Red Ninja Dudes

Level by Warhead

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Roll to open the door behind you. Enter it, optionally kill the arachnids, slide down, jump over the scorpion pit and pull up into the next room. Enter the corridor to face the first two red ninja dudes. Don't stop but follow the corridor till you see the scorpions falling from the ceiling. Kill them and follow the right passage to meet another two ninjas. Don't kill them but proceed to the end of the corridor and turn right to go through the opening door back into the first room. Now you have some more space, so kill the whole ninja four. Notice a passage behind the statue in the SE corner. Go inside and into the S room to find the uzis. Now go into the passage on the NE and kill another ninja. Get outside to find a laser sight and some more uzi ammo. In the temple entrance, time the moving knives. Inside, pick up a small medi and some poison arrows. Proceed through the bridge to find another ninja. DON'T let him fall from the bridge when you kill him - he drops a large medi. Go back to the first room and go through the grated door once again. Advance ahead and climb the stairs. Avoid the slope. Pull up onto the N wall. Use the pillars in front of you to get to the highest one. Pull up through the opening in the ceiling and find 7th red ninja dude in the hidden room. Collect a big medi, a revolver and a grenade gun from up there. Go back to the place when you started the last platforming and pull up into the E crack. Crawl out and drop to the right, to the other side of the pit. Descend using the blocks on the E of the platform you're standing on. Find a revolver and some ammo for it in the pit. Get out and exit N to find yourself in the large chamber. Kill another 2 ninjas down there and drop to the passage on the NW. On the junction, go right to find next RND in the following room. Pick up some poison arrows and revolver ammo and go through the automatic exit into the LEFT passage to find and kill the next RND and pick up a small medi from behind the door and a large one lying on the floor a bit farther. Enter the new automatic door, grab the clips for uzis and go right. Pass through the small maze and jump into the water. Swim SW to find the air pocket. Get out of the water and find a grenade gun and some flash ammo in the dead end. Watch out for 2 more RNDs on your way back to the water, and for 2 crocs underwater. Now swim back to the hole that led you here and backtrack through all the mazes to the very first junction. Go right to encounter 14th red guy in the next room. Go left and fight the next one. Climb the stairs and pick a large medi from the pit. Pull up into the next hidden room, fight yet another RND and collect the items: two packs of grenades, one filled with flash, the second with super. Go back to the last junction and go into the N passage to fight some scorpions and - in the next room - another RND. Now choose the right passage and kill a ninja and a croc at its end. Shatter the vase and pick up 60 uzi bullets from under it. Also, collect 3 small medis and 12 flares (at last). Go back to the previous room, frivolously wasting some light, just for fun. Enter the remaining passage, wipe out the 19th ninja and collect: a revolver, 6 additional bullets for it, and some more flares. Proceed. Your path splits in two again. Don't worry - there'll be not so much backtracking this time. Go left, kill 2 ninjas and return to the junction. Now choose the second passage and blow up a croc before you hop into the water and find a secret. Collect the Amulet Of Horus - a quest item, as I presume - from the bottom and swim out of this place before another croc manages to bite you. On the junction, go right, resurface in the air pocket, FACE THE S BANK and get out of the water. Avoid the marked squares (they set Lara on fire). Optionally, climb the raised block to trigger some flames and a dark scorpion to kill. Pick up the crossbow and stand next to the pool to kill the croc you previously avoided. Return to the water. This time, go ahead on the junction to resurface in another fire room. Get out of the water, kill two fireproof ninjas in the pit and use the monkey swing to get across. Pick up some shotgun shells from the block and drop off to the next location. Kill 5 ninjas there and pick up what they dropped: a crossbow, uzis, some wideshot shells and explosive arrows. Find one more shotgun in the NW corner and exit the room (and the whole level) through the automatic door. Frenzy passed. Ninjas killed: 28.