing to either lower trap doors (using the four levers closest to you), leaving the doors as is or any combination thereof. When released (via the fifth lever on a block at the back of the area), each boulder should land onto a blue square below. If any boulder lands in a lava square, the floor will burn. The correct combination is to pull only two levers, the ones at the very left and right (when facing the boulders). After pulling these two, make a running jump to the fifth lever (at the back and to the right of the boulders) to release the boulders. Cut scene shows another partially submerged walkway and a newly created chain. Jump back and grab the edge of the block and climb down the ladder.

Secret #1: Reverse roll and turn right towards a block of pillars. From the leftmost edge up the tiny slope, jump, grab and pull up. Turn right and face the middle of the room. There are two invisible platforms ahead. From the middle of the pillar block, take a running jump and grab to the first platform. Turn slightly right and do a running jump to the next platform and a running jump to the pillars at the end. Turn left and take another running jump and grab to the last pillar block and jump into the alcove in the wall to get Secret #1 (Manna from Heaven + Uzi ammo).

Proceed to the lava entrance, make your way up the chain and do a backflip into the room above. Follow the stairs and encounter two Spikeballs. Take them out and proceed down the corridor which opens onto an area filled with sloped blocks over lava. Starting at the far most block, take a standing jump to it. Continue jumping and you will eventually make it to the other side. In the next room, there is yet another set of sloped blocks over lava. However, traversing the blocks will only take you back to the beginning. Instead, go to the left wall and notice a climbable wall on the inside of the overhang. Turn to face the overhang and do a standing jump on the slope and grab the inside of the overhang. Shimmy to the other side. Down the corridor, you will meet two more Spikeballs. Dispatch them and proceed down the stairs into a large open arena.

Minefield (Map#2)

A cut scene informs that this area is not safe. Turn right and enter a room with a switch and a small dome. Push the switch and bars blocking an alcove outside raise to reveal a summoning pedestal. Exit this room and proceed left to the newly opened alcove. Stand before the pedestal and press ctrl (the correct scroll is automatically selected) and watch another cut scene. The floor is now safe to traverse. At the end of the room, turn left and the level loads.

Trial by Heat (Map#1)

Proceed through the corridor and down the stairs to find another large lava area. Climb the block on the right and proceed to a series of slopes across the lava. Face the slopes, angled so that the first standing jump lands on the rightmost side of the first slope. Jump and angle to the right to the next slope (a slight slide after each jump will help reach the next slope). Another jump and angle to the left and so on until you reach the flat area with a switch. Pickup the Manna from Hexham and push the switch. A cutscene shows a rope suspended from the ceiling and activates pistons and flames on the ledge.

Turn around making your way back over the slopes. Turn right, climb the block and face the rope swing. Take a running jump and grab the rope and swing to the slope ahead. Slide and jump your way along, angling right when necessary. After the slope at the curve at the far end, you could choose to grab the slope and shimmy as far to the right as possible. This made the next set of jumps a lot easier. Make your way again through the next few slopes to the two platforms ahead. Immediately jump back and grab the edge and let the two boulders fall safely out of the way.

Secret #2: Turn right and face the alcove. Do a running jump into the alcove and up the ramp. There is a crawlspace up and to the left. To get this secret you have to position Lara as high as possible at the end of the chute and just press ctrl and the up arrow to initiate the jump up. (ignore Alt) Pull up and pick up a Manna from Heaven which is Secret #2.

Exit the alcove and turn left. While facing the ledge with the pistons, take a step back from the edge and do a standing jump and grab the edge of the next slope. Shimmy to the right, lift up, jump and grab the rightmost edge of the ledge. Shimmy to the right, around the corner until you reach a spot in between the second and third last piston. Pull up, reverse roll and do a running jump to the next slope. Immediately jump and angle slightly right to reach the next slope. Jump and angle slightly left to reach the next slope. Slide and grab the bottom of this last slope. Pull up, reverse roll and jump to the block below. Immediately do a standing jump to the next block to avoid the large hammer. Immediately do a running jump and grab the next block. Shimmy to the far left and pull up to do another running jump and grab (this will change trajectory so you can land) to the fire ledge ahead. Immediately jump back and grab to avoid damage from the piston and the flames on the right. Hang until the first flame subsides. Pull up and run to a safe spot after the second hammer but before the next flame. Wait until the next flame subsides and run to the next safe spot (there is one after each piston) until you finally make your way to the end to do a running jump and grab into the alcove in the wall.

