LEVEL BY Alex Chang (Ewing2)


NOTE: I have listed no secrets or pickups, just puzzle pieces.

The level starts with Lara standing in a brown marble passage, slide down the slope to the next room. To your right is a closed gate, to your left on a raised block is an eye piece. Go pick up the eye piece and watch the flyby and the gate opening up to give you access to the next room. With the eye piece in hand, head to the next room, taking out the ninja along the way. In the next room, deal with another ninja and several scorpions, then go and use the floor lever. The floor lever opens one of the big doors you can see from the floor lever, head to the open door, taking care of yet another ninja who crept into the room from the open door. As you step through the door, jump back and to the right to avoid the spiked ball that is rolling towards you. After successfully avoiding the spiked ball, head up the sloping passage beyond the open door.

As you head up the sloping passage, watch as another spike ball passes you on the right. When you reach the top of this passage a gate opens and a ninja comes out to play, so deal with him and continue on. Go through the gate, jump in the water hole and swim down and through the underwater passage into the next underwater room. In this room are two closed gates, one on your right and one on your left, there is also an opening straight ahead. Head to the opening, swim through and up to the next room. Exit the water and you are standing before a pedestal on a raised portion of the floor in this room. Go get the eye piece, combine the two pieces, then get back in the water, head back to the room with the two closed gate and swim through the open gate to your right. Swim through the next passage til you can surface and exit the water to the next passage. Now head down this passage, then slide to the next room and watch the flyby. After the flyby has ended, head over to the door and use the eye of horus to open it.

Now go through the open door to the back of the next room, take out the ninja, turn left and up the sloping passage. At the top, turn right and climb the wall to the next passage. Next head up this passage until you come to a room with the ba cartouche resting on a pedestal, take the cartouche and head back to the previous passage. Now run down this sloping passage as fast as you can and turn left at the bottom to avoid the spiked ball that is following you. Once you are safe, head up the next sloping passage. At the top of the passage, turn right and climb the wall to the next passage, then follow this passage to the next room.

In this room is a floor lever and an opening that leads to another passage, use the floor lever, then head through the other opening into the passage. Follow this passage til you come to a hole in the floor, drop down to the room below, which is the room you got the second eye piece from. So, head back into the water and swim to the underwater room where the gates are located. The gate to your left is now open, so swim through the gate, surface and exit the water. You are now in another passage going up, so head up. When you reach the top of this passage jump to the block before you pullup/slide/jump/grab/pullup/slide/jump to the flat block. Next turn left and then jump/jump/jump/grab/shimmy left/pullup/jump to the next block and use the floorlever to open the gate you past on your way to the floorlever. Next drop down to the safe spot by the spikes, then run through the spikes to the open gate. Once through the gate you come to a sloping passage leading to the next room. When you reach the room you are standing before closed big double doors. Head to the doors and the level ends.