Lara’s Comeback

A custom level made by Masha Frenkel

-Easter Project Of 2005-

Unauthorized walkthrough written by Selene

As before I will emphasize that this is not an official walkthrough. Any questions or concerns relating to the level must be directed straight to its maker. I have written it to the best of my abilities, but if something should be missing please let me know. Thanks for reading my walkthrough, I hope it will come in handy.

Since this level was made as a contribution to the Custom Level Easter Project 2005 it features no enemies or traps, only peaceful exploration and puzzle solving. There is only 1 Secret to find.

Pickups: A small medipack, flares, 1 Easter Egg, 2 Yellow Eggs, Torch, 1 Book, Living Room Key, Kitchen Key, Garden Key, Roof Key and the Secret.

Note: There is a bug in this level that makes you able to press all the buttons in the house twice. I found that when I pressed them twice I had some minor problems solving the basement puzzle, but when I pressed it once it worked like it was meant to. All in all I would recommend pressing each button only ONCE.

Exploring The Garden:

Lara starts the level in a dark hallway. Turn around and run to the end of the hall. Press the button here to open the gate in the other end of the hallway. Go through the gate and slide down to the garden of a beautiful mansion. The gate here is locked and we'll have to open it, but first look around the garden. To the left you will see two closed gates next to each other. Go over there and right before the leftmost gate you will see an Easter Egg laying on the ground, pick this up. Don't think about the gates for now, they will open at the end of the level. In the middle of the garden you will see some blocks, a tiled board and black and brown teddy bears. Go to the far right side. You will see some Easter eggs on the ground and the Bear Puzzle Scroll laying on a pedestal. Pick it up and read what it says. So, to enter the house you have to win the Tic Tac Toe game.

Bear Puzzle:

Go over to the tiled board with the teddy bears. You will see there are two brown bears and one black on the board, two brown and one black on the coloured cubes behind and one black between the middle and rightmost cube. Go to the bear between the coloured cubes. Pull it out thrice. The cube below the brown bear to the left of the board will lower into the ground allowing you to move the brown bear on top of it. Go to the brown bear, pull it out thrice and go around it to the left and pull it once more. Go around to the black bear and push it back towards where you found it twice. Then go around it to the right and push it once towards the brown teddy bear. Now the rightmost cube with the black bear will lower. Pull the black bear out thrice, go around it to the left and pull it twice so that it's next to the brown bear. This will lower the third cube and you can go to that brown bear, stand on its right and pull it once towards the rightmost red tile. Go in front of the bear and pull it once more. You have won the Tic Tac Toe game with three in a row and the gate to the house now opens.

*Note about the bear puzzle: There are probably easier ways of doing this. The point is to lower the three coloured cubes to be able to push and pull the four bears around on the board and position the bears so that three of the same kind are standing on a line.*

Finding The Torch:

Go through the now open gates. To the right you will see a closed door with a keyhole next to it. Go on and you will see a pair of wooden doors on the left side. Push these open and enter the next room. On the window sill to the left is a breakable Easter egg, so shoot it and collect the flares. Go through the doorway to the next room. On top of the drawers to the left you can pick up the binoculars. Climb the ledge to the right and shoot away the breakable painting to the left of the basket with Easter eggs. Go through the crawlspace and into a dark room where you can pick up the Torch from the pedestal. Now remember that since Lara is holding the torch she can't climb, crawl, swim or traverse. So what you have to do is to jump up on the block before the crawlspace and press Space. Lara will throw the torch away and draw her guns. Now if you're lucky, she has thrown the torch right into the crawlspace. Crawl after it and pick it up and continue to throw the torch and pick it up until you eventually throw it out of the crawlspace and into the room where you can pick it up again. Leave this room and go back to the hallway where you entered the house. You can leave the torch laying in the hallway for later, you won't need it now anyways. It's just to make things easier.

