A custom level made by Nadine (Horus)

-Easter Project Of 2005-

Unofficial walkthrough written by Selene

As before I will emphasize that this is not an official walkthrough. Any questions or concerns relating to the level must be directed straight to its maker. I have written it to the best of my abilities, but if something should be missing please let me know. Thanks for reading my walkthrough, I hope it will come in handy.

Since this level was made as a contribution to the Custom Level Easter Project 2005 it features no enemies or traps, only peaceful exploration and puzzle solving. There are 4 Secrets to find.

An apple(small medipack), flares, Revolver and Laser sight, revolver ammo, 2 Golden Keys, 1 Silver Key, 4 Tulips and the 4 Secrets.

The Plaza- Finding The 1st Golden Key:

Lara starts her holiday adventure in a tranquil plaza on the isle of Corsica.

Go straight ahead, under the flag, and in the N/E corner by the stone pillars ahead you can pick up some flares. Turn around and go straight ahead through the opening to the E and in the left corner, in front of the store called Carter Ray, there is a box of revolver ammo for you to pick up. There's nothing more to do in this area for now, so go back to the plaza where you started the level. In the S/E corner there's a shallow pool. Climb onto the left side of this and notice the brown trapdoor hanging down from the terrace above. We will lower that in a little bit, but for now jump up and grab the ledge above the pool and pull up. Go straight ahead under the terrace and in the grassy bed to the right you can pick up the Golden Key(it's laying among the daffodils closest to the red wall). Turn around and you will see a closed double gate which you will open later, but for now follow the ledge around to the right, opposite of where you climbed up, towards the flagpole with the flag hanging from it.

The Courtyard Building Part I- Finding The 1st Secret:

Stand on the rightmost ledge by the glass paintings on the wall and do a slightly angled, standing jump from there to grab the flagpole. Lara will swing around it and fly through the air to land on the opposite balcony. Shoot in the windows here and first cross the bridge to the left. Go down the stairs and in the corner to the right there is a dark alcove containing a button. Press it and leave this room for now. Go back to where you entered the house and see that the gate to the right is now open. But before going in there, let's go finding a secret. The window opposite of the now open gate is breakable. Shoot it out and climb onto the sill. If you look left you will see the bridge you crossed a few minutes ago....on top of it you can barely get a glimpse of the first secret(this is also very easy to see from ground level). Do a carefully angled running jump from the left side of the sill(closest to the bridge) and press Action in mid-air to make Lara grab onto the bridge. Climb up and get Secret 1: the Purple Easter Egg.

The Courtyard Building Part II- The Silver Key and 2nd Secret:

You're not quite done with the house yet, so unless you want to climb and drop down to the ground, stand with Lara's back against the plaza(you will be facing the window you jumped from) and a few steps away from the house you were just in(this will be on Lara's right). Sideflip onto the roof and as you start sliding, press Action and Lara will grab the edge of the roof. Shimmy right and drop onto the balcony again. This time go straight ahead and use the Golden Key in the lock on the right side before the bridge ahead. One of the gates on the opposite side of the bridge will open so go down there and climb the ledge ahead to the left of the glass case with the pharaoh's head in it. Turn right to face the case and push it once to reveal a button. Press the button and you will see a gate in a garden area below open. Go back to where you entered the house and this time go through the gate you opened earlier. Pick up the Apple(small medipack) on the ledge next to the plant and then turn to face the large, shootable window to the left of the entrance. Shoot it out and climb onto the sill. As you walk onto the sill draw weapons and shoot out the window straight ahead. Now go over to the flagpole protruding from the sill. These function as a tightrope, so Lara can actually walk across it.

Walk over to it and press Action to make Lara step onto it. Do NOT let go of Action or Lara will fall. Just keep pressing the Up arrow key to make her walk forward and if she starts losing balance, let go of the Up key until she has regained her balance. If she starts swaying left or right, simply press the opposite arrow key(if she sways to the left, press right and vice versa). When she reaches the end press Jump and she will bounce off it and land on the window sill ahead. Enter the next room and pick up the Silver Key among the sofas and tables. Climb onto the stage with the piano and shoot out the large windows here. Go out on the balcony and turn around to face the room you came from. Jump up and grab the roof above and shimmy to the left. Continue shimmying until Lara goes around the corner to the left and pull up here. Go past the piano and pick up Secret 2: the Green Easter Egg. To get back either jump onto the slanted roof, slide down and grab the edge or turn Lara so that her back is against the break in the railing, hop backwards and grab the edge. Either way shimmy right back to the balcony and drop down there. Go through the room and to one of the broken windows where you can drop down to the ground.