Follow the corridor, which opens onto another large sloping area. Do not proceed because there are boulders above. Position Lara in the 'second lane' from the end and when the boulder on her left passes, run into its lane to avoid the others. After all the boulders have fallen, you can finally enter Power Room #1. Lara asks herself about the "lifts" which don't seem to work. Exit the alcove and make your way down to the bottom of the slope. A boulder has got jammed in the entrance and there is no way through. On the left is a climbable wall. Do a running jump and grab and climb to the top. Pull up to see another summoning pedestal. Stand before the pedestal and press ctrl. Watch another cut scene as Laser Beam Dave removes the boulder. Jump back, grab and climb down about 3/4 of the way. Jump, reverse roll, grab the ledge and pull up. Turn left and head down thru the cleared doorway and jump across the small gap. Push the switch, activating 3 transport lifts in Power Room #1. Head back out, up the slope and reenter the alcove on the right.

Power Room #1 (Map#1)

The objective of this puzzle is to move two pushable Spikeball statues to the top. Move the first statue onto the octagon platform. Pull the lever and the statue will rise to the next level. Jump into the smallest transport lift behind you to the first glass floor above. Move the newly transported statue off the first platform onto the next one and pull the lever on this floor. There is an alcove on the opposite wall with a small pool at the bottom. Safety drop down into the pool and pull up back into the first floor. Jump into the lift on the left to the second glass floor. Move the newly transported statue off the second platform onto the third one and pull the lever on this floor. Safety drop down into the pool and pull up into the first floor. Jump into the lift ahead to the third glass floor. Move the statue so that the white arrows on the statue match the blue arrows on the wall. Safety drop back down and make your way to the second floor lift to the back and right. Repeat the steps to get the second statue to the top and push into place on the second wall receptacle. [Warning: if the two statues end up on the same square (following a transport) they both will become fixed and you will be stuck.] A cutscene shows activation of 1/2 of the power needed to fuel the Ghost Train.

DEMON SMALLS: Damn! I obviously don't have enough power....


Gravity Trimmer (Map#1)

Head straight to the end and take a left passageway leading to the gravity trimmer. Align Lara up with the green trimmer line extending over the lava pit and take a running jump (no grab) to the other side. Follow the corridor and up a flight of stairs. Turn right and notice a barred alcove on the left and vases on the right. Just past the barred alcove and above is a hidden area. Jump, grab and pull up into a crawlspace. Push the switch raising the bars on the alcove to reveal a summoning scroll pedestal. Exit the crawlspace and enter the alcove. Stand before the pedestal and press ctrl. Watch as Jim Rummage finds a key.

JIM RUMMAGE: There must be something down here...................got it!!

Trial by Backache (Map#3)

uub21.jpgPick up the key, use it to open the gate ahead and enter the next area. Push the Xian Statue so that the gem fits into the wall receptacle on the left to open another gate. Before leaving, pick up the Uzi ammo in the back right corner of the room.

In the next area there are two rooms - one representing a copy of the other. On one side, are two pushable statues, on the other, corresponding coloured squares indicating where the statues are to be positioned in the opposite room (the one with the statues). Start with the statue with red arrows. Pull the statue three times from the wall. Then facing the stairs, push twice. Pull the next statue with green arrows three times from the wall. Then facing the window ledge, push twice. The positions of the two statues should be as is shown in the image on the right.

The next gate opens. Before exiting the room, pick up Uzi ammo on the ledge on the right. Exit and turn left into the next room. On the right and above is a boulder. Move the statue under the boulder (with your back to the gate, pull twice, facing the stairs, push twice.) Immediately do a back flip as the boulder falls, crushing the Xian statue and releasing the gem. Place the gem into the receptacle to open the gate. Pick up Uzi ammo on the window ledge and exit the room.

The next room reveals a lever to exit, but if pulled it will release a Spikeball down below and he will run to the nearby "fire trigger square" and you will be set alight. You need help in preventing this pest from reaching the deadly square. There is a switch on the wall to the right, between the 3rd and 4th pillar. Push this switch and two helpful Anubis guards will be summoned. Now you can pull that lever switch and watch as the guards deal with that troublesome Spikeball. Before exiting, pickup Uzi ammo between the pillars near the floor lever. Go through the gate and up the stairs. Your attention is directed to a fire trigger square on the left. Pick up Uzi ammo on the right. As you enter the double corridor room, three Spikeballs come towards you, two down the left corridor and one down the right. Shoot all three before any reach the fire square or suffer "consequential death by flame". [you will need the Uzi and about 120 rounds of ammo to do this safely. If you are short on ammo there is enough in the preceding rooms (see above)] Make your way thru the corridor and down a set of stairs on the left.

