The Quest for the Golden Beetle

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Level by Terry Barrett (dhama)

Walkthrough by Dutchy & Gerty.

MS=Monkeyswing, CS=Crawlspace, MP=med-pack, have fun!

1st Room.

Go into the room and R to get Secret#1, the Shotgun. SE is closed door, start door? W is closed gate and coffins behind it, to be opened?

Go W and at the gate there, turn E and climb the sloped block with the burner, run and jmp to the ladder on the pillar as the flame is down, go up the centre of the ladder and pull up over, slide and jmp, slide and jmp again, grabbing the edge of the E ledge, go R and jmp over to the ledge W, Secret#2 is yours (although not really a secret as you really need this item) Shoot the vase to get the Hathor Effigy and go runjmp/grab to the ledge in the SE corner, go L and from the lower part of that ledge a runjmp to the W again to grab the ledge.

Drop/hang from the N side and go shimmy R to where you can drop/grab the lower crack. Then around the corner and the other burner started too, go as close as possible and use the safe trick if you canít get past ( safe and reload, shimmy immediately R). Go to where you can pull up on the N side, jmp up the thin ledge L and drop/hang from that one, go L to where you can pull up to a button, this will open a door up in the NE corner, so shimmy back and save on the R or L side before you go down. Look into the sloped passage and see the burner below, slide when it went up for 3 counts and when you are close to the end of the slide it should shut down, jmp to the side to get next to the burner block.

Pillar room.

In front of the passage SW that goes back to the start of the level (maybe a shortcut to get back for the Hathor Effigy in case you missed that), is some Ammo. In this room is a pillar you can push to the Tile E and dodge the Mummy while at it. A door opens in the hole in the floor, go down and get into the lower room and get the Lasersight in front of the waterfall.

Dive in the tunnel and follow to a room, swim to the SE corner of the pool to get the Crowbar climb out and shoot the vase in the SE corner, the wall in the W breaks open, go there and up the ladder, get past the flame with a runjmp over the pit and push the button to open the N door back in the Water room. Get into the pit under the Burner to get Secret#3, the Revolver and Ammo. Climb out when the burner is down and go into the water room. N and up into the room with pillars, behind the pillar on N wall is a vase with the Ornate Handle, go to the SE block and climb up, runjmp/grab to the W pillar, runjmp onto the next NE and turn S, runjmp to the ledge on the wall.

Turn around and jmp/grab the ladder. Go around 2 corners L and up to a Ĺ block from the top, backflip/roll to the alcove with the button and push it to open the door under the alcove, drop/hang from the edge and drop/grab the lower crack, go L and up into the door to the room with the 2 pillars.

On the pillars, protected by burners are the Pharos Knot and Pillar, from the ledge just under the entrance you can runjmp up to the closest pillar and hop back, grabbing the edge, go pull up when the flame is about to go down and grab the Pharos Knot, backflip away and go onto the sand hill to jmp to the next pillar, same MO to get the Pharos Pillar, go place the Objects at the receptacle and the door up the hill E opens. Go through the passage and a Spirit shows up, run to the other end of the next room and find the fat round pillar, stand against the sloped block W of it and pull up, backflip to the Statue on top of the fat pillar, turn around and drop/hang from the edge till the Spirit is gone.

Pull up again and look W to see some Ammo on a ledge there, runjmp over the sloped block you came from before, slide down and backflip to the slope behind, jmp/grab the ledge with the Ammo, a flyby starts, showing the 2 buttons to open the E door. Get the Ammo and grab up to the R hand ledge and do a runjmp/grab to the W ledge to push the 1st button there, turn and jmp back to the same ledge you came from and another runjmp to the next ledge E on this L side. Now stand on the R side of the ledge and runjmp/grab to the ledge straight ahead E, sidestep L once and backflip/jmp/grab the overhead ledge, turn and runjmps will get you to the 2nd button W.

Go back over the ledges to the E and enter that open door, around the R hand corner is a CS up in the R hand wall, go through to place the Portal Guardian in the stand and get the Golden Star from the alcove. Back through the CS and further down the stairs to a room with a pool and 3 closed doors.

In and around the Skellie Pool.

There are Skeletons in the 4 vases and I think you donít need to shoot those.

UW tunnel.

Dive into the pool and go into the SW tunnel, follow to an air hole in the corner, swim in the centre of the next tunnel, so you go full speed and just make it past the Spike ball. Follow to a room with 2 closed doors, throw the lever to open one of them SE and shoot the Bones on the bottom of the pool to open the NW one, get Secret#4, the Grenade-gun and Ammo from it. Then leave through the SE door and runjmp over the ledges over the next deep pit, run into the L hand passage and follow to a slide that will get you into that air hole at the Spike ball, swim back to the Skellie pool and the S door there opened.

S door.

Go to a deep room with loads of Spikes, the flyby will show you. Climb backwards off the edge and go down to where you can drop/grab the alcove with the lever that will retract the Spikes on the central pillar (little bug here, I climbed down, drop/grabbed and ended up on the MS in the top of the room). Drop/grab out of the alcove and climb to the ledge, just backflip/roll to the Spike-less pillar and look and look W and E for the 2 vases to shoot, they will open a door in the lower part of the pit, below the lever in the S alcove, runjmp/grab to the W alcove where you shot the vase and get Secret#5, Ammo.

Just standjmp back to the pillar and jmp into the S alcove to throw the lever to slide a block out of the wall below, so you can get to that lower alcove with the door you opened before.
Drop down to that block and go up the ladder in the alcove, there are square textures on the side walls, from there backflip into the opening with the Horsemanís Gem and proceed to the top of the ladder. Backflip into the opening to the Pit, runjmp to the E side face ledge and shimmy past the burner to get the MP, now I turned S and when the burner was off I run jmped to the alcove where the Gem was, grab to land inside and go up the ladder again, use the MS to cross over to the N side. Go drop down into the shaft at the entrance and go to the E door of the Skellie pool.

E door.

Place the Gem R of that door and enter, jmp to the other opening and turn around, shoot the Bones in the pool to open a door on top of what comes next. Go in and get a flyby of a series of ledges leading up to a lever. Face the pool and stand just in the entrance, your back to the slope E and backflip/jmp/grab a ledge up W. pull up and jmp, keep jmping and at the 8th jmp grab the ledge W. Throw the lever and spot the hole R of it where that open door is, face E and drop/grab the edge of the hole, drop/grab and backflip from that sloped ledge into the alcove for the Ĺ MP (which in my opinion should have been a Secret.)

The Golden Beetle.

Drop out of the hole and land in the pool below, go to the Skellie room where the W door opened now, go in and to the R, go straight through the centre of the room, jmp over the Spike-pit and get the Golden Beetle from the pedestal, roll and go back S hop over the pit and place the Star R of the door, go out and the level endsÖ