Lara of Persia

Back to the Basics: Level 7

Level by Bojrkraider

Walkthrough by Dutchy and Gerty.

MS=Monkeyswing, CS=Crawlspace, MP=medi-pack, have fun!

Some names are in Red for later reference.


From the sloped passage you can safety drop down into a room with 4 adjacent passages.

W side:


Climb the coffin and grab the crack in the wall, shimmy over the Spike-trap and drop at the grey Tile that will de-activate those N side Spikes. Have a look at those grey Tiles there are 2 of them, step on the 2nd one too, to de-activate the S side Spikes. Now you can just run past the centre Spikes both sides.


Follow the passage to the end, to the L is a small room with 4 Bird-statues ,you’ll be needing those. (Remark by author - step onto the grey tile in the middle, when you'll hear the music, you'll know that the Bird-statues are prepared to guard you from ghosts (If wraiths are not sucked into the statue right away, just run out of the room and then go back, that should do it) To the R is a room where you go first, past the fountain to the burning switches. Stand in front and wait for the flame to go out, run and push the buttons, already turning Lara away from the flame while she’s pushing and quickly run a way. An opening in the floor appeared.


Drop in the crypt and throw the lever in the back to lower a block in the fountain, a Spiritappears, run back, climb up and go L at the fountain to the Bird statue room, he seems undecided about which statue to take but is gone quick. Go to the fountain and into the hole you’ve made and straight is a closed door (1) go R and up, wait pulling up to the next ridge as Boulders are rolling, when they stop you can get up and go to a lever in the back of the room, throw it (opens door (1) ) and quickly run R or L of the lever, as 2 more Boulders come down.

The Winding Key.

Pull up and go through that CS to drop back into the other side of the room, which has changed, go up the slope and turn around, climb the wall to the CS and follow to Secret#1, a MP and Ammo. Go back and climb down the top of the slope, swim to that open door R and get the Winding Key, in the end of the tunnel is a button (A) (later). Swim back, straight at the crossing and up at the fountain. Go R/L and follow to the Spike-trap, grab up with only “Ctrl” and go back to Crossroads.

E side:

The Mechanical Beetle.

Go to 2 levers and throw them to open 3 doors. Two L and one in the passage in front R. Run to the end of the passage E and roll, run back to Crossroads, hop on the coffin and run past the spike-trap (de-activated) go to the end and L to get rid of the 3 Spirits chasing you. Back to those levers and into the 1st L hand room to get some Flares then go to the room L of the levers and drop in the hole, crawl all the way to an opening (to the other room you opened) and go straight E, up in a room with a grey Tile that will de-activate the Spikes at the entrance of the room. Go up into the CS in E wall to get the Mechanical Beetle.

Go out and to the hole in the floor, go W and back to the hole there, up and spot the CS in W wall (later after Crowbar) For now, just step on the grey tile to de-activate the Spikes at the entrance of the room. Go out and to Crossroads.

S side:

The Crowbar.

Go to the end of the passage and L. (In the room to the R is a crack in the wall, go to the other room from it and over the Tile to open the exit – Remark by author: this doesn’t do anything, it’s just a hint that stepping on a tile in this part of the dungeon opens a door) Combine Key and Beetle and place it in front of the crack in the wall, on the Tile and it will go through the wall to next room, go around through the passage and get the Beetle and the Crowbar there, back to Crossroads.

E side - 2nd visit:

Go into the S room after the levers and into that W CS, follow to a room with the Golden Star, get it and back out of the CS and to the passage, go to the E end, and see the Spikes. Standjmp over them, losing a bit of health and step on the Tile, Spikes down and door to the W open, go out and R/R into that door to get Secret#2, Goodies. Return to Crossroads.

N side:

Put the Beetle on the tile and go after it to pick it back up, go NW and place it again in the flyby you can see a lever and that’s to the NE, throw it and pick up the beetle NW at the closed N door (2), before you go into the E room. Grab up to the ledge and go standjmp/grab to the next level till you reach a lever on top. A flyby shows a MP on a lower level and also that passage to button (A) is now dry. Go to the N ledge and drop/grab down the ledges to get the MP, then drop to the floor and go to the W room, pick up Flares and ½ MP and push the button NE for door (2). Go out and first pay a visit back to the Crossroads, W side.

W side - 2nd visit:

2nd Golden Star.

Past the Spikes and R, into that lower passage at the former fountain and follow straight to the button. A pole appears in the Bird-statue room. And a Spirit, well you have to go there anyway so lead the Spirit back up the passage to the fountain, R and straight to the pole, wait for the Spirit to get lost first and go up, backflip to a room with a lever that will open another room below, go down the pole and E, get the 2nd Golden Star and go back to Crossroads, N side.

N side - 2nd visit:

Go straight into the opened door N and up the stairs, to a room where the 2 Golden Stars can be used to open the door to a room where there’s another Mechanical Beetle on a pedestal. (Why… you will ask yourself – Remark by author: – because of a bug, if a player forgot the beetle downstairs on the floor, Lara can’t climb walls, so here is another one to eliminate that bug) Go out to a big Fountain room.

