Operation: Way To Eden

Level by Mateusz Stawarski (Ext)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a subway train. Not much do to here, so just climb onto the train roof and stand under the ceiling hole. Turn to face east, jump/grab the edge and pull up into a short passage. Go forward and get a fixed camera angle of the room ahead. At the right moment pass the fire flame, kill the small red scorpion and pass the next fire flame. Go to the east wall and climb up the marked wall into a room with yellow boxes. Go north and pull the lever, then go around the boxes, kill the ninja and exit through the gate.

In front of you a spiked boulder falls down and a ninja is shooting on you from the north. Kill the ninja, turn to face south and climb onto the yellow box for clips. Face east and run/jump forward across the gap and land on a grate ledge. Turn toward the south opening and take a simple jump, run down the short passage into the room. Kill the ninja right of the burning box, then pull the lever at the left side and go through the opening gate.

Step a little bit down the slope and two spiked boulders will fall down. Safety slide down and follow into a room with two yellow boxes, one on each other. Climb up the blue marked wall and pay attention to the flame coming out the wall above the boxes. Backflip to land on the boxes, turn around and take a standing jump forward, grab the opening and climb inside. Follow into a dim room and deal with four ninjas, then keep to the next room and kill two scorpions and another ninja. Climb the burning platform and pick up the shotgun, then pull the lever in the north-west corner and exit the room through the south gate.

As soon as you pass the gate you'll activate an earthquake. Ahead is a big room with a few burning holes and slopes to pass that you can't see from here. Take a series of jumps from slope to slope above the holes until you reach the north side of the room. Turn to face south and see a closed gate in the wall. Climb the east opening and start killing the scorpions that come out from all over the wall, then pull the lever to open the gate you just saw. Back to the room you came from and climb the west wall, then take a run/jump to land right behind the opening gate. Follow inside and watch two gates open, leading you into a two traps room(as soon as you enter in each of those rooms the gate will close behind you and you're killed by a spiked boulder).

However, turn to face east and climb into the crawlspace. At the end, turn around and fall into a train garage. Kill the two ninjas and head to the west wall, climb up the blue marked wall and backflip onto a grate floor. Climb onto the right side of the ledge and crawl into a crawlspace and pull the lever. Back to the grate floor and head north, climb the ledge and pass the open gate. Ahead is a big room with blue ledges around, yellow boxes in the center and a closed gate at the north wall. From where you are standing climb the block and the next blue ledge, then kill the ninja. Jump the west ledge, turn around and climb up the ladder, backflip and land on the high ledge. Follow the ledge north, at the end jump to the east ledge, run to the end and jump to the next ledge. Climb the ladder to reach the top of the ledges and kill the ninja. Turn north, jump to the ledge and pull the lever.

Make your way down to the bottom and go north, pass the gate you just opened. At the courtyard pass the hills ahead and reach the north opening. Slide down, then run forward, climb the block and pick up the Eye of Horus. While the lion statues have a flame, pass in the middle and run forward. At the end place the Eye of Horus in a receptacle and the wall opens, run toward the palm tree to end the level.