Level by Mateusz Stawarski (Ext)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by sliding down onto a sand slope; when you get stopped above the hole then drop down and get the flyby of gap you need to cross ahead (cut the loop flyby if it is necessary). Facing south, jump/grab the ceiling and monkeyswing forward across the gap to the other side. Kill the ninja behind the block and climb up the opening, drop down from the next opening. Head east down the road, get an angle camera of two spiked boulders that start rolling after you! so run faster toward the doorway.

Light a flare to see better and pick up Uzis with two clips, then climb up east. There is a statue blocking your way, so push it forward two steps. Shoot the vase from the right for medipack then turn around and see the gate in front of you. Kill the ninja who comes from the left dark passage, pick up the flares, then go to the end for pushing a lever.

Go through the gate you opened, shoot three small red scorpions. Head west and watch your step, light some flares then look up the ceiling for a spiked boulder trap. Get The Hand Of Orion next to west wall, then proceed south, see the gate from the right and another one in front of you. Kill the ninja and go to south-west corner, climb up stairs to push the lever. Go back to the first gate you saw, enter inside and get the medipack from the north alcove, then turn to the south side and push the lever.

Go through the second gate you opened and drop down into a room below. Shoot the vase in the left side lion's statue for Shotgun, then see that you can climb up in the next wall, but leave it a while. Head forward, shoot the vase in the front of you for clips, then turn left and shoot another vase for nothing. Light a flare and see the statue behind you blocking the passage. Push/pull it back to clear the way to the next dark passage, jump over the fire trap and forward, get into a secret place. Pick up large and small medipacks and two shotgun ammos, then back to the wall nearby the lion statue and climb up the block and the next one after it.

Climb the west wall into a room with shallow water, then head north and climb up the floor. You can shoot on both vases beside the lion's statue but this will be for nothing. Proceed to the north wall and place the Hand of Orion at the receptacle, then go through the gate next to you. Follow inside along the passage, get the shotgun ammo nearby the south wall, then kill the ninja. Head north toward the next passage with a row of columns from both sides and get the flyby. Kill all four ninjas who attack, then run forward along the passage, climb the stone stage ahead for only one Piece Cartouche.

Go around the stone stage and crawl into a crawlspace, turn around and drop down in the other side into a short passage. Step a little forward then drop through the hole and slide down to the end.