A View From The Balcony- Finding The 1st Tulip:

But before going through the gate you opened earlier go to the opposite side of the garden where you will find another gate and a lever right next to it. Pull the lever to open the gate which is leading back out to the plaza where you started the level. Climb the ledge above the pool again and this time use your Silver Key in the lock to the right of where you pull up. This raises the trapdoor above you, so go around to where you jumped from the flagpole and position Lara between the two miniature trees on the middle ledge. Stand on the block with the right tree as close to the ledge as possible. Do two hops backwards and run to the edge of the block with the tree, then jump and press Action. If you have set it up correctly Lara should grab the flat part of the roof ahead. Pull up and turn left to face the bare flagpole. Stand as close to the ledge as possible, straight across from the raised trapdoor and do a standing jump while pressing Action in mid-air. Lara should swing off the flagpole and land on the raised trapdoor. Jump over the railing to the balcony. Go across the balcony and there you should see a bundle of roses on the floor together with something that doesn't quite fit in there. That is a Tulip and you will need it for later, so pick it up. Stand about a tile and a half away from the railing and backflip to land on the trapdoor. Do a running jump and press Action in mid-air to make Lara grab onto the flagpole and swing back onto the red roof. Hop backwards, slide down and grab the edge, then drop down. You can also do a running jump directly from the trapdoor to the slanted part of the roof, slide down and drop to the ground.

Cafe and Pool Area- Finding The 2nd Tulip:

Now go in opposite direction of the pool, past the house you were in earlier and below the bridge where you picked up the first secret. Continue through the gate you opened before, turn right and cross the garden to the other open gate. Go down the stairs and straight ahead. Jump into the flower bed with the rose bushes and go to the left corner where you will find another Tulip. Pick it up and leave the flower bed, this time go up the stairs next to it. Lara will now arrive at a peaceful pool area. You will notice that to the right there are two ramps leading up. Enter the ramp on the left and at the top turn around and look up. You will see a crawlspace here, so jump up, grab it and pull up. Crawl through and out on a balcony above the pools. Crawl left and under the arch here until you reach the break in the railing right by the miniature tree. Do a running jump from here over to the balcony ahead with the button. Press the button and either drop down to the ground and go back up the ramp and through the crawlspace or do a running jump back to the balcony with the tree. Either way crawl to the side of the balcony facing the large gates you just opened. Do a running jump over the railing and grab the ledge by the gates. Pull up and proceed through.

The Beach- 2nd Golden Key:

Go through the opening to the left and down the stairs. Lara has now reached a beautiful beach. Go to the left side of the stairs and all the way to the end where you can pick up the 2nd Golden Key. Go back out and cross the sandy patch separating the two pools of water and climb onto the rocks there. If you look to the left you will see the laser sight laying on the grass on a block ahead. Jump towards it and as Lara hits the slopes and start sliding press Action to make her grab the edge. Shimmy to the left until Lara can pull up on the block with the laser sight and pick it up. Jump into the water and go past the sandy patch and follow the pool next to it, keeping the large house on Lara's right. When she reaches the end turn left and climb onto the rocks there. Follow the passageway to the end past a palm tree and go through the cave opening to the W.

Another Fun Holiday Activity - Rock Climbing:

Continue past the two alcoves to the left and right and to where the rock starts turning red. Look up and to the left to see a tall slope with some grass on it. Stand facing this slope as far to the left as possible and backflip to land on a slope behind. Continue pressing Jump and Action and Lara will bounce off the slope and grab the edge of the slope with the green grass ahead. Position Lara on the middle of this slope and pull up. Immediately press Alt and End together to make Lara backflip off the slope and twist in mid-air and press Action to make her grab the crevice behind her. Shimmy to the left until Lara stops and pull up into the alcove. Drop down on the other side and follow the passage until Lara can drop down again to land right by a caved section of a pool. Wade across the pool and towards the middle to pass under the rocks there. You will now find Lara in a pool right by a large mansion.

