Levels made by Agnes

Authorized Walkthrough written by Selene and also posted on her own site, accessible by clicking here:

Background Story:

"For hours I've been sitting in the train from St. Petersburg to Rustay. Russian trains are not what they used to be. It’s cold and the conductor doesn’t show his face. I wonder what possessed me to go on this journey. "Mysterious murders in Rustay, Russia. People were disappearing and the population kept quiet" they said on TV. It shouldn't bother me, probably the people are victims of hungry wolves but somehow I couldn't simply stay at home. For weeks I wanted to leave England again. Outside it started snowing. If there’s more snow the train will not get through. I put on my jacket; outside it’s really cold. And the brakes of the train already squeak. A moment later I stand at the station of Rustay. It's old and shabby but pleasant. I can hardly imagine that terrible murders are said to have been committed here. The first houses look like a picture of a winter fairytale. Roofs are covered with snow and smoke rises out of all chimneys. Who knows what I'll find here..."

*NOTE: There is no need to kill all the enemies (such as the dogs in the third level) and some enemies you can run away from. I prefer killing all or most enemies though, so I have written the walkthrough after that principle, apart from where otherwise specified. You have to determine yourself whether to kill or to let live and run for it. Refer to the read-me for further information. Here you’ll also find the number of secrets, which counts as 7, all of these are listed below.*

Level 1- Train

Pickups: Flares, small medipacks, crowbar, normal AK47 ammo, AK47 rifle, Metal Key (0 Secrets)

Enemies: Armed guards, wolves

Travelling first class?

Lara starts her adventure in a train headed for snowy Rustay, Russia. First of all turn around, draw pistols and shoot the two crates in the S/E corner to pick up some flares. Turn around and go back out where you started and locate a moveable crate in the N/W corner. Pull it out once, go around it to the other side and pick up a small medipack. Now go through the entire storage room and open the door at the far W end. Do not rush out though, if Lara drops down she'll fall off the train and get crushed. Instead do a standing jump while pressing Action to jump across the gap and grab the platform above. Pull up and backflip to land on the roof of the train car behind you. Go to the far E end and turn around, hop backwards and grab the edge. Drop down onto a small platform where you can pick up the crowbar, then return to the roof.

Do a standing jump down to the metal platform again and climb onto the stack of crates above. Drop down to the right side to land on the stack below. If you proceed ahead you will see an armed guard patrolling on the car with the crates ahead. With some patience you can kill him from here without him spotting Lara. Once he's dead climb the stack of crates again and this time go over to the opposite side. Turn around from the edge and hop backwards and grab, then shimmy left until you reach a ladder. Climb down and around the right corner and use the valve wheel here to empty a pool somewhere else on the train. Now climb back up and do a standing jump over to the next car. The crate in the S/E corner on top of the stack and the one on the right side to the W are both moveable, but there's nothing under them and I couldn't see anything that happened as a result of moving them so just leave them be.

Train interior- arming yourself

Do a standing jump from the edge of the car while pressing Action to land inside the next car. You can open the door to the left if you like, but it only leads straight out of the train so it's not required. Go right instead and shoot the armed guard that comes down the hall. You can open the cabin doors along the left side. The first and fourth one are both empty and the third one is occupied and does not hold anything interesting for you. However, in the second cabin you'll find some normal AK47 ammo on the floor to the right. The last door in the hallway is a toilet and in there you'll find a small medipack. You can actually break the sink by shooting at it, but why take away a poor passenger's means of getting the hands clean after a visit to the toilet? Leave the restroom behind and go around the corner to the left. To the right there's only a closed window, but to the left there is a door you can open. Do so and hop down onto the platform. Turn around to face the door you came through and jump up to grab the roof of the car. Pull up and turn right, then follow the car to the back. In the third depression on the roof you'll find the AK47 rifle. Go across the roof again towards where you came from and hop over to the next roof. Drop backwards from the edge and press Action, then let go and immediately press Action one more time to land inside the car.

A small key in the pool

The door on the left doesn't lead anywhere but out, but open it if you like. Head right down the hall where the passengers are and enter the second cabin for some more AK47 normal ammo. At the end of the hallway turn left and shoot the box for some more ammo. Open the door and do a standing jump and grab from the doorway over to the next car, then pull up on the left side. You're now standing on a car with the pool you previously drained. Drop in there and pick up the Metal Key. Now climb out, go to the edge and face the roof of the car ahead. Do a standing jump onto the flat area on top (mind the fence in the middle though as it will change Lara's angle if she hits it and might send her sliding down the slanted side of the roof to a certain death). Go to the approximate middle of this roof and turn left to face S. Hop backwards and slide down, then grab the edge. You will now notice that there is an opening in the car below, leading way into the storage room. Shimmy right of the opening and Lara will put her legs up on the ladder here. Climb around to the left and into the opening.

