Lara's End

Level by Camel

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Kill a scorpion. Follow the corridor to the junction. Choose the left path, jump over the lava pit, time the spinning blade and SAVE. When you try to pull or push the block, the game locks up in the middle of the anim. So the only one way to finish this level is to stand next to E or W side of the block, push it till the moment Lara is unable to move and hit DOZY to free yourself. Shatter the window behind the block. Now you also need to dozy to fit between the block and the portal. On the other side, release DOZY, fight a dog, time the opening/closing "spikedoor" and throw a switch. Dozy again to get out, through the block. Don't worry. There'll be no more cheating. Go back to the junction and follow the second passage, jumping over another lava pit and picking up a pack of flares while timing another spinner. Notice some dark squares at the end. This is a collapsing floor. Let Lara fall through it, into the pit. Collect SECRET#1 from it - the uzis and 90 additional bullets for it. Return to the corridor you left and stand on the marked square in the nearby alcove. It opens a timed door on the junction. Backtrack there. If you fight the devil now, you won't manage to go through the door before it shuts. But you can shoot the enemy now and return to the alcove to activate the door once again if you want to. Anyway, behind the portal is another passage, leading to some floating platforms. Jump on the first of them and ice some eagle flying towards you. Watch out for the darts while jumping, pick up some more uzi ammo from the first of middle platforms and a small medi from the next one, and get across the place. Pass the alley of the UFOs and time the next spikedoor and some darts in the following passage. In the next one, time a row of slicer-dicers. Finally, kill a bat and a giant scorpion (presumably the two bosses). Leave the game through the next portal.