Beach Mansion Part I:

Go over to the left side. You will see something that looks like a wreath with a blue plant in the middle and some closed doors with red tulips painted on them(these don't open, but they do give you a hint on what to do next). Below the balcony across from the "wreath" you will see a block. Go to the left and into the alcove with the rose bush. Here's a button on the right wall so push it to raise the block below the balcony. Climb onto the block and jump over to the balcony. Shoot out the windows here and enter the mansion. In this room you will see some more of the closed doors with tulips painted on them. Go to the left and under the arch and shoot out the windows here too. Go through the rightmost window and onto the balcony to pick up the Revolver. Leave this room the way you came in and jump over the railing and onto the raised block, then drop down to the ground. Leave the mansion area for now and go back through the caves you came from.

The Beach Part II- Finding The 3rd Tulip and Secret #3:

Retrace back to the first beach area and when you reach it go left and under the blue awning by the shops. At the left side(when facing the shops) is another Tulip to pick up. Now go back towards the stairs, but when you reach the palm tree turn and look towards where you picked up the tulip. High up on the wall of the building you should spot a breakable window. Combine the revolver and laser sight, aim for the window and shoot it out. Now turn around, put the revolver away and go back up the stairs towards the gates where you first entered the beach. Pass the gates and run to the end of the walkway above the beach with the miniature trees on the left. As you reach the end, stand between the last two trees and jump onto the blue awning. As Lara starts sliding press Action and she will grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and continue shimmying around the corners of the stone pillar where there is a crevice and as Lara reaches the sill of the window she shot out before pull up and enter the room. Pick up Secret 3: the Blue Easter Egg from the floor of this room, go over to the window and drop back down to the ground.

Search For The Final Tulip:

Now go back up the stairs at the beach again. This time go through the gates and drop down to the ground. Leave the area with the two pools, go down the stairs and straight ahead, then up the stairs and through the gate. Go straight ahead through the garden from earlier and through the gates leading back out to the plaza where you started the level. Go to the left, under the flag and past the columns supporting the level above, back towards where you found the revolver ammo near the beginning of Lara's adventure. Go right and under the arch and at the end go left and under the next arch to the right. You will here see a closed gate on the right hand side and up on top of a small grassy slope is a colourful beach ball (boulder) on a trapdoor being held up by a padlock. Arm Lara with the revolver again, stand with her back against the closed gate, as far towards the arch where she entered as possible and shoot the padlock. The beach ball will start rolling towards Lara so quickly sideflip to the left and out of the ball's way. The ball will crash through the closed gate. Jump past the ball and into the dark room beyond. Turn left to see some other beach balls and something red among them. Go over there and behold: it's another Tulip. Pick it up and leave this area. Retrace your steps back through the arch, right through the doorway and straight ahead through the next arch. Continue on back to the plaza, through the small gate below the Secret bridge and through the open gate. Go on through the garden and the next gate and continue down the stairs. Lara must now go back to the beach area, so go straight ahead, up the stairs on the right and into the pool areas. Continue up the ramp on the left, through the crawlspace on top, onto the arch and over to the ledge with the open gates. Go through the left entrance and down the stairs to the beach.

The Beach Mansion Part II- Finding Secret 4:

Go past the beach, back to the cave and go back to the mansion beach area. Go to the right and below the mansion balcony you will see some grey and green slopes. Stand with Lara's back to the slope, backflip onto the slope, press Jump and Action together to make her spring off the slope and grab the balcony above. Pull up there and draw guns. Shoot out the padlock on the gate and enter the room beyond. Use the Golden Key in the keyhole on the far wall to open a gate in an area that you don't have access to yet. Leave this room and drop down to the ground again. Now go over to the wreath-like creation and place the four tulips there, one on each side. This opens the large mansion gates. Go through there, but before going all the way let's go for the final secret. Go down the passage until you reach the daffodils on the right side. Stand by the daffodils closest to the gate you came through, with Lara's left side against the wall and look up and to the right. On the balcony above where you entered the gate you will see another small gate with a padlock on it. Arm Lara with the revolver, aim for the padlock and shoot it out. The gate opens, so go back through the main gates and climb the block onto the balcony. Go through the small gate and through the window to the left and pick up Secret 4: the Pink Easter Egg. Go back down to the ground the way you came up.

All Holidays Must Come To An End:

Head back through the main gates and this time go around the corner. In the left wall you will see the small gate you opened from the other balcony. Go through there and press the button to open the large gates you just saw before entering this room. Go back out and through the gates and head down the stairs. Go up either the left or the right stairway ahead and through the open doorway. Follow down the stairs on the right and left. You will see a sign saying "Lara Croft" and as you approach this Lara's lovely adventure at Corsica is over.