Exploring the front of the train - the storage room

In case it's needed the door leading out to the proceeding car to the left opens automatically. For now go right (W) and open the wooden door using the crowbar. Go through there and pull out the moveable crate closest to the W gate once. Go around it to the right so that Lara is facing W and pull it out three times, then hop over the green, slanted part to the right and push the crate in once. Now you can go back in where the crate was to find a lever hidden behind the door. Push it to open the gate leading into the next section. Now you can use the Metal Key in the lock to the left of the next gate to open it. There are some boxes in the next room that you can shatter, but they're all empty. Instead stand in the doorway and look up to see that it's possible to pull up onto the car roof. Do so and walk to the edge. There is a car with wolves below you and although they are generally protected animals you have no choice but to kill these three, unless you want them to rip Lara's throat open as she does a running jump into their car. Or if you're absolutely insisting on leaving them alone continue running to the fence and jump over to the next car immediately to avoid getting killed.

Next station Rustay

Climb over the crates and to get into the next car you'll need to do a running jump while pressing Action. This time there's nothing of interest in either of the cabins to the left, only a guy and his female company in the second one so let's leave them alone to their business. Open the door ahead and enter the pool room. No time to play here though so continue straight on to the next door. There is a restroom on the left, but there's nothing in it and you can still leave the sink for the pleasure of the passengers. Continue on to the next door around the left corner and as you approach it you will see a fly-by of the train as seen from the outside. When the fly-by finishes the level ends.

Level 2- Rustay

Pickups: Flares, AK47 normal ammo, Blue Key, Metal Key, small medipack, revolver, lasersight, Wall Piece + 1 Secret (AK47 rifle and a large medipack)

Enemies: Armed guards, wolves, rats

Morning mood in Rustay

The level begins with Lara telling about her journey to Rustay. Right afterwards we see our heroine standing in the snowy streets, accompanied by the soothing tones of Grieg's Morning Mood. However, there is nothing peaceful about the armed guard coming running in from the right side so dispatch of him quickly to begin with before he returns the favour. There is a break in the fence to the N, but we're not going that way yet. Let's take the pickup first. Go over to the grey pillar to the right of the opening in the fence. Pull up onto it and pick up some flares. Drop down, turn right and follow the train tracks up to the W and at the end locate an alcove in the right wall above the slope. Stand facing it a few steps away from the right wall and do one hop and two steps backwards. Do a running jump towards the opening, angling Lara right so she'll land right in the opening. Go around the hallway and come out on a ledge overlooking the city streets. Turn right and locate a jump switch on the wall, jump up and pull it to see a fly-by showing you that a gate has opened connecting this area with the train station. You will also see an armed guard coming out from across the street to see what all the fuss is about and he's got a pet with him. You can kill at least the guard from up here and if you're lucky he won't spot you. When he falls he drops some AK47 normal ammo.

A detour for a secret

Now let's go secret hunting. From the right side of the ledge(when facing the street) do a running jump over to the flat snowy ledge past the grey pillar with the pigeon perched on the top(should you miss it you can climb the chain in the S/W corner and backflip onto the balcony again. Mind the falling icicles though). Climb the pillar with the pigeons and jump over to the slanting stone ledge ahead. Follow it up to the top and turn to face the icy slopes right. Jump over to them (making sure Lara is facing upwards) and slide down, grabbing the edge as you go. Shimmy right until you can pull up onto a flat area. Turn around 360 degrees and do a running jump over to the roof ahead, pressing Action to grab the edge of the roof. Now shimmy left until you hear the secret chime. Drop down onto the balcony to pick up Secret 1: the AK47 rifle and a large medipack.

A Blue Key and the Courtyard of the Frozen Pond

Now turn around and go out through the opening opposite and up in the crawlspace. Drop down on the other side and now head straight and continue along the tunnel until you get to the slope with the train tracks. Jump over them and slide down to the station. This time head through the opening in the N fence and go down to the left. Straight ahead you'll see the gate you opened earlier (if you haven't dealt with the armed guard and his pet wolf yet now's a good time to do it. Also pick up the AK47 ammo he drops if you haven't already). Go to the far right end and on your right side you will see a fence with a pickup behind it. It is too high to climb though so turn left to climb onto a flat part of the icy block. Pull up onto the roof above and head right onto the balcony, from which you can drop down behind the fence and from there down to the ground where you can pick up the Blue Key. Climb back up, but do not go down to the street yet. Instead go to the end of the balcony and turn to face the blue roof to the S/E. Jump onto it and slide down to a lovely courtyard.

If you turn around you'll see a wolf running around up on the hill. Move closer in on it and kill it from the safety below. Now run onto the snowy mound to near the W wall and you will see a door open somewhere (tricky huh?). Now go back to where you slid down and pull back up onto the balcony. Continue down to the street and head along it all the way to the end, then turn left and go through the open gate. Proceed towards the ramp E and right before it to the left you'll find the door you just opened.

