Tomb of Roac

Level by Geoff Blakey (December, 2000)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Slide down and face an opening in the west wall. Kill a scorpion and then slide down the opening into a room with a pool. Shoot a vase and pick up Uzi ammo. Dive into the water and swim down the north channel. At the end, pull up and kill a scorpion. Shoot the vase and get a cut scene of a pit somewhere. Swim back and open the underwater door.  Swim to the end and kill a crocodile that was on your tail. Go north into the pit and press a button to get a cut scene of a door opening in a tunnel. If you came here earlier, the pit would have been filled with water. Go back to the south-east corner of the first room. Jump up, grab a monkey swing, and follow it to an opening in the west wall. Follow the tunnel to the open door. Turn right and see a receptacle. Drop and shimmy to the right to behind the door. Pick up the Golden Vraeus from a pedestal. Return and use it in the receptacle and hear a gate opening on the other ledge. Dive in and swim to the other side and pull up onto a ledge at the water surface. Kill the crocodile and then swim around the floor area for a large medipack, flares, and the shotgun. Back to the ledge and pull up and pick up red shotgun shells.

Go west into the open gate. Turn the corner and kill a ninja and kill the crocodile in the water. Jump to the block in the middle of the water and shoot the vase in the corner to kill a scorpion. Jump to the corner to pick up red shotgun shells. Monkey swing west to a block and a button. Press the button and the gate opens in the north-west corner. Swim back to the first ledge and you just shimmy left pass the fires to reach the gate. Enter a short tunnel and pull up into an outside area. Go south and kill a scorpion and a ninja. Go around to the right to enter a building. Kill a ninja and shoot a vase to pick up a Hypostyle Key. Go to the east wall to press a button and get a cut scene of the outside gate opening. Exit the room and go south into the gate. Follow the passage to an area with some water and kill a crocodile. Get into the water and blue electrical arcing happens in the containers near the closed gate to the south. Swim east and then return to kill a crocodile. Afterward, swim east and south to pull up into a passage. Follow it and fall into a tunnel at the end. Continue and pull up to a room behind the closed gates. The gate opens and you kill a scorpion. Pick up the revolver and revolver ammo from the pedestals. Exit back to the water and this time swim down the hole in the floor.

Swim down an underwater tunnel and open an underwater door. The sloped tunnel to the right is for later. Pull up into a room to pick up Uzi ammo, red shotgun shells, large medipack, and the Guardian Key from the four pedestals. Kill two scorpions, jump into the water and now swim down the sloped tunnel. Pull up to a room and go south to the wall. Use the Guardian Key and get a long flyby back to the starting area showing another gate opening and the Amulet of Horus. It is a very linear return trip with just a moment taken to kill a ninja. You enter the open gate and arrive on a ledge facing a deep lava pit with platforms in it. Notice another closed gate to your left. Go to the west side and drop to a platform. Drop to another platform and then jump to the south-west platform. Go over the south platform to shoot the vase for flares and return. Run, jump and grab the platform on the east wall. Jump south to the door at the lower corner and the door opens. Go inside to press a button and an earthquake occurs. Exit and go north over the lava and start climbing platforms. Go back to the platform on the east wall and pull up to the platform above you. Climb the blocks that have appeared. Jump to the south platform and pull up to the ledge. Go pick up the Amulet of Horus and the music changes. Look across the pit to see a ninja. Cross the pit and kill the ninja. Enter the newly open gate and climb the blocks. You are back in the starting area. Kill a ninja and go to the north-east corner. When you reach the place where you started the level ends by crashing to the desktop.