Secret #3: Before proceeding further, up above and to the left is a hidden alcove. Jump up and pull into Secret #3 and pick up a Manna from Hexham. Exit the alcove.

Proceed down the remaining stairs into the next area. Turn left and ahead is a lava pool with a sloped block below. Facing the pool, jump back from the edge, turn around and backflip onto the slope below. Slide, jump and grab (to change trajectory), then release before Lara grabs the ladder above to land into the doorway in the wall. Push the switch and a semi-submerged walkway appears over the lava pool. Reverse roll back to the sloped block. Take a running jump and grab, reverse roll and grab the ladder on the wall. Climb up, head down the stairs to the left and across the lava via the new walkway.

At the top of the stairs, to the right, push the switch to release a rope swing. Run, jump and grab the rope. Turn left and angle to face the ladder, swing, jump and grab the ladder on the opposite side. [tip: Aim Lara slightly to the right of the ladder to get the best flight to the ladder] Climb to the top, pull up into the alcove and pull the lever to open the gate. Move forward and safety drop down (lost some life) to arrive at the beginning of this room and head through the newly opened gate.

The Skull (Map#3)

At the end of the corridor ahead is a summoning scroll pedestal that is currently barred. To the left is a closed gate with a warning sign... "The Skull is being... Awkward." Not a good sign. And on the other side are two vases. Pull both vases to pick up a Manna from Hexham and a skull pass. The gate ahead opens. Proceed with caution as the Skull, who periodically releases a hostile swarm of health depleting bees, blasts deadly fireballs. The objective is to push the 4 wall switches within the room to raise the bars that block the scroll pedestal in the corridor. After all four switches are pushed, exit the room, turn left and enter the alcove. Stand before the pedestal and press ctrl. Watch the cutscene and reenter the room. Pick up the jar of angry bees on the floor under the Skull who freakishly follows your every move. You now possess what you need to operate the Hornet vehicle first seen at the beginning of the level. Outside the room and to the right, the second gate opens and you are free to exit. Level loads to Map#1.

Secret #4: At the bottom of the stairs, push the switch on the right wall to release a rope swing. Run, jump and grab the rope and shimmy to the bottom. Turn around to face the side from where you just jumped. Do a Super Swing, jump and grab an upper alcove. Pull up and pick up a Manna from Heaven which is Secret #4.

Drop down and do another running jump and grab to the rope and swing jump to the other side. Exit the corridor, ahead to the end of the main room and turn right to exit. Proceed around the right side of the roped lava pit. Turn right and take the second corridor at the end and to the left. Take a running jump across the lava pit and into the next area.

Team Anubis Garage (Map#4)

At the end of the corridor, turn left and proceed around to the vehicle garage. Approach the Hornet and select the jar of angry bees. Lara will climb into the vehicle, which is now ready for use. (vehicle controls for reverse [/] ... and ending reverse [shift] ) Turn right up the small ramp and left at the end of the corridor, up the large ramp. Make your way thru several turns through the corridor. At the end is a maze-like structure with electric cones. The objective is to drive the vehicle into the cones situated on the maze, crashing into them and extinguishing flames over the levers on the glass floor above. Once all three cones have been crushed, climb one of the poles to the upper glass floor and pull the three levers to open the next gate.

Secret #5: Descend the pole but before proceeding, there is an alcove in the water, in the wall on the left. Swim through the alcove and pickup a Manna from Hexham which is Secret #5. Reverse roll and exit the alcove.

Take the vehicle through the gate and through the corridor to the next area. Turn left, drive the vehicle forward and back it onto a red trigger block on the right and dismount. Run forward to the end of the room where there is a turquoise gem on a dark blue carpet. Do not walk onto the carpet, it is a false floor. Instead face the gate on the left, turn left and push the wall switch between the two square columns opening a previously blocked doorway.

Secret #6: Turn around, walk to the left edge of the blue carpet area, turn around, jump back and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left until you are a little more than half way and drop to a hidden block below. Reverse roll, angle towards the opening in the opposite wall, do a running jump and grab and pull up. Climb up the stairs and reverse roll at the end. Jump up and grab the ladder and climb to the top and pull up. Climb another flight of stairs and claim the Manna of Heaven which is Secret #6. Take a standing jump and grab the ladder in the opening ahead. Climb down and safety drop to the ground below (lost some life).