The Blue Key Bar- timed runs and traps in the wine cellar

Enter the bar and the bartender will speak to you saying: "Hi girl, what are you looking for? A way to hell? It’s all behind there". There is certainly something behind the bar at least: it's a Metal Key for you to pick up. As tempting as a drink may seem right now we still have a lot to do so better keep up with it.

Shoot the boxes in the N/E corner to get some more AK47 normal ammo. Shoot the crate by the S wall as well to uncover a passageway. Enter a storage room of sorts and shatter the small box to the right to get some flares. Now follow the passage around to the left and down the stairs until you reach a keyhole where you can use your newly acquired key to open the gate left of it. Continue down the stairs to the wine cellar. First shoot the crate in front of the gate straight ahead to clear the way for later. Now enter the first room on the right. Climb the crate on the right and drop down into a room where you can shatter a box to get some flares. Go back outside and head down the hallway towards the stairs you came down. Don't go all the way though, but turn left about halfway down the hall and head into another open room. Make your way around the crates to the left until you reach a switch. This opens the gate at the far end of the hall and it is of course timed so save your game here.

Pull the switch, turn left and hop back to the wall. Jump forwards to land on the crate and run off, turning sharp to the right around the corner. Sprint down the hallway and through the open gate to land on a slope.

As you slide two spikes will pop up in front of you, so jump to clear them. Draw guns and at the bottom of the slope you will be attacked by rats from both sides. We're starting with the left path for some pickups. Continue along the cobwebbed hallway and go around the wooden crate to the left where you can shoot away the boxes to get a small medipack. Go back outside, now head back to the slope where you came down and take the right passage. Right before you reach the crate in the left wall (which you can't move) look up on the left wall to spot a crawlspace. Pull up, crawl through and drop down on the other side of the crate mentioned in the sentence above. Shoot away the box and deal with the rat that hid inside of it, then climb the crate by the ladder and climb it up to the top. Follow the passageway and you're now above what by the looks of it is a control room.

Finding a way out- crawling, swinging and climbing

Drop down through the opening in the floor and immediately pack out your heaviest weapon as you're being attacked by an equally heavy armed guard. The gate in the left wall (N) opens automatically as you approach and it seems you have disturbed a couple of armed guards in the middle of a Russian lunch (notice all the liquor bottles spread around??). Take them out and enter the room they came from. Now go left and under the overhang you should see a grate on the wall. Shoot it out with your pistols and crawl through to drop down into a room with a rat you can kill from above. Go on to the next grate, shoot it out and enter the crawlspace. Go through and you're now out in fresh air, on a ledge high above the city streets.

Turn around and drop from the ledge, then press Action to grab the edge. Shimmy right past a crevice until you reach a ladder. Climb down and into the alcove on the right where you can pull a switch to lower a rope up above the ledge you came from. Climb back out and shimmy left back to the ledge. Pull up and stand facing the rope, then stand at the back corner of the block with the smoke coming out of it and do a running jump to grab the rope. Swing to the ledge ahead and go onto the first step S (the others have fires on them so no need to even try getting past those). Turn to face the fire blocks to the E and you'll notice a short ladder spanning across two of them. Do a running jump to grab this ladder and shimmy across it to the right until you can pull up on a safe block. Drop down on the right side and shoot away the crate here; you can now pick up the revolver. Pull back up on the first step and turn left to face the fire blocks opposite. Now you will see an opening in the wall below one of the blocks with the fire, so do a running jump over to it and follow the hallway down to a small room.

A missing brick in the wall

Shoot the box here and get the lasersight, then pull the chain to raise a cage in a frozen pond. Go through the crawlspace high up in the north wall and go through to climb down and left onto a block in a small pool. Look down to the N to spot an underwater lever behind a crate. Combine the lasersight and revolver and shoot the crate to get it out of the way. Jump in the water and pull the lever to raise a block across the pool. Surface and climb the block, then proceed to climb the ladder. Go through the crawlspace and climb the next ladder to the left. Go all the way to the top and pull up onto a slope, then slide down to land in the courtyard from earlier. Head around to the left and jump in the not-so-frozen-anymore pond, where you can pick up the Wall Piece from under the cage. Leave the courtyard via the balcony like before and make your way across the roof and down to the street on the other side.

We're done with this section of the street for now so go all the way to the other end and through the open gate on the left. Head up the ramp by the house and down on the other side. Down the ramp to the left you'll see a charming little house with a closed door and a keyhole to the right...just what we need.

Unlock the door using the Blue Key you found and enter the basement of the house. Someone sure could use some assistance from the Pest Control....there's a huge rat down here so help them dispose of it with your trusty guns. Now use the wall piece to complete the tile to the left. It now depicts some sort of a dragon symbol and it also opens the gate to the right. Go along the passage shooting the yellow and white barriers and also a rat on your way. Head down the ramp and when you reach the hole jump over it (or into it, it has the same effect) to finish the level.