The Fountain room.

1st Golden Star.

Go to the fountain and hop on, jmp up to the highest part and dive down the hole, swim around the 2nd corner into a crack to the R and through a small gap to a room with the 1st Golden Star, swim back and head to the SW corner of the room, look for the ladder on the pillar there and go up to the ledge, runjmp to the opposite ledge and go for the lever to the L, throw it to open a door below, drop and go in.

Pillar puzzle.

(Don’t hit the “Look” key, nice effect.)
Push/pull the pillar to the picture of the undressed woman and the elevator rises, go on like this to the top level and push the button to open the exit, but also a door in the S wall of the Fountain room, Go out drop down and go L. The next room is tricky, better save.

Spikes and Burners.

Run in straight to the opposite wall and roll, wait for the centre spikes to go and run back, roll and wait to pass by the next set of spikes, then run back again and wait it out, go out and down the passage. See the Spike pit R and go on down to the burners around the corner. Walk forward as the 1st burner goes down and then the 2nd goes down, go for the lever, throw it and stand next to it to time the run back.

The Hathor Effigy/ Revolver.

A Tile appeared over the spikes in the L passage, take a step back and standjmp onto that tile, stand in the centre of far side and standjmp at round the corner to a ledge, go down to a pit. From where you can see the Effigy, hop over the pit, turn around and hop back onto the Tile, runjmp back over the pit to avoid being squashed. The go get the Hathor Effigy and climb down the ladder in the pit. Get the Revolver out of the hole and the exit opens.

2nd Golden Star/Lasersight.

Go to the NE side of the Fountain room and there’s another pillar to climb (not really necessary as you can just grab up to the opening, standing L at the ladder, only Ctrl) and follow the passage to a lever that will open a door W of here, so drop to ground floor and go L to the 2nd opening in N wall. Go in and L in the next room, up the block and grab the ledge N, go to the centre and runjmp over to the Persian bed?, over the top to get the 2nd Golden Star. Drop from the bed and get onto the blankets to get the Lasersight. Go out of the room and L in the Fountain room, L into the next passage.

Levers/ Boulders/Music Scroll.

Go to a ladder protected by Spikes, shoot the vase over the ladder and go up to a pillar that has to be pushed to the Tile. A pole appears where the pillar was, so you can climb up to the upper floor. Throw the centre lever to kill the flames at the others, then go to the only lever with a marking above it to kill the flame at the next ladder. Go up and throw the NE lever (Author: above it you can see the same marking on the ceiling as before at the lever), holding backflip while Lara throws it and then do the SE one. Next come NW and SW, the hatch in the centre of the ceiling should be open, go up and to the next room.

Go L and save on the Boulder slope, run over the Tile and roll, sprint down the lower passage and L into the passage in the end, hop over a pit and push the button to open a door to the Scroll. Go back through the CS behind and up to the next Boulder slope in the N side of the room. Run down over the Tile and L. stay on the R side of that passage and drop one block down, turn L quickly and runjmp over the pit to the Music Scroll.

The Ornate Handle.

Go back and to the top of the room, walk slowly into the passage there and wait for the Boulder to start rolling as he goes R, runjmp/grab over the boulder slope and place the Scroll, drop into the new hole in the floor and go to a deep room shoot the vase across and use the rope to swing over, get the Ornate Handle and jmp back to the rope, swing to the CS in the wall and follow to Secret#3, the Grenade-gun. Go down the ladder in the end to get some Flares and slide down the slope, look in the SE corner for the stand to place the Portal Guardian and open the door to the Fountain room with it. Walk out to the ledge

From the ledge to the R you can jmp over to the opposite ledge and use the MS to go E and go over the ledges to the entrance in E wall, jmp over the pit and a Boulder will drop behind you, then go up the passage it came from, runjmp over to the roof of the structure there and go along the L side to where you can runjmp-grab a CS in E wall, go in and down to a button, push it to reveal a button in another location, leave through the now open door behind you and go to go W through the room with the Huge gem to the Fountain room and head to the W side.

The Star door.

In the room there are the receptacles for the stars, the door opens, but first turn around and see an alcove opposite that door, hop up and push that button you saw before, a flyby will show a black void with pillars and that lies behind the Star door. Go in W and grab the Ammo just behind the door and go in, no need to stray, follow the single pillar path to the 4 pillars and you’re on an elevator.

The 4 Faces/vases.

Go up to a room with a face sticking out it’s tongue and there’s a vase on it, shoot that vase and look below the face for the green pillar with the Ammo, just slide and you’ll land on it, Skellies awake on the pillars around the room, jmp to the next pillar and go R, runjmp to the sandy pillars, climb higher and use your Grenade-gun to get rid of the Skellies. There are 4 Faces in total and you have to shoot the vases on the tongues to open a door S, where the Horseman’s gem can be taken, go to the N (nasty that earthquake) and open the door with it. Exit and slidejmp/grab the ladder, go down and walk into the grim passage.

The End.

The flyby will show you’ve found the way to that Old Persian Palace….