Return to the vehicle and prepare for a timed run. The objective is to traverse the rectangular ledge behind you in time to complete a sloped jump to the other side. From your current position (should still be on the red trigger block), make a hairpin turn left onto the ledge. Traverse around the ledge and without stopping, drive the vehicle over the slope before the block ahead lowers. Once over, enter the opening on the right and turn right again. Turn the vehicle completely around, back up the vehicle as far as possible while lining up to the three slopes ahead. Drive the vehicle forward over the three slopes and crash through the window. Drive up the two slopes to the top and drive over the turquoise diamond window in the floor. The vehicle will crash through and the real gem will drop to the floor. Take the gem and place it in the wall receptacle (at the back, near the false blue carpet). Return to the vehicle and proceed through the newly opened door.

Secret #7: Down the corridor, turn right, then right again and dismount. On the right and up is a hidden crawlspace. Pull up into the crawlspace and pick up a Manna from Hexham which is Secret #7.

Mount the vehicle and follow the corridor until you reach a lava pool. Dismount (vehicle not needed anymore) and do a running jump across the lava. Enter the room and jump, grab and pull up into a crawlspace hidden in the left wall. At the end is another scroll pedestal. Stand before the pedestal and press ctrl and watch another cutscene. Exit and follow the stairs up into the next area.

4 Trials by Dark Soul (Map#4)

This area contains 4 trap doors leading to 4 separate trials. Begin by pushing the wall switch on the left located beside the painting of the Devil. A cutscene shows a door opening with a floating green triangle. Open the trap door under the gargoyle painting and drop inside. Once you pass through the triangle, a boulder will be released. To stop the boulder from rolling into the lava pit at the bottom, shoot the other green triangle to the left. The boulder stops and you are now free to climb the ramp at your leisure. Press the switch at the top and a cutscene reveals another door opening with a floating red square in the entrance. Exit the area, open the trap door under the Devil painting and drop down.

Once again, when you pass through the red square, a boulder begins it's decent down another ramp. This time, proceed up the ramp and shoot the red square which is ahead and slightly above. Proceed to the top and press the wall switch. Another cutscene shows a third door opening, with a floating turquoise diamond. Exit this area, open the trap door under the Lizard King painting and drop into the next area.

Pass through the diamond, run to the right and push the switch on the wall, opening a door on the opposite wall. Immediately side flip to the right, reverse roll and shoot the diamond in the newly opened alcove. Climb the ramp and push the wall switch on the top. Another cutscene shows the fourth door opening with a yellow floating star. Exit the area, open the final trap door under the painting of Madam Orr and drop into the next trial area.

Pass through the yellow star, but this time the boulder remains motionless. Climb up to the second ramp and face the wall with the barred window. Side flip onto the third ramp and the boulder begins to roll. Also notice that the three coloured shapes have appeared below. Immediately make your way down and shoot all three. The door in the alcove opens to reveal the yellow star. Shoot it and the boulder stops. Make your way back up the ramp and press the final switch. A cutscene shows the activation of the circular light column in the main room. Exit this area, take a running jump into the light pillar to the next area above.

Power Room #2 (Map#4)

The objective of this puzzle is to connect the three blocks (two stationary, one pushable) by placing the correct shapes from the two metal posts to their respective spot on the blocks. Begin by moving the metal post in the south/east corner to the red block in the north/west corner fitting the red square (on the post) to the square space (on the block). Move the other post (south/west corner) to the other red block (north/east corner) so that the blue diamond on the post fits to the diamond space on the block. Finally, move the glass block so that the star and triangle are connected to their respective shapes on the two posts. A cutscene shows electrical beams emanating from the newly connected blocks. Demon Smalls now has the power and you are taken to the exit point.

Secret #8: Before jumping down, turn around and reenter the alcove. Ahead and behind the far column is a Manna from Heaven which is Secret #8. Return back through the opened alcove and be transported back to the main hub.

Drop down and return to the train tracks by following the columned wall on the right to the corridor at the end. A magnificent Ghost Train is now ready to go. Make your way to the back of the train and see Demon Smalls sitting patiently, awaiting your arrival. Enter the train and watch the final cutscene. As you are being transported to Lower Hell, Demon Smalls speaks his mind...

Demon Smalls: What further horrors shall I find within this terrible place. Wherein a time before these catastrophic events I would have willingly accepted pallid imitations of such horrors. I now have come so far my sensibilities lie benumbed by all I see. I do not embrace this horror but rather stand immobile beneath its self-indulgent gaze. Confusion reigns and I fear the god within the machine is no longer there.

Lara: Whatever.

The End.