Level 3- Rustay 2

Pickups: AK47 rifle, AK47 normal ammo, revolver ammo, Blue Key, flares, Metal Key, small medipack, large medipack + 3 Secrets (large medipack and AK47 wideshot ammo-large medipack- revolver ammo, large medipack and AK47 normal ammo)

Enemies: Zombies, giant spiders, dogs

Rusty sewers

Lara begins where she dropped down (literally) and we see her falling down into a pool. Search the mutilated corpse in the water for the AK47 rifle (in case you still haven't found it) and some ammo for it. Surface and climb out to the S/W where you can pick up more AK47 normal ammo. Turn around and do a running jump to the crate in the middle of the pool and from here look up to the right to spot a trapdoor above you. Turn to face the N, stand all the way back on the crate and jump up to grab the handle and pull it down. There is a ladder up to the E so climb it until you can pull up. Follow the passage and when you reach the junction go left and pick up the AK47 ammo, then head back and go to the right. At the next junction go right (left is a dead end) and up the stairs until you reach another trapdoor. Stand facing E and pull it down, then climb out and onto the street.

Meeting the townsfolk

Uh oh, this definitely doesn't look good. Corpses litter the street and there's blood everywhere. To top it off you should now begin to hear ill-boding roaring coming from both ends of the building ahead. Seems like Resident Evil wasn't a movie after have just stumbled upon a pack of three blood-thirsty zombies!!! If you drop down into the hole you came from you'll be safe, but you'll need to get on with your business anyways so you must find some way to deal with those not-so-dead-after-all inhabitants. The AK47 rifle works very well for this cause, but as you have limited ammo here you'll need to be careful. Unfortunately you can not kill them with the pistols so if you decide to deal with them instead of outrunning them you have to take care to watch your ammo. If you do choose to take them out on close hold be careful not to venture up to the cobweb up the stairs to the W because up there you'll find something that definitely is the last thing you need at this moment. If you run out or simply choose to spare ammo you can outrun them as they are quite slow creatures. A little tip though: when you're holding the AK47 do NOT keep Action pressed or you'll run out of cartridges in no time at all. Simply tap it until you've ridden yourself of the unwanted company. I found that with the zombies some of them go down in one-four shots and others can take eight or more:

*NOTE from the level builder: If they stand between walls it takes more ammo to kill them. If they are out in a free, large space they will fall for one or two bullets.*

Encounter of the eight-legged kind

Corpse aside (literally now); stand by the head of the mutilated corpse by the N wall and press Action to make Lara drag it away. Under the body you can find some revolver ammo. Pick it up and carefully proceed up the stairs to the W. A giant spider will drop from the ceiling to the right so whip out some guns and deal with that eight-legged beast. Up the stairs to the W you'll find a sign leading you past a closed gate to the cemetery where we will be going in a while....first we need to find a way out of this place. Go down the stairs and have a look around. To the right down the S alley there is a closed gate in the house to the left and further ahead on the wall to the right you'll see a keyhole so for now we'll add one key to our wish list.

Local residences- borrowing from the dead

Continue straight ahead (E) past the hole you came up through and the white building with the bloodstains on the wall and behind the tree on the ledge in the N/E corner there's a well-hidden crawlspace. Go through there on the left side and climb the ladder to the right. Go through the crawlspace and drop down on the other side. To the right (E) you'll find two doors; one straight ahead and one around the corner to the left. Around the passage to the left (W) you'll find blood on the floor and another door to the right. The doors to the right both lead to empty rooms and we have no interest in that for the moment. So instead of wasting more time checking up on that go around to the left and enter the room at the end of the hallway. There is a man in this room, but he does not have much on his mind right now so pull him away (he IS a corpse after all) and pick up the Blue Key from beneath his body. Doing so you're shown a fly-by of a closed gate and a belonging keyhole, so now you know where the key you just "borrowed" goes. Leave this room, through the crawlspace and down the ladder and then back out on the street again.

House call- a Metal Key and a secret

Go straight ahead towards the stairs and cobweb (W) and as you pass the white building turn left. Head down the alley and here you can use the key you just acquired in the keyhole on the right wall. The gate it opens is far up in the wall in the S/W corner so we'll need to find some way up there. For now turn left and head around the corner (E) and climb the long ledge to the right going under the bridge. Pick up the flares ahead and then turn around 360 degrees (N) and walk to the edge. Do a running jump towards the house ahead and press Action to grab hold of the roof. Pull up and head left. Now either do a running jump angling Lara slightly right while pressing Action to land in the open doorway or do a running jump to the brown roof opposite, slide down and grab the edge, then shimmy right and pull up into the opening, both ways work fine. Open the door ahead and enter the next room. Here you can first of all pull away the corpse to pick up AK47 ammo from under it. Now turn your focus towards the door in the S wall. Open it to find.....another door to open. In the next room there is another corpse, but he doesn't have any goodies for you. The small cardboard boxes can be shattered, but there's nothing in them. Stand on the side of the large cardboard box in the N/W corner facing N and pull it away once to reveal a Metal Key behind it. Now leave this room and the next, but do not leave quite yet. In the last room before the open gate out to the street go over to the N/W corner where there's an opening in the floor. Drop down there and shoot away the large cardboard box by the W wall and also the grate hidden behind it. Crawl into the crawlspace here to pick up Secret 2: a large medipack and AK47 wideshot ammo. Head through the door in the S/W corner and pick up the AK47 ammo on the table. Shoot the small boxes if you like, there's nothing in it. Now make your way through the last room and climb the ladder on the W wall (by the N/W corner) and make your way back out to the streets.