Getting Acquainted With The House:

Turn and open the second set of wooden doors. There's one passage straight ahead leading down to the basement which we will come back to later and two flight of stairs leading up. The two set of stairs on each floor both lead to the floor above right next to each other and this can get a bit confusing at first. First let's look around the house. There are four levels in this house: the basement, the ground floor, the first floor, the second floor and the roof.

The basement we will get back to later, that's where the passage going down between the two stairs in the main room leads.

On the ground floor (this is where you entered the house) there is the living room(behind the first locked door you saw upon entering), the dining hall and study(where you picked up the torch) and the main hall with the first two flight of stairs.

Go up either stairway and into the right hallway. There are stairs leading up on the right side, but we will get back there later. Further down the hall and on the left is the kitchen. Here there's only a locked door and a keyhole for a key you don't have yet so leave that for now as well. At the end is a door which doesn't open until later. In the left hallway there are only stairs leading up to the left. We can go up here and have a look around. You will come to another landing with two more flight of stairs. Now the stairs you saw in both hallways on the first floor lead up to this same landing.

Finding The 1st Yellow Egg:

Go up either one of the two flight of stairs. On the right side is a closed door so go down the hall to the left. The door on the right side opens automatically as you approach. Don't mind the stairs at the far end of the corridor, those only lead to more stairs going up to the roof; here is only a locked door and a keyhole for a key you don't have yet. The room in this hallway is the children's room. Here you will see a black bear sitting in a corner. Lara will look down on the floor in front of the bed and it will seem to be moving, but I couldn't quite figure out why. You will see an egg outside on the balcony which you will get in a little bit.

The room to the left is the toy room. Enter there to see a brown bear. If you look at the floor here right by the window you will see that the two corner tiles look slightly different from the others. Go over to the brown bear and push/pull it onto the left corner tile(so that the bear is looking towards the children's bedroom). Go back to the bedroom and push/pull the black bear into the toy room and onto the tile in the right corner(so that the two bears are facing each other). When you do this the door out to the balcony next to you opens. Go out there and do a running jump to the balcony on the right. Pick up the 1st Yellow Egg and jump back to the balcony you came from. Leave the toy room/bedroom for now and head down the stairs and down the middle passage to the basement.

Basement Bear Puzzle- Getting The Living Room Key:

As you enter the basement you will see the following: a pit in the floor, stairs leading down into it, two closed gates on the left and right, a green cube across and to the right and four diamond tiles in the floor around the pit.

First go down the stairs into the pit. On the S wall is a closed gate which we will open later. Go left and around the back of the stairs and in the dark corner there is a button you can push. Do so to open the two gates on the floor above. In these two rooms you will find two black bears in each.

Now I'm not going to say too much about this, but what you need to do is to pull these four bears onto the four diamond tiles around the pit so that all four bears are FACING the pit. Doing so should lower the green cube in the W corner and reveal a switch.

I found that when I pressed the button in the pit twice, the cube didn't lower at first when I positioned the teddy bears correctly, so the solution there is to push and pull the bears off and on the diamond tiles until the cube eventually lowers. When I pressed the button once it lowered immediately.

Go to where the cube was and press the button on the wall. This fills the pit in the basement with water. Jump in and you can now open the door at the bottom of the pit. Swim in there and pick up the Living Room Key, you will get a shot of the keyhole where you can use it. Swim back out and leave the basement.

Lighting The Fireplace And Finding Secret 1:

Go back up to the main hall and out to where you entered the house. Use the Living Room Key to unlock the closed door here. Bring the torch with you into the room and leave it there for now. First go to the desk to the left of the entrance and pull it out once. In the alcove behind it you will find a chest. Open this and take the Kitchen Key. Go over to the bookshelves on the N wall. You will notice that a part of the shelf is slightly protruding. Pull out the bookshelf to the right of the protruding part(third shelf from the right) to reveal a hidden passage. In this passage is this level's only secret, but we will get that later. If you follow the passage you will come to a large room with a curtain covering the S wall, two closed doors to the N and W and one unlit candle standing on a diamond tile in each corner. For now leave this room and go back to the main hall. Go up the stairs, into the hallway on the right and enter the kitchen.

