Siberian Xmas

Level by Agnes

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start the level by sliding down into a corridor; shoot the boxes, then pick up the small medipack, draw your pistols (you can shoot the tiger from where you stand) then get down to ice area. In the front is a closed church; look around, there are a few trees, take the right side of the church, look up for black closed gate. Turn and go to the left side of the church, go to bushes and pick up the crowbar, return back to the trees near the church and go behind them. Look for an opening in the wall, but before you push the ice block climb up into the room above, pull the switch (it will open the pink gate in the church and the black gate that you saw before).

Get down and push the ice block forward. When you enter the room push the two movable boxes, nothing behind; well, at this moment leave this room and get out to ice area. Go to right side of church and climb up through open black gate and pull the switch, screenshot shows lowering block where you moved those boxes, go over there and take the Blue Star. Return to church and take a short tour inside, look from left for a key hole and in the right corner for a closed trapdoor. Turn and get out, go to the right side of church behind the tree, look for opening in the ice, fall down, go and use the star to open the gate, inside the room pick up the Key.

Back to church and use the key, the trapdoor in the right corner is open, fall down go a few steps and get in the water. Don't swim far immediately when you get in water, turn left and pull underwater lever, screenshot shows an open gate. Start swimming past the open gate and swim straight then, turn left and swim up to get out of the water, pick up revolver. Get in the water again and swim up to second hole, get out of the water, follow in the corridor to next pool and look at the flyby. Before you get in the pool, take a jump over the left slope to secret place #1, pick up flares and medipack. Now jump to pool, swim around pull underwater lever on one of those columns, swim to corner and pick up the lasersight, also notice for vase in the water. Get out of the pool, do combination revolver+lasersight and shoot the vase you saw, get in the water, swim and pick up Icon #1.

Get of the pool and go through open gate. In the next room you can shoot those two vases, proceed and get out to open ice area with many trees and bushes. Shoot two tigers, look carefuly in the bushes and pick up Ammo, now take a look around this area and search in one of those corners for the Icon #2. When you have it, go over the high crawlsapce and pull Lara into it, crawl, turn around and fall into a death pool, draw your revolver and shoot those five vases around, this action will release a rope. Run jump and catch the rope, turn left swinging and jump over the area with closed gate, use Icons.

Go through the open gate but don't get in the pool, there is a high jumpswitch on right wall. Go and stand back to pool, fall and catch the edge, camera shows you the switch.

Now that you know where the switch is, pull up and walk over to the other side of this room. Shoot the vase and step into the alcove behind it. Jump up to grab the wall, and pull up into an attractive upper room for Secret #2 and a medi-pack. Thanks to Gerty for this information.

Now go back to the jumpswitch, fall and pull it, underwater gate opens. Note: if you get in the pool before you pulled the switch, just climb onto those columns with the statue, jump to next one, do it one by one and you get back out of the pool.)

Swim through the open gate, take the left side, swim to end of canal and pick up Key, from the emit bubble tile. Turn and swim to the right side until the end, pull there underwater lever, turn and swim over the beginning, swim straight, turn left and pick up flares. Now roll and swim over the slope and get out of the water. Go through the opening, you can shoot vase from your right, then go left and use a key.

Get out to new ice area, take the right way of a shallow water pool. There is a block that look like a slope, jump onto it, climb up and go over the bushes for secret #3, pick up medipack. Get down and enter to opening from your right, light flare and look for jumpswitch, it opens the house door. Get out from there and go over the house, two friendly guard walking around, take the left side house and push the ice block in the corner, pick up Key. Now go and enter to house. Hmm, present gift, go to next room, use the key, the door opens, slide down and finish the level.