The basement and its belonging residents

Go straight ahead and right and continue along the alley to the end. The gate in the S wall does not open so head around to the right instead. A dog comes to see what's going on (although I found that if you don't approach the closed gate the dog doesn't appear. He will later though once you enter the room behind the gate). For most parts the dogs will only be pushing Lara about, but they can also bite her so you choose whether you want to kill it or outrun it. Head through the W alley and pick up the AK47 ammo on the block ahead, then go climb the block with the tree in the S/E corner and from there pull up onto the wall ahead(E). Pick up the AK47 ammo to the left and blast away the circuit box on the wall to the E to uncover a switch. Flip it to open the gate we saw earlier in the S wall and the ominous roaring you now hear reveals that you have let another zombie out of its cage.

Drop down to the ground and decide whether you want to kill it or outrun it, but know that in a few moments it will be inviting a friend over for dinner (possibly with Lara as the main course???). Shoot out the small box in the N/W corner and drop into the opening it covered. Crawl past the opening to the E, stand up and run straight ahead down the hallway(S). At the end turn right and pull away another corpse to get some more sorely needed AK47 ammo. Head around the corner again and then left (W) and left again. At the junction turn to the right (to the left there is only a crack you can't get through) and greet some more rotten company. Now go around the passage until you reach a keyhole for your Metal Key. As you get to this point little beetles will appear and start nibbling at Lara so best hurry up.

Crawl through to the right of the keyhole and past the gate you just opened left until you reach a grate you will need to shoot out at the end. Crawl through and first go left to pick up some more AK47 ammo. Now turn and rush to the opposite end dealing with (or avoiding) the zombie that comes staggering to make the bad even worse. Turn the corner left and ahead you'll see some burning barrels. As you reach them (but be careful NOT to let Lara come so close that she catches fire) turn to face N and jump up to grab a crawlspace above. Pull up rescuing yourself from the nibbling little bugs and crawl through until you can stand up on the other side and shoot out the grate on the wall above you. Climb up and go through and you'll find yourself in a store room of sorts. It is not possible to shatter neither the brown crates nor the large cardboard box. The small one however is breakable so shoot it away to find a small medipack. There is a closed door to the N, but all you'll find there are some bats and a couple of barrels barring the next door so you can't go through it. In other words leave this room alone and opt for shattering the window in the W wall instead.

Backyard and the rooftops- moveable blocks and some secrets

Head through it into a backyard and there you will be accompanied by a dog and its undead owner. By now you'll know that it's either deal with them or run away- your call. Stand facing the wall of the S building and position Lara exactly as in the screenshot. In this position (and this only) can you actually make her jump and grab the edge of the roof. Shimmy right until you reach the white markings on the wall and pull up, backflip/roll and grab the balcony behind you. Stand on the left side of the balcony, turn to face the backyard E and look up to spot a small cardboard box on the window sill of the building straight ahead. Arm yourself with the revolver, aim for the box and shoot it. Doing so will raise a block right below you. We'll be getting over to where the box stood in a moment, but first we'll find a secret. Turn to face the W wall and jump and grab to pull up on the flat roof. Hop down onto the terrace to the right and pick up Secret 3: a large medipack.

Climb the flat roof again and turn left (N/E) to face the red roof. Jump over to it, slide down and grab the edge, then shimmy to the right until you can pull up on a flat area. Do not drop down to the ledge on the right though, there's some ammo behind a metal fence, but we'll get there all in due time. There's nothing else of interest there either so instead do a standing jump over to the sill where the cardboard box stood. Do a standing jump further to the right, slide down the roof and grab the edge, then shimmy right until you reach the next flat part.

This time you can jump down to the roof terrace on the right. Ignore the dark brown crates, but shoot away the two that are lighter in colour to find a large medipack hidden in one and a grate in the E wall behind the other. Shoot out the grate and crawl through, then deal with the next grate as well. As you go through to the far end a grate closes behind you. Go around to the left and you'll find the ammo you saw through the metal fence earlier. Now go back where you came from with the hole and the closed grate. Face the left wall (N) and the second block left of the hole in the ground is moveable. Push it in to the end (twice) and concentrate now on the block to the right of it. Push said block in as far as it goes (four or five pushes) and turn right to face another moveable block. Push that one in as far as it goes too and you'll reach a junction with a dead end to the right and on the left a room with some burning barrels and Secret 4: AK47 ammo, a large medipack and revolver ammo.

