Reign of Chaos - Airport

By Agnes

Authorized walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater
SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

-- General Notes --

* Items in Bold are necessary to complete the levels or get the secrets, either by using them, picking them up or both.
* You'll find a summary at the end of each part when needed.

Although it may look so, you can't choose the order in which you'll play the chapters of the adventure. All the doors barring the way to the other destinations will remain closed no matter what. The order is as follows: Mexico, Venice, China, Córdoba and Alnwick.

You'll be back at the airport each time you'll change chapter. Don't take the place for granted, though. Like real places do, it will change at each visit so make sure to explore it again.

== Take 1: to Mexico ==

Map of the Airport on the way to Mexico

So you're at the airport, ready to get aboard. But don't rush. There is more to this place that meets the eye. Including goodies and... secretive goodies.

Turn L (N) and run into the Luggage Room. Go L (W) at the fire extinguisher sign, shoot the low grey crate that's on your way, climb on the blue one ahead, crawl a bit, drop down and pick up the small medipack.

Return to the Main Hall. You're now heading for the very first secret of the adventure. It's located in the Shop, but you can't get there yet since a window is barring the way.

Turn R (W) upon exiting the Luggage Room, R (N) following the "China" sign, then L (W). The Bathroom is ahead. Run to the door which opens as you approach and enter. Go into the dark recess on your L (S). The bathroom sink here is shatterable (as are all others, but you don't really need to break all the furniture's, so leave them alone). Shoot it then go where it was and turn to the wall. Look up, using the binoculars if needed to spot a high CS. Climb in it.

Crawl then run ahead. Turn L (N) at the junction then R (E) at the next one. Drop down the hole at the end. You're in the Shop. Collect the goodies on the wooden counter: shotgun normal ammo, shotgun wideshot ammo, revolver ammo, a small medipack and flares. Now go pick up the Golden Rose in the center of the room which is indeed Secret #1. Return to the Bathroom the way you came, then to the Main Hall.

Nothing more to do here, so time to take off. Run diagonally L (SE) across the Main Hall to locate the "Mexico" sign. Climb down the stairs and simply follow the signs leading you to a corridor with an open blue door. Run into it to be transported to Mexico.

Go to Mexico

==== In this part, you should have found...

1 Secret

== Take 2: to Venice ==

Map of the Airport on the way to Venice

It will be a short stay in the airport this time. Simply go to the Luggage Room, turn L at the fire extinguisher sign and climb on the blue block. Crawl and drop down to pick up a large medipack.

Return to the Main Hall and run across it diagonally to the R (SW). Follow the "Venice" signs until you reach a corridor. Run across it. Off to Venice now.

Go to Venice

== Take 3: to China ==

Map of the Airport on the way to China

This time you're going to stay a bit longer than the previous one, but not that much, though.

A little something is waiting for you at the Shop, but you won't get there like you did the first time. Cross the Main Hall diagonally to the L (NE) and run past the Luggage Room. The Shop is there to your L, but that window still prevents you from entering it. Something has changed, though: the desk in the corner has been moved, revealing a low grate that's perfectly shatterable.

Shoot it, enter the CS and shoot another grate to your L. You can now access the Shop. Enter then run L to the donuts poster. A small medipack is there on the floor. Pick it up and return to the Main Hall via the CS.

Run ahead (W) past the Luggage Room then into the corridor to your R (N). Follow the "China" sign to the next corridor and take off for China.

Go to China

== Take 4: to Córdoba ==

Map of the Airport on the way to Córdoba

Okay. This is a bit different. Looks like you're locked in the Bathroom. To escape this predicament, shoot the leftmost bathroom sink in the NW corner to open the door and grant you access to the Airport.

Go to the Main Hall then the Luggage Room. Go over the wooden counter to your L to pick up some revolver ammo hidden behind on the floor.

Now you've got another problem: apparently, the staff of the Airport has decided you won't go to Córdoba and has left lots of luggage at the entrance of the corridor, preventing you from accessing it. But you're Lara Croft and you won't be stopped by some petty suitcases, are you?

From the Main Hall, run to the corridor in the NE corner past the Luggage Room then the Shop into the next corridor. Go R (S) at the junction: the door after the "Conference Room" sign ("Konferenzraum") is now opened and you can enter a dark corridor beyond. Light a flare or use the binocs and look up. There's a passage up there to your R. It seems a bit high, but the wall is climbable, so climb and pull up in it.

Follow the air shaft past the first junction (you'll go there in a minute, but you've got some errand to do first). Turn R at the end and pick up the large medipack in the middle of the passage. Return to the main corridor and turn at the junction (now on your L). Follow the passage to the end. The grate ahead is shatterable so shoot it, crawl in the CS and drop down in the corridor to Córdoba, in the good side of the luggage. Follow the corridor and fly to Spain.

Go to Córdoba

== Take 5: to Alnwick ==

Map of the Airport on the way to Alnwick

Now the Airport is closed for the night, and you're alone in there. Before leaving for your last destination, you have an important thing to collect. You've only found four Chaos Gems so far, and you need a fifth to accomplish your goal. Luckily, it happens to be somewhere around.

Since you're now in the Luggage Room and people have left things there as usual, pick up the flares and the large medipack on the wooden counter to your R (N). You'll probably notice a jumpswitch through a gap in the wall while doing so. That's your next goal.

Go to the Bathroom (you should know the way by now) and into the dark recess. The bathroom sink is now on the other wall so you don't even need to shoot it. Turn to the L wall and pull up into the passage above.

First, run to the end past the first junction and turn R at the second. There's a small medipack on a grate at the end. Turn around then L (W) at the junction to return to the previous corridor. Go R (N) at the one just before the CS whence you came. The jumpswitch is accessible from here. Stand on the edge of the hole facing the jumpswitch and do a SJ with Action pressed to grab it, opening a door elsewhere in the Airport. Turn around and climb back up in the high passage. Return to the Main Hall via the Bathroom.

Run across the Hall diagonally to the L (SE) as you did when you went to Mexico, but stop just before the first "Mexico" sign and turn into the corridor to your L (E). The door there is now open. Run through the corridor and down the stairs to enter what looks like an abandoned Control Room. Go R around the wall and go shoot the low grey crate in the far R corner (SW) to pick up the Orange Chaos Gem it contained. The door to Alnwick is now open.

Return to the Main Hall and go R (E) at the Luggage Room. Pass the shop and enter the next corridor. Turn R (S) at the junction to pick up some revolver ammo before the Conference Room door (which is now closed again), return to the previous corridor going R (E) to eventually enter a square room. The door you just opened is just ahead. Pass through the doorway and head for Alnwick.

Go to Alnwick

==== In this part, you should have found...

Items of note: The Orange Chaos Gem