Level by Mateusz Stawarski (Ext)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Installation note: Use the script files that come with the level editor. After building SAS.TOM, go to the data directory and rename SAS.TR4 to TUT1.TR4 and begin by selecting "Playable Tutorial Level" from the start menu.

Lara begins at the opening of an Egyptian temple, surrounded by the Four Amigos who have been assigned to help her out. Run forward between the two large potted plants to roust two SAS, and watch the Amigos do their thing. Continue inside and another SAS shows his face. But only briefly. Your buddies show a keen interest in the closed door in the east wall. See if you can shove them out of the way long enough to open it. When you do so, they rush inside to exterminate a dog and another SAS.

There's a small pool inside, along with closed doors in the north and east walls. Jump into the water and locate the UZIS in the NE corner. Swim down the nearby hole and up the hole in the SE corner.
Pull up into a small room and pull the wall switch. You hear the sound of a door opening nearby, followed by gunshots and a dying cry. Your friendly Amigos are busily at work for you. Swim back to the first pool and pull out.

The east door is now open, so go inside and note the keyhole in the wall just ahead. Pull up onto the SE block next to the keyhole and shoot the grate in the east wall. Use the crawl space to access the next room. Shoot the scorpion, then shoot the box in the NE corner for some uzi ammo. Pull the nearby wall switch, then crawl back out of this room and return to the previous room. The door in the north wall has opened, so go inside and wait until the sprinklers have doused the flame on the central structure. Then pull up and pick up the KEY (shown simply as LOAD in your inventory). Hop down and go around to the dark NE corner. There's a hole there where you'll find the SHOTGUN for SECRET #1.

Leave this room and the two closed doors in it. Use the key in the keyhole to open the door in the south wall. Whistle for your buddies to take care of the SAS inside, then pick up the flares in the NE corner and the small medi-pack in the nearby pool. Open the door in the south wall. In the next office pull up onto the potted plant in the SE corner and pick up the LASER SIGHT. Then go over to the west wall and stoop down to shoot out the grate. Save your game here and make sure Lara is at full health. In the room at the other end of the crawl space are two sentry guns that you can't do one thing about. Just crawl and run straight ahead as fast as you can between them and drop down into the hole to land in some water far below.

Pull out to attract some angry bugs in the room beyond. You can't get to them yet, and vice versa, because you need a key to open the door. Stand facing the north wall, a block from it, and jump up to grab the handle in the ceiling trap door. Pull up into the west passage and run forward. Drop down into the next room and shoot those bugs. All four of 'em. When you're done, drag the dead SAS away from the corner and pick up the KEYS his body was covering. Use one of them in the nearby keyhole to open the door, then go into the first room to find the door in the NE corner open.

Go down the north passage into the next room. You'll find the REVOLVER on the first large flower pot on your left, and some revolver ammo on the one right across from it. There's a small medi-pack on the floor. Open the door at the north end of the room and climb the blocks ahead until you reach a wood-paneled hallway. Run forward until you alert an SAS (my game froze briefly at this point, but it recovered in a few seconds), and since you don't have the Four Amigos handy you must kill him yourself. Pull the wall switch at the east end of the passage to open the door above. Pull up into a room you've already visited.

Since the door in the east wall is still closed, head down the south passage and go through the next room and the south doorway. The door to your right is now open, so enter the west office and pick up the flares. Shoot the grate near the SW corner and crawl inside. Shoot the next grate at the other end and stand up in the next room. Straight ahead is a sentry gun that's just barely out of range from here. Use the flower pots for cover and run on the right side to an opening in the north wall. Shoot a dog, then follow the north passage and slide down into a dark room. Shoot the boxes in the corners for some flares, another LASER SIGHT, the CROSSBOW and some crossbow arrows. Watch out for the holes in the center of the room, which contain fire traps.

Go to the opening in the west wall, combine the revolver and laser sight, and shoot the red dot in the fuse box to open the door in the north wall. Go in past the closed door to your right and enter the steam room. Throw the wall switch to open the previous door, and drop down into another office. Pick up the small medi-pack next to the west wall and throw the wall switch in the NW corner. The door in the opposite SE corner opens to reveal another closed door requiring a key. You just happen to have one, so use it in the keyhole to open the second door.

Get some high-powered artillery ready to deal with three giant scorpions in the next room. When they're all dead, go through the east doorway and up the stairs to be reunited with the Four Amigos. Go back to that room where you found the secret and the first laser sight. The door in the east wall is now open, so enter an outer courtyard with a flaming SAS. Go through the opposite east doorway and an SAS will step out to challenge you. You can run back for help, but when I did so I found that the Four Amigos had deserted me. So go ahead and kill him yourself, then enter the next room east. Pull the wall switch on your left and release another Amigo, too little, too late.

The next door in the east wall is now open, so enter and follow the passage. You'll hear the door ahead opening before you turn the corner, so get your weapons ready to engage a demigod in the next room. Pick up the crossbow arrows and shotgun ammo in the next room, and note the dead SAS suspended in mid-air. Draw your combined revolver and laser sight, and shoot the red dot in the fuse box next to the closed north door. The door opens, so run forward to the tune of Lara's theme music. When you step into the open air the level ends.