Zombie tunnel- a swift escape

Now leave this room and follow the passage out where you came from. When you reach a passage going right head in there and you'll find a narrow opening in the W wall leading down a ladder. Go this way and you'll eventually drop down in a dirty room filled with crates and some barrels. Nothing spectacular in here so go out through the only doorway in the room(N) to get to a tunnel with some crates and a corpse at the far end. Go towards them and if you head right you will see that you are now on the opposite side of the fence at the main plaza with the cemetery sign. This must mean we're getting close so turn and continue past the mutilated corpses. Oh my, seems that the cemetery has escaped......a pack of zombies are dragging towards you from the left and right (didn't have time to count, but there must be at least seven or eight of them). You're close to the end though so spare your ammo and dart down the hallway N to make a narrow escape.

Level 4- Cemetery

Pickups: Flares, small medipacks, Blue Key, large medipack, torch, AK47 normal ammo, Wall Cross + 3 Secrets (AK47 normal ammo- AK47 normal ammo-small medipack)

Enemies: Bats, skeletons

After barely getting away from the undead clutches of the hostile zombies Lara is now on her way to the cemetery of Rustay and the last part of the race. We find our intrepid first lady standing on the other side of the door leading out to the zombie den. Surely there will be more undead company to come so let's get on with our business. Go forwards past the broken crates and around the right corner. In the S/W corner there is a hole in the ground, but before checking where that goes you need to light a flare and head into that very dark and uninviting passage N. For two very good reasons though; one is that there is a crawlspace on the wall to the right where you can pull up and pick up some flares. The other reason is that a few steps ahead from the crawlspace you will find a switch on the left wall. Pull it to flood the mentioned hole in the S/W corner and go back there for a quick dip.

Underwater business- the search for the Cemetery

Swim through the crawlspace in the S wall and continue along the underwater tunnel until you reach a larger tunnel where the right side leads to a barred dead end and the left side will take you to a junction. But before reaching said junction look at the wall to the right (W) where you'll spot another flooded crawlspace. There's nothing in there apart from an air hole where you can surface and as the next swim will be pretty long I strongly recommend swimming up there to catch your breath. That done swim back down and continue right to the junction. The left side is also a dead end so go right instead and up through the opening in the ceiling where you can head into a narrow opening to the right (N). Continue along the tunnel until you can surface in a pool.

There is only one way to go here and that is through the eerie tunnel to the N. Walk along until you reach a break in the right wall and here you will hear high-pitched squeaking and the flapping of leathery wings, revealing that this is home to a couple of bats. Bring them down and head all the way to the end where you can turn right as you reach the wall torch. Crawl in under the overhang and to the right and eventually you should reach an opening by the E wall. Turn around from the wall and look up to spot a ladder. Climb up there and take note of the opening to the right. There you will find a higher opening you need to reach, but there is a fire in front of it preventing you from doing so. The solution is simpler than it seems: continue up the ladder almost to the top (until you can spot a slope behind Lara), backflip and roll in mid-air to land on the slope facing up, slide down and grab the edge. Shimmy left around the corner and over the fire where you can pull up.

There is a switch here and pulling it opens a grate down in the area where you got out of the pool. Hang backwards from the edge and shimmy right again past the fire, but do not go all the way to the slope. This time drop down onto flat ground, turn right and do a standing jump towards the ladder to grab it. From here you can climb down and crawl back out to the wall torch. This time go left from the torch (W) and if you turn left again at the W wall you will see the crawlspace revealed by the opened grate. Ready guns as you go around the corner and deal with another pestering bat. Follow the passage around and go up the stairs at the end to the have now reached Rustay Cemetery.

Entering the Cemetery- finding a secret and a way in

There are no zombies here, but you'll still be having fun with the undead....if you look close you will spot a very active skeleton behind the closed gate ahead. Go left from the stairs and over in the S/E corner where you'll find a crawlspace. Go through there and arm yourself with the revolver. Now proceed VERY CAREFULLY to the right until you spot a guardian of the undead (i.e. a skeleton). If you stand perfectly still here it won't be able to see you and you can use the lasersight to aim for its head and blow it off(of course you can also ignore/outrun it, but as it's almost as fast as Lara I prefer to deal with them at least). *NOTE from the author: The skeletons can in this case also be killed with the AK47 rifle.*

At the other end (E) you will see some burning barrels. Go around the pillar to the right and look above the barrels to spot a triangular opening. Stand about one-two steps away from the burning barrels, Lara's shoulder up against the wall to the right and do a running jump over the barrels to land in the opening. Go through there to find Secret 5: two boxes of AK47 normal ammo, then do a standing jump back outside over the barrels.

