Level by Gerbil

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts on a ledge and you need to get down. Stand looking North and on the right. Drop down and grab the ledge, let go, slide a bit and a back flip and you are safe. Go South and halfway find a climbable wall on the left for SECRET # 1, GRENADE LAUNCHER. Jump over the water to the right and use the lever, in the water is a small medipack. Get out and walk to the main room, a skeleton wakes up. Left of the ramp are some flares. Now go up the ramp and once in the room Lara will stare at something. My guess it is the darts she is looking at. Jump over the tiles where the darts are, they are different. If you donít you are trapped in this room. At the end is a slide, with (of course) boulders. At the end is a ladder. Better slide down on the left and jump the gap, as that is the safest route. Climb the climbable wall and pick up the flares. In the other corner is a hole and jump in the water.


I kept going to the right (N) and through that crawlspace, sharp right, two more crawlspaces to swim through, keep going right and pick up some grenade ammo. Turn and swim back a bit and then up and climb out in a small room.

In the SW corner are flares, go through the arch and push that pillar on the different tile (cut scene). In the hole next to the tile is another GRENADE LAUNCHER, so go back and in the corner where the flares were, climb up. Use the monkey climb and enter the opening on the other end. Up the pole and before getting the HATHOR EFFIGY I would save.


When you pick up the Artifact, the room is full with water so roll and swim back to the opening in the floor in the other room. Keep still going to the right (N), also through a crawlspace and you pass an underwater block with markings on it and just a bit further swim then down, around a corner right, through crawlspace, up and again a crawlspace and immediately down, roll and swim (you just can make it), at the end swim up, here you can catch your breath and save. Nothing in this small room though.

The last part is a bit difficult as there are many alcoves and that can throw you off track. So back down again and up and South, that is straight ahead, see a block with some stripes (on the right are some goodies but you can go back for it) you need to go left (E) and just keep swimming straight as possible and take a left again when you see a small slanted rock. In the NE corner is in the ceiling the way out. You can go back to get the small medipack and revolver ammo if you wish. There are some more goodies down here.

Climb out off the water and under the vase is the SHOTGUN. You enter a room with a waterfall and in the water is the SIGHT. On the east wall is a ladder and under the arch get the ORNATE HANDLE. That triggers some skeletons and a wraith. So kill the skeletons and climb the ladder and follow the ledge, so you can find the cross/bird for the wraith. The door in the North is open. Crawl through and at the end you fall in the water.


Swim East and down, not all the way to the bottom though and keep to the right. There is an opening there, get out North and pick up the REVOLVER. Jump in front of the pillar and another jump over the ramp to get some shotgun ammo. Jump to the pillar again and from there to the opening between the pillars and crawl through. There is a cut scene, but donít dilly-dally as there are beetles on the loose.

Back into the water, swim all the way down and to the East again. Climb out and find another SIGHT. Now take a running jump to the other side of the waterfall and climb the pole.


Left in the water is a small medipack and when Lara passes that door a flyby starts. On the right find some revolver ammo.

You end up in a huge room. Donít dive in the water, you canít get out of it, because of the strong current. Stand at the entrance and shoot the vase on the left pillar. Climb the block that appears and from there a running jump to the taller one. Grab the monkey climb and follow it. When you around the corner, go to the wall, let go and grab again and shimmy to the left as there is the opening you have to go through. Watch out as a boulder comes crashing down, but on the right is an opening you can hide if you are quick. Go where the boulder was and turn around and look up. There is a ladder there. At the end crawl in and another ladder. Almost at the top back flip and jump over hole and then climb the pole and another back flip. Going around a corner triggers a wraith. If you feel luck pick up flares right at the torches, if not go straight, watch out as there are three holes in the floor. At the end is a slide and another one, halfway jump as there is an opening and slide into water.

This room had coffins and mummies, forget about the now, go North and left and climb up in opening. There is the cross/bird for the wraith. If you are short of health go back to the place you fell in the water as there is a medipack. Back to the cross/bird and climb up and push the button.

Turn around and three ropes dropped. Swing from one rope to the other (if it doesnít go as it should, you better read the read me as it is explained in there).

Your goal is that structure in the middle so start swinging. The second rope is near that column (N).

Once you are inside the door closes, nothing else to do than flip the lever.

Walk over the walkway and enter the next building. Skeleton alert and in the next room on the South wall is a crawlspace. At the end is a climbable wall and at the top follow through. Jump down and push/pull the pillar a bit further on that tile with a face on it. Cut scene showing a block. Go back and jump to the ledge, around the corner and again an corner and on the block. Use the monkey swing and at the end face the wall (N) as there is a crawlspace. Let go and grab again and crawl in. Climb the wall and almost at the top a back flip. Look down and jump down, do a safety drop in the opening on the left and get the grenades. Jump back to the ledge and back on the block and monkey climb and through the crawlspace and up the wall and jump down again, now jump over the hole and around the corner is a ladder. Almost at the top a back flip and around the corner are more grenades. Back to the ledge and a running jump to the other side.

Combine the Hathor Effigy with the Ornate Handle and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN. There is a cut scene of a floor and this also triggers the skeleton lying on the roof. Jump back to the ledge, down the ladder and get to the ground floor. In the room are flares and a small medipack and even the third GRENADE LAUNCHER. Now go West, jump down and climb up, and you get to a room with burners and a push pillar.

Go all the way in the back and on the floor are trigger tiles, the one in the NW corner shuts down the fire and the one in the SW corner let a block rise. So start pushing that pillar as far as you can then go up the small ramp and stand on two more trigger tiles (although the one in the NW corner is the one you need). The door opens and climb the ladder, that is the end of this level.