The Catacomb of Wesarius

Level by Ext (Mateusz Stawarski) (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

slide into a room and get a flyby of it. Follow the south tunnel and enter a room with two floor levers. The right floor lever is a fire trap. Use the left floor level to open the door in the south corner. Enter the next room and pull back the two columns. Pick up two red shotgun shells and two blue shotgun shells. The door in the corner opens for you as you approach. Do not enter the room yet. Crouch down and shoot the brown vase at the south wall in the next room. Now run into the room to pick up flares, small medipack, red shotgun shells, blue shotgun shells, and the shotgun that was under the vase. Shoot the two skeletons into the hole at the west wall. Safety drop into the tunnel and go west. Climb the wall at the end and back flip into a corridor. Shoot two skeletons back into the hole.


Go north and enter a room. The vases on the floor are empty. Climb the column at the north wall for large medipack, small medipack, and flares. Dive into the water hole at the west wall. Follow to the end and pull up near a wall fountain. Go east and shoot a vase for the Ornate Handle. Then go to the opening in the south wall. Slide down and jump over the fire to grab a block. Pull up and get into a room. Shoot the two skeletons into the pit. Get into the pit and watch out for wall darts. Pick up two red shotgun shells, blue shotgun shells, Uzi's, Uzi ammo, and small medipack. Get out of the pit and pick up flares. Then go to the north-west corner and the open door.


Go forward to the first block. Then return to the room as a spike ball falls in front of you. Enter the door again and pull up into the water stream. Pick up the Hathor Effigy and continue north. Turn and safety drop into the earlier corridor. Go east and make the Portal Guardian and use it to open the door. Drop into a tunnel and slide down a slope into a room. Use the floor lever to the south. Then go north and turn west to pick grenade normal ammo, grenade flash ammo, grenade super ammo, and the grenade gun. Destroy the two mummies that are annoying you. Then go east into a room and turn north into the open doorway.


In the next room go west towards the flares. Immediately side flip to avoid a spike ball and then return to get the flares. Light a flare and get into the crawl space on the upper west wall. Pick up small medipack, crossbow normal ammo, crossbow poison ammo, crossbow explosive ammo, and the crossbow. You hear the secret sound but no secret is registered. Go to the north-east comer and enter the door. Jump over the pit and the door closes. Destroy two skeletons before they damage you. Go west and north into another room.


A wraith will attack. Go to the south-west and north-west corners to use both floor levers. The door in the north wall opens. Enter and go through the crawl space. In the next corridor, go north and jump over the fire pits to reach the bird statue at the north end. You do not have to wait for the wraith to die. Turn and pull up into an east opening. The level ends by crashing to the desktop.