Go around to the W to where the skeleton patrolled and turn right. Everything is perfectly still here, so it seems that the undead are out making the town unsafe (lucky for us, but not quite so for the inhabitants of Rustay). Jump up into the triangular alcove to the right and pick up a small medipack, then go back down. Continue past the burning barrels and turn right again to pick up some flares over by the gate (you're now looking out on the garden where you came in). Leave the alcove and continue on to the N. There is a gate on the left wall which requires a key to open it so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for that along the way. For now go around the corner to the right, get the guns out and deal with any bothersome bats that might appear. Continue until you reach the pool and straight ahead you'll see parts of the town church. It is very much closed so we're going to have to find a different way in. Turn around from the pool 360 degrees and go over to the S wall. Right of the tree in the corner there is a very well hidden triangular opening. Jump up to grab it and shimmy as far as you can left, then pull up (don't forget to press the Duck key otherwise she'll refuse to do it). It's a bit hard to see here thanks to all the leaves that are in the way, but continue crawling left and eventually you should be able to see where you're going. Continue crawling along the passage until you find yourself inside a small wing of the church.

The church wing- of traps, secrets and blue keys

The sweet sound of spikes greets you from the left side so go around there to see what's going on. Down the hallway to the N you'll find three sets of spikes; one stationary with a fire in front of it and two of the regular retracting/popping out kind. But before dealing with those and anything else for that matter we're going to find a secret. Turn right and climb the flat ledge between the two slopes by the E wall. Turn right to face the slope here and look up to see an alcove right above it. Stand at the base of the slope facing the alcove, take a step back and do a standing jump ahead (without pressing Action) to land in the alcove. Here you can pick up Secret 6: AK47 normal ammo. Drop down on the slope and slide back to the flat area, then hop down to the floor.

Seems there's little left to do but making your way past the spikes. Walk cautiously towards the first set and also notice the skeleton running around behind the spikes at the far end. Time your run past the first set of spikes and into the left alcove. Stand facing the wall ahead (N) and jump up to grab an almost invisible crevice. Shimmy around right and across the stationary spikes into the next alcove. Walk carefully out, minding both the fire behind and the spikes ahead. From here you can use the revolver and lasersight to aim for the skeleton's head and blast it off to save you trouble once you reach the point where it is running around(or again; use the AK47 rifle). Also notice the key at the end of the hallway, that is our goal for now. Time your run past the next set of spikes, standing as close to them as you can without having Lara impaled, then run past as they retract. Pick up the Blue Key from the block ahead and take a mental note of the waterhole to the left. Don't drop in there yet though, instead go off to the right and around the pillar. Turn left to face the backside of the pillar (Lara is now facing N) and use either the binoculars or a flare to locate a jump switch up above. Jump up, grab and pull it down and you'll see the underwater gate out in the pool in front of the church open. Now you can go around right and dive into the waterhole. Continue along the passage until you reach the pool outside the church. Pull out and now you can go to the W gate and unlock it with your hard earned key.

Traps ahead- the mystery of the slashing blade

Head through the gate and continue straight on through the next opening in the wall. Go around to the right until you find yourself in an alcove with a gate and a jump switch up on the wall to the left (N). Pull it down and you will see a fly-by showing you a door open. Oh, and you will also see a ticked off skeleton running out to check what's going on so best arm your revolver/AK47 rifle straight away. Deal with it as it's coming for you, then leave through the W gate and go around to the right until you reach the door you just opened.

Enter the next room and go around the corner to the right, but be careful as you will soon run into three blade traps in the stairs leading down. To get past the first blade stand facing the N wall, about one step away from the blade and as it slashes towards Lara sideflip left over it. Do the same with the second blade, but sideflip as it hits the wall rather than when it slashes back out. For the third blade stand on the rightmost side of the step, angled right and as it hits the wall behind you run past it and stop as you reach the next step to avoid being hit by a fourth blade.

Down this flight of stairs there are two blades. To get past the fourth one stand with Lara's back to it, about one-two steps away and with her shoulder touching the right wall and as the blade moves away from her backflip to get over it safely. There's a switch right opposite of this blade (W wall), but we need to shut these blades off before being able to access it. Use the same backflipping technique to get past it with no damage done. Be extremely cautious NOT rush ahead to pick up that small medipack as a boulder will come crashing down. To get rid of this trap stand with Lara's back to the wall facing the small medipack. Start sprinting ahead and the boulder will as boulders do come rolling down after Lara. Stop sprinting about halfway down the stairs and veer hard right into the hallway to escape from the danger. While you're first at it, run to the end of this hallway and pick up a large medipack in front of the door. Or alternatively: instead of outrunning the boulder stand on top of the ramp facing the wall(E). Hop backwards towards where the small medipack is and immediately run/jump back to the wall to avoid the boulder(this might be the easiest way).

