Palaces of Pharaoh Hepatitis

Back to the Basics: Level 10

Level by Richard Szydelko (Uvavoo)

Walkthrough by Dutchy

MS=Monkeyswing, CS=Crawlspace, MP=medi-pack, have fun!

1st Room.

Starting in a dark room, youíll see a closed door (1) to the R in front, turn around and light a flare so you can see the opening in the ceiling over the Skeleton, hop on the block and follow the passage to get the Flares, go down the end and follow the dark cave to where you go R, dodge the Mummy and come to a wide cave with an enormous pit in the centre.

The Crossbow and Crowbar.

From the corner of the pit, closest to you (NW) you can standjmp down to a small ledge in the greenish light, then do a standjmp S (from the very S tip of the ledge) and a runjmp to the SW corner ledge, a runjmp straight E and land on a ledge with the Crowbar. Walk E and L and from there a runjmp to the grey pillar in the NE corner of the pit. Go down to a sandy ledge and drop/hang from the W side, shimmy L and drop/grab the lower passage to get Secret #1, the Crossbow. Go back to the edge of the pit and standjmp/grab back to the sandy ledge up L, climb the pillar to the top and get the Ammo from it, turn E and runjmp to the other pillar, go up and stumble over the Shotgun. Climb out of the pit and go R. To avoid a possible glitch, refrain from using your crossbow until after youíve shattered the wall described in the paragraph below entitled ď1st Horsemanís Gem.Ē

The Golden Star.

Look for the climb-wall on the L side of the E bridge pillar and spot the receptacle for the Star, go over the bridge to the Ammo on the centre block and head W, the Star is barely visible on the wall there, head back E to place it and the door opens, go in, collect the Ammo lying around and push the button E to open the S door, back in the room with the bridge. Go to that S door and blast the Skeletons off the bridge (with the shotgun, remember), inside is more Ammo L and R and the button on the S wall will open the door (1) in the 1st room and a flyby will show the dark corridor with the cells behind that door.

Head out of the cave through the N tunnel and follow back to the ledge with the Skeleton in first room, through the open door and head L (to the R and at the end of the corridor is a closed door (2)) Never mind all the open doors for now, just run to the end and into the door that opens to the L, chased by a Skellie. Drop down from the edge of the entrance ledge and go look for the Arrows SW on the floor, go to a ladder on the centre of E wall and up to backflip to the ledge, runjmp to the centre pillar for more Ammo and if the Skellie comes too close you can shoot it down into the room.

1st Horsemanís Gem.

Now you have the equipment to go check out all the cells, start with the one opposite and a bit L of the room you come out of now. Lara will look at a crumbled wall NW, go stand with your face into that wall, look straight ahead and shoot with the pistols to break the wall (if it doesnít, try to change your position a bit). Go in and get the 1st Horsemanís Gem from the block in the room at the end. Door (2) opens, go out and investigate all the cells for some more Ammo on your way to the N side of the corridor.

The Gem Room.

Go up the stairs and a flyby will show the next room, Wraiths and Skeletons awake, go straight W, through the pool and through the L arch, L and up the ladder in the L corner. Go L and get rid of those Wraiths at the Statue, Skeletons come for you, shoot them off the ledges and go to the SW corner.

Down into a room with a Ĺ MP, another Crossbow and Ammo, climb back up and notice the door in the W wall, which needs 3 Gems to open. Go down to the ground floor and get rid of those Skellie if you didnít already. Go Se and S into the next big hall, to the E is a grating with the Gem visible on the block, there is a wide CS in the S wall.

Pillar room for 2nd Horsemanís Gem.

Go through the CS and stay on the L a bit to find the Ammo, being chased by Beetles, get it and hurry to the next room, run in and the Beetles should disappear.
Thereís door
(3) E and a big pillar in this high room, go to the far W and up the ladder on the back of the R hand pillar, go all the way around the S over the ledges and end up on the grated floor E, shoot the 2 Skellies and proceed to the N side of the pillar room. Enter the passage and shoot the Skellie. Take the Ĺ MP and proceed till you arrive on a ledge overlooking the pillar room, shoot the Skellie from the ledge and push the button next to the entrance (a platform rises in the S). Go to the S side of the ledge and just run off onto the pillar below.

Again follow the ledges to the S and get onto the platform, standjmp/grab the E ledge and go E, pick up the Ĺ MP on your way over to the N side of the pillar again, get up the block there and see the 2 buttons and ropes high up in the room. Runjmp to the ledge with the MP and go up the ladder. From the top of the pillar where you can get Ammo you can runjmp S to a ledge with another Crossbow and Ammo, jmp back and use the ropes to go to both buttons (you can just runjmp/grab back to the pillar from standing next to the button) and the door (3) on ground floor E opens.

Go back down the ladder on the pillar and safety drop from the ledge to land on a sloped side of the pillar, go E and enter the door under the grated floor. Follow to the room where the 2nd Horsemanís Gem is. Go back and R upon entering the Pillar room, through the CS and fresh Beetles come out, go L and to the W, in the back and to the L after shooting the Skellies is another one of those CSíes. Follow to a room with some Ammo in the L S side corner and then head into the passage W, up the block to the Boulder room.

Spiked Boulder room for 3rd Horsemanís Gem.

The Gem door (4) is to the N and W and S are 2 more doors up the slopes. A boulder W on the ramp and 2 levers. Go to the levers and throw the nearest lever (E one) sidejmp as a Boulder comes from behind and arm to shoot the 2 Skellies. Then go up the ramp the Boulder came from and push the button inside the passage to raise a block in one of the corners of the room. Back out and throw the next lever, same MO, sidejmp, shoot the Skellie and up the ramp for the button, go out and to the R hand S ramp and jmp to the SW corner, get into the CS in the S wall and go throw the lever in the room with the Mummy (a rope appears in the big room). Go back and to the ramp on E side, L and follow the ledges around to the NW corner where the rope appeared, up the rope and face the ledge, swing a bit and jmp off, go to the lever in the far E and collect all the Skellies before you shoot them all with one arrow (Fun). When you throw the lever and the gem door (4) opens. Go down to the ground floor and follow the passage to the 3rd Horsemanís Gem.

(Thereís a shortcut here: climb the blocks in the SE corner and face W standing on the NW corner of the block, hop back and runjmp/grab the upper floor to the W. go throw the lever and the Gem door (4) opens. No Skellies or Boulders though, so a bit boring)

Head back up the block in the E of the room, straight through the next room and follow the CS back to the Gem room, go N and find the ladder (SE corner of the W pool) again to get up to the 1st floor W side and place your Gems to open that big door, go in and get the last Gem on the block, the flyby will be the end of this level.