Anzio, Nero's Domus

Level by Francesco Zecchinelli (FZ)

Walkhrough by Yoav

The level starts outside the castle wall, take a few steps and flyby shows you a coast and focuses on tile in the sea. Follow downstairs over the coast, get in sea and step onto the tile, screenshot shows a gate opening in the castle. Back to the coast and shoot wild boar, make your way to north side of coast; at the end where the camera angle changes, turn left, jump and catch the slope, backflip and land onto a small area with large medipack. Turn and jump forward, take another jump over the corner and crawl inside to the castle, pick up on your way the revolver and in the corner room the lasersight.

Keep going and look for the open gate from left, oops! you have a problem now, skeleton shows up so hurry to the next room and pick up quickly revolver ammo, flares, shotgun ammo and small medipack. Back to first room and follow inside through the open gate, run faster over the faraway corner and pick up more revolver ammo, now look for hole in the floor, fall and catch the edge, fall again and catch the crack below. Shimmy left but don't fall down as a spiked trap is under Lara, keep shimmying until the camera shows you the shotgun on the floor.

Take care for crocodile attack from back, pick up uzi clips from a corner, look around for closed gate that needs Gem and take safely jump to a room below. Take look around this large room, pick up large medi-pack and uzis near the empty pool, inside the pool you can see the missing Gem, at the moment you can't take it as you can't pass the fire. Shoot the crocodile and jump to other side, get rid of the skeleton, follow in the corridor to empty room; at the moment you can't reach the high ledge. Get back and follow in the next corridor, at the end step onto the tile, it will cause earthquake. Back to the empty room you have been already, some changes have happened there, climb up to the ledge and follow in the corridor, crawl ander the spikes and step onto the tile, screenshot shows the canal full of water. Make your way over the canal, get in water, swim above the fire and take the Gem, get of the canal.

Look for climbable column at the faraway left corner room, climb up to ledge above, go over the closed gate and use the Gem. In a room ahead nothing to do right now, so go to left side through the short corridor, pick up from left shotgun ammo, climb up the block and look about slope blocking your way. Back to corridor, avoid the poison darts and step onto the tile in the corner, now back to corridor, climb up the block again and take a jump over the slope, climb up the next block and start stepping slowly, you see fire traps show up. Take a jump over the fire and step onto the tile, it will make earthquake and raise platforms in the room you came from, go over there, climb up, jump to right ledge and pick up flares, jump back and proceed to the slope, you can pick up another lasersight if you want, slide down and look: the flyby shows you a big large hall.

You stand on a high balcony, take jump down to floor below, look around and pick up large medi-pack, look at the other side of the hall for two opening ways. Take the left, notice for star receptacles, follow upstairs at the balcony, go over the left side and look for crowbar. Get back down floor and follow to pool with two crocodiles, get rid of the skeleton that came after you. Climbable wall into the opening and inside the room climb and step onto the tile, it raises the mesh in the pool. Get out of the room through the next opening and slide down directly into the pool, swim through the opening and take the left short side, it's secret place, pick up uzis, turn and swim over the big cave, look behind the faraway corner for a Gate key. Back to pool and get out of the water, make your way to the cloesd gate and use the Key.

Slide down to the room below and save your game, in front of you basis trap fire, also the floor around faraway you can see the Golden Star on the wall. Go a few steps to the right and take jump forward about three tiles, if you do it right all the other tiles will start burning, from where you stand turn left and take jump over the corner tile. Get down to floor, use the crowbar and take the Golden Star, also pick up large medipack, climb back onto the basis and jump over the opening above.

Follow in the corridor, pick up shotgun ammo and step on the tile, the closed mesh is open now. Note: I didn't find out how to put off the fire in the corner and pick up the shotgun ammo. Back to the hall and go use the Golden Star at the star receptacle, go upstairs again, turn right at the end of the balcony, look for ledge out from the front wall.

Jump over this ledge and climb up into the next building, pick up large medipack from left. Draw the pistols shoot wild boar, as you can see there is stick for the Portal Guardian, go over the room with rocks and find in the corner Ornate Handle. Now go to left and find yourself high above the room with blocks. Note: you can fall down onto the slope, slide and catch the first block or just take running jump and land onto the block (like I did). Take series of jumps onto the blocks until you land on the high block (don't jump to right block with the black tile, it's a fire trap). From where you stand, run and jump directly over the opening with the Hathor Effigy.

Climb up the wall to the room above, take care for two crocodile attacks from back, climb up to the next room, shoot again the crocodile and pick up large medipack. Get back through the hole and go place the Portal Guardian to open the gate, step onto the tile, it will cause earthquake and will mash the rocks. Go over this room, slide down and finish the level.