Levelbase Advent Calendar 2005 - Swiss Xmas

Level by Agnes (December 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start facing a building built into the snow. To the North you can see a waterfall over the rocks. You may see a wolf or two but just ignore them. Climb the snow hills to the South to the highest possible point to the West of the building. Then run/jump to the East over the slope and land next to a tree. Go East and climb down an ice wall. Shimmy left to drop on a ledge and pick up the Metal Key. Look East to see crawl space in a wall in a dry area behind a dam. Dive into the water and swim North towards the waterfalls. Swim left of the waterfalls and dive under the water into a cave to pick up the laser sight. Either go overland or swim back to the building and pull up to the door. Use the key and the door slowly opens. Go inside and loop right to an alcove to pull a switch. Go outside, dive into the water, swim North-East and see that the dam has risen and the dry area is flooded. Swim inside the crawl space. Swim left, right, right, and when you are at a dead end, swim up and straight ahead to pull up into a room. In the pink corner pick up secret #1 and a small medipack. Dive back in and go right. When you see a split in the tunnel, take the top route. Then it is a twisting but direct swim to pull up onto a ledge overlooking a deep ravine.

Get down and go North to stand on a short block. Run/jump to the wall to grab an unseen crevice. Shimmy to the left and pull up to a switch. Pull it and get a cut scene of a gate opening in a tunnel. Get down and get the block to the South to jump South over a slope, Get into the South-East corner for a crawl space. Crawl inside and there is the door. Enter a wood-lined tunnel and eventually a room. Go to the end of the room to a hole. Climb down the East ladder and drop and grab a crawl space. Crawl in and reach a room. Pick up revolver ammo from the floor and climb down another hole. Swim South a little and pick up the revolver. Roll and swim North and follow the tunnel to a closed gate. Pull the underwater lever on the left wall and it opens. Swim into the room and get some air. Go to an East tunnel for some flares. Now go into a West tunnel and swim until you pull up into a rock-lined tunnel. Follow to the end to climb a ladder and pull up into a wood-lined tunnel. You emerge on a ledge overlooking the ravine. You see a tunnel to the right that is blocked by a snowball. Run/jump to the left side and see a snowman behind a wall.

Go left and push in a snow block. Go inside a cave area. Side flip into and over the snow block. Shoot the snowman and pick up secret #2 and a large medipack. Now go back to the edge of the ravine and to the very South-West corner. Combine the revolver and laser sight and look up to the left. You can just barely see a black snowman broom showing against the sky. Shoot it and the snowball in the opposite tunnel drops. If you squat, you see a snowman inside the tunnel. Now aim inside the tunnel and shoot the base of a snowman. A second snowball rolls out of the tunnel. Jump over to the tunnel and go inside. At the end climb down a ladder to another snow tunnel. Run and crawl through this tunnel to a ladder. Climb and pull up to an open area. To the far right are a cabin and a man running around outside it. For a non-violent Christmas level, the man punches Lara if she gets too close. However, hop to the woodpile near the cabin and then stand jump to the over hanging roof to the South. Jump to the South-West to a slope. Slide, grab, and shimmy left to a tree. Pull for secret #3 and squat to pick up the shotgun. Safety drop and go back to the woodpile. Next to it on the South wall is a switch. Pull it and get a cut scene of a gate opening. Go East and behind all the trees there is a crawl space. It is a little hard to find but it is there.

Crawl in and follow the tunnel to the door you opened. Enter a building and go left and then right for flares. This a movable box there but you can do nothing with it. Go South and turn left. At the end push the box into the room. Go inside and pull it to the left. Now go behind it for a crawl space. At the end, climb a ladder up into an open area with trees. Shoot the two snowmen and get a cut scene of a gate opening. Go to the North-East corner and push in a movable block. Do not push too far, since you have to get around it to the other side and slide down into a tunnel. Exit into an open area with a cabin to the North-East. Climb a block to the left of the cabin, jump and grab the roof. Shimmy to the right to the second window. Pull up for secret #4 and a small medipack. Safety drop down and shoot another snowman. Go to the right side of the house and go North pass the cows. At the far end go behind a tree and jump up to grab a ledge. Shimmy to the right and pull up to pick up the Stone Piece. Get down and go the North-West behind a cow and go into a crawl space. Pick up a Metal Key and go back to the cabin door to use the Stone Piece. The door opens so go inside and use the key and the next door opens. Go inside the room and get a flyby of the area as the level ends