Use the Kitchen Key here to unlock the door. Shoot the brown egg on the shelf to open the door to the left of it. Go through here and follow the left passage into a garden. On the S wall of the small shed here you will spot a crawlspace, but Lara won't go all the way through there. Instead jump, grab and pull up onto the roof. Walk across the roof to the other side and pick up the Garden Key. Drop down from the roof and use the Garden Key in the lock on the N side of the shed. Enter, open the chest and pick up the Book. Leave the garden and go back to the passage where you entered from the kitchen. Instead of going there yet, go straight ahead and up the stairs until you reach the billiard room. Go to the desk on the far right side and notice that there are two books standing on the desk. Place the book you just found between them and you will see a hidden door opening in the living room. Pick up the small medipack on the grey ledge along the wall opposite of the windows and go back down to the kitchen. Go through the kitchen and the hallway, back down the stairs to the main hall and enter the living room.

Pull up into the hidden alcove and press the button there to light the fire in the fireplace. Pick up the torch and light it on the fireplace. Go through the passage in the bookshelves and enter the room with the unlit candles. Use the torch to light the four candles and the door to the N will open. Push the button here and watch the cut scene where the curtain slides away to reveal a mirror and the door to the W opens. Open the chest here and pick up the Roof Key. The door ahead will open, revealing a passage leading out to the first floor hallway where the kitchen is. Push the button on the left to open the closed door in the left hallway on the second floor. Before going there let's retrace for a secret. Enter the passage to the living room. In the light from the torch you can see that one part of the wall is slightly different from the rest, this is a moveable block(go straight down the hall from the room with the candles, turn right by the corner and straight ahead). Leave the torch in the room with the candles, then go back and pull the moveable block out twice, then go back to the room where you left the torch. Bring the torch with you and leave the room through the hallway opposite. Go back down to the main hall and enter the living room, you can leave your torch here to make it easier. Enter the hidden passage behind the shelves and follow it to the now revealed alcove where you can pick up Secret 1: a wrapped Easter Egg. Pick up the torch again and leave the living room.

Getting The 2nd Yellow Egg:

Go through the main hall, up the stairs, into either hallway and up the stairs again. Continue to the first floor landing and go up the stairs here to the second floor. Go through the right hallway and you will see that the door you opened earlier by pushing the button in the room with the candles has revealed a wooden door you can open. Do so and enter the main bedroom. In the bathroom to the left there are some flares for you to pick up in the shower. Go back to the bedroom and you will see a yellow egg among the flames of the fireplace. Seems you must find a way to turn the fire off. In the right corner by the window is a basket which seems to be missing an egg. Place the Easter Egg in the basket, the fire will not be turned off, but a door to the left of the bathroom will open. Go in there and push the rightmost shelf in twice. Go to the left and on the backside of the left shelf there's a button. Push this to turn off the fire in the fireplace. Go back to the bedroom and pick up the 2nd Yellow Egg from the fireplace. Now remember to bring the torch along as you leave, Lara will need it.

Rescuing The Easter Bunnies:

Leave the bedroom and go straight ahead down the hallway until you reach the stairs at the far end. Continue up the next flight of stairs and unlock the door on top with the Roof Key. You will enter a room with two closed doors to the left and right and two pedestals ahead. Place the yellow eggs on the pedestals(for some reason Lara would only do this if she was positioned to the left of the left pedestal and to the right of the right one). This will cause the door on the left to open. Enter the attic and pick up the flares from the right shelf. On the S wall behind the curtains over by the window is a button. Press this to open the door opposite in the room with the egg pedestals. Bring the torch with you into that room and use it to light the candle in front of the piano. As you do this, you will hear cheerful music and the two golden gates out in the garden that I told you to ignore earlier will open.

Some Easter Bunnies will run out of the rooms behind the gates and into the garden and here the level ends.