Go back up to pick up the small medipack now that the coast is clear and proceed up towards the blades again. Now you will find that the bottom blade is clanking, but the one up by the switch has stopped. Meaning that we'll have to go up there now. Note before going up the stairs again though if the top blade is pointing towards the mentioned switch. If it is you'll have to go to the top and re-activate both blades by stepping onto the top grey tile (up by the third blade, this won't start again though) and make your way back down to try to stop it again. I found that it was very useful to save the game BEFORE stepping onto the bottom grey tiles to stop the blade. That way if you make a mistake, rather than going all the way up to restart the blades you can simply reload a save game and try again. Also I figured out a good indicator for when to step on the grey tiles. As the blades slash back and forth you will hear a whooshing sound followed by two clanks right after each other. These clanks indicate that they are hitting the wall (i.e. they are folded and not pointing outwards to prevent you from reaching the switch). The second clank is that of the top blade so you must try to hop onto the grey tile just the moment before you hear the second clank. Hopefully this should stop the top blade while it is folded, thus giving you free access to the switch.

The church basement

I found a good way to get past the bottom clanking blade, but I'm sure there are other ways to do it as well. Step up onto the very edge the step with the blade and immediately duck to avoid getting hit. Crawl to the edge of the next step and the moment the blade goes towards the wall on the left stand up and roll. This will land Lara on the next step without taking damage. Go up to the top blade and pull the switch to open the door in the passage where you found the large medipack. Make your way down there and go through that door, then draw guns and shoot a bat or two. Now let's have a look around this basement with a slightly rearranged decor. First of all for a pickup. Go straight ahead (N) and past the pillar with the torch on the right side. Now turn right (E) and look up and to the right to see an illuminated opening. Head up to it and go through there to find a lit wall torch and some flares. Pick them up and take a mental note of this place for later, then go back down to the entrance where you came from. This time go W and past the torch on the pillar to the left. Notice a closed door on your right hand side for later and turn right by it. Continue through the rocky passage S until you eventually reach some more of those grey tiles. There is a switch here which opens a trapdoor somewhere with grey tiles lining up the ceiling, this is for later. Now make your way back to the entrance of this room (past the closed door and right-S).

Torch business- opening a way into the nave

From facing the entrance door turn left (E). You will spot a small opening right above the slope by the right wall. Stand on the flat part below the slope and do a standing jump up there. Crawl into the opening to find a torch and pick it up. Throw it out through the opening and follow it down. Remember where you picked up the flares a few minutes ago? That's where you're headed now so bring the torch with you and use the wall torch to light it. As you come out of that alcove turn right (N) and go through the opening there. Slide down a short slope, go right and jump into the opening. You have now found a closed gate and two unlit torches that you can light. This opens the gate here so go through and leave your torch here. Jump to grab the ladder ahead and climb up through the trapdoor you opened earlier. Dismount on the right side to find yourself inside the church.

Entering the House Of God- the quest for the Holy Cross

Go straight down the hallway and at the end go around the left corner. To your right you will see a closed door and it needs a cross to be opened. There are also two alcoves above the torches on the wall to your left, but they're both empty. Continue along turning right into the next alcove with the cross and look up on the wall to the right to spot a ladder. Climb up and right and vault into the opening here. Pull down the switch here and climb back down where you came from. There's nothing more to see or do here for now, so turn around and go back S to where you came from. This time you can go right and enter the nave. Here you'll first and foremost be greeted by a couple of bats (it IS an old church after all) so deal with them and look high up on the N wall to find a jump switch. All in due time though, for now climb the low block to the right (E). Climb onto the next block right and look around. To the N/W you will find an alcove with some ammo (this is the one you saw through the closed gate when you pulled the switch a little while ago). On the burning pillar to the left you'll spot a pickup which is currently inaccessible and if you turn even further to the left you will see the much needed cross on the wall of the alcove opposite(S). Add that to the skeleton running around on the ground floor and you are pretty much familiar with the situation.

We'll take one thing at a time and dealing with the biggest threat is a good place to start so aim for the skellie's head with the revolver/lasersight and shoot. Once he's dealt with do a standing jump into the alcove N/W and pick up the AK47 normal ammo. Drop down and climb the blocks again, this time make your way with standing jumps over to the alcove S where you can use the crowbar to pry off the Wall Cross. We all know where that goes, but we’re not going there yet.

Hot business- finding the last secret

First go over to the burning pillar closest to the jump switch. On the right side of the pillar (N) there is a ladder. Climb it and pull up on top at the very far left side. Carefully turn around and position Lara to face the jump switch. Do a standing jump towards it, angling her slightly left in mid-air and press Action to grab a climbable wall above it. Drop and press Action again to grab the switch and pull it down, turning off the fire on the pillar with the pickup. Climb the one with the ladder again and this time shimmy around left until you're hanging with Lara's back to the safe pillar. Pull up and backflip onto the pillar where you can pick up Secret 7: a small medipack.

Do svidanja Rustay (Good bye Rustay) - for now

Drop down and make your way around to the door with the cross receptacle. Place the Wall Cross in it to open the door. Run down the stairs to end your current affairs in Rustay. We're all eagerly waiting for the continuation....