Return Towards the Light

Level by Joel Dauvilliers (JoJo) (March, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Go forward and slide down the slope to land in front of closed doors. Pick up red shotgun shells and climb the west wall into an alcove. Climb the blocks and get into a tunnel. Run around the mummy and follow the tunnel to a floor lever. Use the floor lever and turn to climb the south wall into another tunnel. Get secret #1 and flares. Follow the tunnel and go down the blocks. A gate opens for you and you arrive at the open doors. Enter and pick up blue shotgun shells. Continue north and the doors open for you. Drop into the room and start shooting at the two ninjas on blocks at the east and west walls. Shoot the vases on the floor for red shotgun shells and the shotgun. Climb the blocks in the south-west to shoot a vase for a small medipack. Climb the blocks in south-east and use a floor lever. The gate opens in the west wall.

Go to the gate in the west wall. Enter the tunnel and face slopes and spike pits. Run and jump to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing to the last black ceiling stripe and release. Land on a slope and jump forward over three more slopes and finally land on a flat surface. Go forward and drop into water. Swim through the underwater tunnel, pick up blue shotgun shells and flares, and pull up at the end for air. Drop back into the water and swim into a crawl space to pick up an Eye Piece. You get a flyby of the next area and a gate opening. Swim out of the crawl space and pull up into the tunnel. Go east and turn south to that open gate. To the right are the spike pits again so turn left and enter the room where you started.

Go to the gate in the east wall. At a junction turn right and get another flyby. Run, jump and grab the east wall crevice and shimmy to the right and stand up. Run, jump but no grab to the west to land on a column. You can see the Eye Piece through a hole in the wall. Jump west to another column and safety drop to another. Use the binoculars and look south-east to a ledge behind the first column. Jump over there and use the floor lever and hear a gate open. Jump back and grab the column from which you jumped. Run off to the north to land on a short column. Pick up flares and go to the floor lever in the north-east. Use the floor lever and hear another gate open. Go back and use the short block to jump over the fires to land on the south ledge. Go west into a room for secret #2. Pick up Uzi's, Uzi ammo, red shotgun shells, and a large medipack. Exit and enter the open gate to the east. Keep to the right of center when going up the slope. When the falling spike ball on the left goes past, run to the left to avoid the slower spike ball on the right. Jump the gap at the top and then flip back as two spikes balls roll down. The left one falls into the trench. The right goes over it so stand to the left side. At the top go left and slide down. Climb a pole and back flip to a ledge.

Climb the west wall and get a flyby of a large room. On the block behind you, pick up revolver ammo. Watch out for spike pits and go to the north-west corner to kill four scorpions. Go to the south-west corner to kill four scorpions. Go to the south-east corner and the camera view changes and you can find flares. Go to the middle of the room and pull up onto a block for red shotgun shells. Go to the west wall and climb a column. Jump east to a central column. Then jump east to pull up onto a platform. Jump north-west to a short column that is beside a taller column. Jump north-west to a column and then north-east back to a ledge. Follow the ledge to get a large medipack. Drop, grab the ledge and shimmy to the right and pull up in the corner. Turn and face south to see a rope. Use the rope to swing to a block on the east wall. Jump and grab the ceiling. Monkey swing to the south-east corner of the room and drop onto a column. Use another rope to swing to the west to some steps on the south wall. Continue west and climb a wall to the north. Crawl over the block and drop to another ledge. Use the rope to swing north to a ledge. Monkey swing east to a large column and climb an east wall into a room above. Kill two ninjas and pick up a large medipack. Use the floor lever and exit back down the hole. Monkey swing back to the west wall and go north into the open gate. Follow the tunnel and slide down a slope. Follow the tunnel again and shoot a vase in the left wall. Enter the room behind it for the Eye Piece, revolver and flares. Exit and continue down the tunnel to kill a ninja. The gates opens and you exit back into the room that you left.

Make the Eye of Horus and use it to open the door in the north wall. Enter the door and go behind the structure to drop into a hole. Shoot a vase and go right to kill two ninjas and pick up Uzi ammo. Return to the entrance and go left. Follow this simple maze to find a floor lever and use it. Continue in the maze to kill two ninjas. Continue and kill a ninja near a branch. Take the branch to find revolver ammo. Continue and at a junction go east to shoot a vase and the ninja behind it. Search the south tunnel to pick up Cartouche Piece 1 and get a flyby of a gate opening. Exit and go east to shoot two vases. Pick up revolver ammo and kill a ninja. Go south and follow the tunnel up some stairs. At the top, kill two ninjas and enter an alcove on the right to use the floor lever to open the doors. Enter the room and get a long flyby.

As you enter, turn to the right and climb a wall ladder. At the top back flip to a ledge. Follow the ledge to the south-west to a sloped block. Turn east to jump and grab a ledge and you hear spikes popping. Climb east onto a block. The gate is closed so run and jump south to grab a ladder on a block. Climb up and slide down the slope to jump to a ledge at the south wall. Go west to a high block and then jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing over to the corner, as the medipack is a spike trap. Run, jump and grab a wall ladder to the north and shimmy around to the right side to a flat block. Use the two ropes to swing east and grab another wall ladder. Then shimmy to the right around to the back of the wall ladder. The gate is still closed, so climb the ladder and at the top back flip into an opening. Use the floor lever there and hear a gate open. Climb down the ladder and back flip into the open gate. At the end of the opening is a floor lever. Use the floor lever and exit. The easiest way out is to jump out of the tunnel at an angle so you fall into the water below. Pick up revolver ammo and blue shotgun shells and climb out at the south-west corner.

In the same south-west corner, notice that a door has opened. Go there and pull out a statue. There is ledge in the middle of the poll with a bull statue and two face tiles. Move the statue onto a face tile. Dive into the water and swim into the underwater tunnel in the east wall. Swim to the end and pull up into a room. Kill two ninjas and use the floor lever. Then swim back out to the main pool. This time pull up to the north-west and there is another statue. Pick up Uzi ammo from behind a lion statue in the corner. Kill the ninja guarding the statue. Pull the statue out of its room and move it to the other face tile. This time you can see the gate opening to the underwater tunnel in the south wall. Dive into the water and swim into the tunnel. The tunnel turns a lot and at the end, pick up red shotgun shells and swim up to the surface. You hear more spikes pop. Side flip to a slope and then jump between the two slopes with a right curve and work you way over the spikes to the other end. Kill a ninja and climb into the crawl space in the west wall.

Follow the crawl space to enter a room with spikes guarding the item that you need. Go south and turn west. As you approach the gate, it opens for you. Hop into the tunnel and use a floor lever. You hear a gate opening. Exit and go to a similar gate on the north side of the room. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of the spikes retracting. Exit and go there to get Cartouche Piece 2. Exit and use the crawl space back to the spikes. It will cost a few medipacks, but climb the wall in the spikes and start jumping to the side as before. At the end, swim back to the main pool. Pull up to the south-west and go to the east wall. Make the Ba Cartouche and use it in the receptacle. Jump behind the lion statue for red shotgun shells. Then enter the newly opened doors and go south.

Turn left and kill the ninja shooting you in the back. Slide down a slope and go north. Kill two scorpions and four ninjas. Light some flares so that you can see and jump over a spike pit. Turn north and climb a wall. You emerge in a room with a large pool. Dive into the pool and swim to the north-east. Pull up and see a jeep outside the doorway. Get into the doorway and go towards the light as the level ends.